Passions Update Monday 7/2/01



Passions Update Monday 7/2/01

By Eva

A demon comes to Tabitha and tells her to bring tragedy to the residents of harmony. A mysterious man watches the Bennett house and takes pictures as they prepare for Sheridan and Theresa's bachelorette party. At the book cafe, Theresa begs Whitney to tell Chad she loves him as Whitney watches Chad talking to another girl. Whitney refuses and remains determined to keep her promise to God. Ivy is enraged to be served divorce papers. Sheridan and Luis say a long goodnight in the cottage.

Back at the mansion, Julian paces and drinks as Alistair gloats that his plan to put poison around Sheridan's ring is foolproof and that Sheridan will be dead by morning unless she decides to put the ring on sooner to try it on.

At the Cottage, Luis and Sheridan are interrupted by Hank who stops by to take Luis to his bachelor party. Before Luis leaves he gives Sheridan her wedding ring for safe keeping.

At the mansion, Alistair says, "As soon as Sheridan is dead, all of our troubles will be over."

At the temporary Bennett house, Sam and Grace prepare things for the party. Grace invites Tabitha to the party. Sam and Miguel head over to Luis's Bachelor party. When they leave, Grace gets the feeling something is going to happen. The mysterious man continues to lurk outside the house.

At the book cafe, Theresa continues to try to change Whitney's mind but has no luck. Ethan and Theresa say goodbye and go off to their parties. Gwen calls the tabloid reporter to ask if they have evidence that Theresa sent the e-mail that ruined Ethan's life. He says they don't have hard evidence but have confirmed that the e-mail came from Theresa's computer and they will run the story in the morning paper.

At the bachelor party, the guys play basketball and Ethan and Chad talk about their relationships. Ethan tells Chad not to give up on Whitney, but Chad says he has to move on.

The girls give Theresa her presents; among them is a love candle which she should light on her wedding night. If it lasts until the next morning, then her love will last forever. Theresa decides to light it early and puts it on the mantle. Ivy arrives at the party; Ivy and Grace reach an understanding. Grace's feeling of unease grows stronger as the night goes on .

Tabitha and Timmy search the attic for a present for Theresa. They come across wind chimes that predict the future; they predict Sheridan will die.

A Crane security guard tracks Ethan down at the party and asks him where his mother is? Ethan says he does not know but he can give her a message. The security guard tells Ethan that the tabloid knows from which computer the e-mail came and they will print it in tomorrow's paper. Ethan asks the security guard to find out for him who sent the e-mail and the man says he cannot do that. Chad offers to find out as a wedding present to Ethan. Chad says he will have the answer before morning.

Grace comes face to face with the mysterious man.

Luis starts to write his wedding vows as Sheridan begins a debate with herself to decide whether or not she should try on the ring.

The bachelorette party continues as Gwen gloats to herself about what will happen tomorrow. She creeps over unseen by anyone and blows out the love candle . Theresa looks at the candle and notices that it blew out and begins to worry.

Sam see Ivy crying and asks what is wrong. She tells him to go away but he stays. Back at the cottage, we hear Luis's voice reading the vows he has written at Hank's place. At the same time, we see Sheridan finally put on her ring.

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