Passions Update Wednesday 7/4/01



Passions Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By Joey

Timmy and Tabitha debate the wind chimes prediction that pain will come to her as they discuss the situations of all the residents of Harmony. Grace has a nightmare as the mysterious man comes closer.

At the Bachelorette party the fun continues as Theresa and Sheridan give passionate kisses to the strippers and rip off their shirts. Chad prepares to go to the tabloid office as Hank continues to try to talk him out of it. Miguel comes up and learns about the plan and also thinks this a bad idea but Chad remains determined to give Ethan this wedding present. Gwen calls the tabloid reporter to find out if she can get an advance copy of the paper but the reporter tells her it is against the rules.

Tabitha consults her spirit board to find out if there is anything she can do to stop the tragedy that is coming to her? The board spells out y-o-u-c-a-n-t. Tabitha consults tarot cards for a second opinion but gets the same answer, tragedy. Timmy gets the idea to talk to the man who lives in the pool at Hecuba's lair (under the Crane mansion). The "pool" man,  also tells them the same thing, that there is nothing they can do to stop the tragedy that will come to them but he adds tragedy will also come to all the couples in Harmony.

Sam comes in to Grace's room and awakens her. Grace tells him that her dream seemed very real. Sam calms her down and Grace decides to head back down to the party . The mysterious man comes out from under Sam and Grace's bed

At the bachelorette party Ethan and Luis begin to get angry and reveal themselves and tell Theresa and Sheridan that they don't know them as well as they thought they did. Sheridan and Theresa reveal that they knew all along that Ethan and Luis were the ones in those stripper costumes because Hank and Chad called to let them in on the plan. The tabloid reporter and editor toast their latest edition. Chad sneaks in to the tabloid office he overhears the reporters talking but they do not mention the name of the person who sent the e-mail. Ethan asks Gwen if she is coming to the wedding she says she wouldn't miss it for the world. The couples say goodnight to everyone at the party Ethan takes Theresa home. Theresa tells Ethan she is hungry and they end up at the beach sharing Chinese food.

Grace tells Charity about her dream Charity encourages her to follow her instincts. The mysterious man looks through Graces pictures and says " soon Grace soon I'll be waiting for you."

Miguel and Charity kiss as Kay watches them. She calls Simone for help to try to be good. Sam and Grace go up to their room Grace says she has a feeling someone is in their room and will not go in there. Sam begins to open the door with his gun drawn.

Ethan and listen to the radio as they eat and the radio says it is 12:00 midnight Theresa worries about bad luck Ethan tells her everything will be fine and starts to gather things up to go home. Before they leave the beach we see them in a passionate kiss.

When Sheridan comes home we see someone watching her when she goes in the cottage the persons footsteps come closer and closer. The man watching Grace tries to hide as Sam and Grace enter the room.

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