Passions Update Monday 7/9/01



Passions Update Monday 7/9/01

By Eva

Tabitha continues to try and find out what evil will come to her but the man in the pool says he can't tell her but he will show her what is happening to the other Harmony couples tonight.

Chad breaks in to the tabloid office and is startled to find Whitney there too.

The man in the pool shows Tabitha Sam and Grace about to enter their bedroom. Sam does not find the mysterious man because he has escaped into the garden. Sam tells Grace there is no one in their room then they get ready for bed and make love. Tabitha says that the mysterious man can destroy Sam and Grace's marriage forever.

The man in the pool next shows Tabitha Ethan and Theresa who are passionately kissing on the beach. Ethan and Theresa give in to their intense desire for each other and make love on the beach. The man in the pool predicts trouble for Ethan and Theresa, Whitney and Chad, Luis and Sheridan, and Sam and Grace. Whitney tries to talk Chad out of breaking in to the tabloid office. Chad goes into the office and Whitney follows.

At Sheridan's cottage she prepares for bed and looks at her wedding dress and thinks about what life will be like as Mrs. Lopez- Fitzgerald as she lies in bed in the dark. A mysterious person comes and puts a hand on her mouth as she screams. She runs away from the person and goes to turn on the light. She finds Luis standing there with a red rose. He explains that he thought she was asleep he was going to leave the rose on the pillow beside her so she would find it in the morning. Julian looks at slides of Sheridan in his office as he rambles on about how guilty he feels about killing her. Timmy is listening to Julian and pretends to be his conscience.

Back at the cottage Sheridan tells Luis he should leave before they end up making love and breaking tradition. He doesn't leave and suggests that they dance the tango. Sheridan relents and they begin dancing a very seductive tango.

At the tabloid office Chad finds the newspaper with the headline "Former Ethan Crane done in by his own fiancée." Chad tells Whitney that the article says that the information came from Theresa's computer. Whitney refuses to believe this and begs Chad not to say anything to Ethan until they can prove that the information is true. Chad refuses and says he has got to show this to Ethan before he and Theresa get married.

Back at Julian's office Julian is talking to his conscience when Timmy hiccups and Julian catches him and refuses to let him go. He says he will have to kill Timmy because he knows too much. Timmy promises he will not say anything but Julian is determined to silence him.

Back at Tabitha's house Sam and Grace finish making love and Sam asks Grace to go down to the kitchen to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Grace has no idea that the mysterious man is in the kitchen.

Meanwhile at Sheridan's cottage Luis tries to talk Sheridan into making love while they dance the tango.

In Tabitha's kitchen Grace is making sandwiches when she hears a noise turns around and comes face to face with the mysterious man. She faints and he picks her up in his arms and says" I've come for you Grace, I've come to take you away from all this forever."

At the cottage Luis and Sheridan make love. Tabitha continues to look at Ethan and Theresa making love and says "this is the last time you will experience any happiness evil will win evil will win."

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