Passions Update Wednesday 7/11/01



Passions Update Wednesday 7/11/01

By Joey

At the Crane mansion, Timmy runs all over the house with Julian in hot pursuit. He finally finds Tabitha who tries to hide him. Tabitha remembers an encounter with a crane ancestor who condemned her to die by fire. She tells Timmy the story of how she "hopped on her broom, and flew away," but not before she put a curse on the Crane family.

 At the cottage, Sheridan fears that something bad will happen. Luis assures her that she is just suffering from wedding day jitters because nothing can come between them. At the tabloid office Chad and Whitney continue to argue about Ethan and Theresa. They are both determined to do whatever they have to do to win the argument. 

Sam continues to choke David, and eventually punches him out. As David lies in a heap on the floor Sam asks Grace if she has ever seen the man before. She says she hasn't, but has a sudden flash of memory about him. Sam picks up David sits him down on the bed, and begins to question him. David says absolutely nothing at all. 

At the cottage, Luis wants to give Hank the wedding rings but Sheridan says she wants to hang on to them. They begin to put their clothes back on when Sam calls Luis to tell him to come over, and make an arrest. 

At the beach, Ethan and Theresa talk about honesty. Ethan tells Theresa that he knows they don't have any secrets from each other, and that is what will make their marriage a strong one. Ethan says, " I couldn't stand it if you ever kept a secret from me." Theresa gets a worried look on her face Ethan asks her what is wrong. She says she is worried that she won't always make him happy. Ethan assures her that she is worrying over nothing. Theresa and Ethan read their fortune cookies. Theresa's cookie says 'beware of what today brings" she worries something bad will happen. Ethan says that nothing bad will happen on their wedding day. Ethan's photon cookie says "your fondest wish has come true now your next wish will be granted." Theresa asks him what his next wish would be? He says he wants to find out who sent the e-mail that ruined his life

. At the tabloid office, Whitney stands in front of the door to keep Chad from leaving. She says she will do anything she has to do to stop him from ruining Ethan and Theresa's wedding day. She even poses a hypothetical question. If she offered to come back to Chad if he didn't show Ethan the information yet, would he still give Ethan the information? Chad says he wouldn't Whitney says that was a silly question, and she would never do that anyway. She finally agrees Chad is right and turns to open the door only to discover they are locked in. 

Tabitha and Timmy are about to sneak out of the mansion when Julian starts down the stairs after them. Since he is drunk he trips and falls down the stairs. Tabitha is overjoyed that the crane curse is finally coming true and says Julian Crane is dead.


By Glynis

Luis comes to see Sheridan and this is the day that they are going to get married. Sheridan is afraid to be this happy because things usually go wrong when you are this happy. She hopes that her father and brother will come to the church to give her their blessings. Luis tells her not to worry about that. He is going to be her family and that is all that she has to worry about. He always makes her feel better. He has to go because it is time for them to get ready. He gets the rings and she tells him that she is not giving him those rings because the rings are their destiny. They are going to be married soon. Till death do they part. Luis means those words from the bottom of his heart.

Sam has found a man in Grace’s room and he pulls him off Grace and holds him in a chokehold. Sam wants to rip the man to pieces, but Grace shouts at him to stop. Sam asks her what the man was doing to her and she doesn’t know. Sam punches him and knocks him out and he turns to his wife. She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches and the man was there in her room. He wants to call Eve, but she doesn’t feel that was necessary. She wasn’t hurt. Everything is foggy for her right now. The man lies unconscious on the floor and Grace remembers that the man said, "It’s me….Grace…It is David and I have come for you." What does that mean and how does the man know her name? She doesn’t recognize the man. That is strange that the man said that he has come for her. The man wakes up and Sam forces him to say why he is there. the man will not speak to everyone, only Grace. Luis is there and he is helping Sam keep the man under control. They have to figure out what this guy’s angle is. His name really is David. Sam tells Luis to book the man and as he is being handcuffed, he stares at Grace and can hardly be pushed from the room as Luis reads him his rights.

Theresa tells Ethan that sometimes she gets afraid that she is going to lose him. Ethan tells her that she will always make him happy. They kiss. She remembers that they never read their fortune cookies. She gets them and they sit back on the blanket the day after making love with each other. Her cookie tells her to beware of what today brings. What an ominous note to get. Ethan is sure that nothing will go wrong. Ethan is sure that this is nothing but a fortune cookie. Theresa is not so sure.

Whitney is still with Chad because she tried to save him from getting caught looking for information on Ethan’s parentage. Chad wishes that he were more like Whitney is turning her heart on and off. He still loves her and wishes that she would stop running from him. He asks her if she loves him or not. She feels that is not the point. This is hard for her as it is for him, but she made a promise and she isn’t going to go back on that. They are not going to see each other anymore. She will try to prevent him from leaving the room with the information that she has. He doesn’t believe that she can do that, but she assures him that she can. This is getting silly. The only thing that she cares about is that Chad leave the email and tabloid behind and not take it with them. They are locked in the office where the evidence damning Theresa was found. Eventually they are going to be found there and that still won’t stop the news from getting out. They are stuck there and the issue with Theresa getting busted and having her wedding ruined is going to come out now whether they like it or not. They cannot get out of the room.

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