Passions Update Tuesday 7/3/01


Passions Update Tuesday 7/3/01

By Glynis

Sheridan is flat on the floor. She was talking to Luis and now she isnít there. Theresa picks up the phone and talks to Luis. Dr. Russell is there and takes care of Sheridan who soon picks herself up off the floor. They think that she has just fainted. The ring that she was wearing is now on the table. Tabitha and Timmy watch the events and decide that they have to get their hands on that ring. Sheridan talks to Luis and tells him that she feels much better now. He is relieved to find that she is fine now. He is concerned for her health. As she talks on the phone, Tabitha walks over to the ring and picks it up. She is seen by Theresa, Whitney and Dr Russell. She says that she will hold onto the ring for safe keeping. She takes the ring and walks from the room. Once away from the others she inspects the ring and discovers that it has been tampered with and that someone has been trying to kill Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan share a conversation together and miss each other. Kay walks in looking for the phone book. She grabs the yellow pages and starts looking for strippers in the book. Luis overhears Kay talking and canít believe what he has just heard. Sheridan decides to get off the phone. She will see her beloved the next day. After Luis hangs up, Hank, Chad and Ethan walk over to Luis who tells them that the girls are hiring strippers. Soon Ethan and Luis get uneasy over the idea and come up with an idea of their own.

Grace is with Ivy and Sam. She saw something and she tells Sam about it. She keeps seeing this man who says that he has gotten rid of her and the whole family. Sam tries to comfort her and he holds her close. Ivy is shocked at what she is hearing Grace say. As the 3 walk from the house, the mysterious man watches from a window up above them.

Theresa talks with her mother at the shower. She tells her mother that she is pleased that she is going to have her husband and lose her virginity at the same time. Pilar is very happy for her daughter. Pilar would like her daughter to be honest with her groom before she marries him. She wants Theresa to tell Ethan that she knew that he wasnít a Crane. She says that she will tell him the truth. Pilar is worried that she will not tell him soon enough.

Timmy and Tabitha are talking and looking about the ring. Tabitha thinks that this is great. Sheridan is going to get it after all.

Kay gives the ladies at the shower the good news. She called for the strippers and they are going to be there any minute.

Outside the house where the shower is to take place, Luis and Ethan have convinced the real strippers for the party to let them take their places. Luis and Ethan don their suits and masks and head for the door. Ethan is a little skeptical, but Luis is really up for it. They knock on the door and Theresa and Sheridan grab the men and drag them to the middle of the floor. This wasnít exactly what Luis or Ethan was expecting.

Tabitha and Timmy hear the chimes ringing and it speaks of agony for someone in Harmony. They listen to the voice and try to figure it out. Timmy is shocked to realize that the voice that he hears is Tabithaís. Tabitha shrinks back in horror at the thought.

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