Passions Update Thursday 6/28/01


Passions Update Thursday 6/28/01

By Joey

At Tabitha’s

Today on Passions, Tabitha continues to look at the horoscope chart, claiming that she hasn’t done anything good so she does not know why she is being punished! She then turns the chart around and much to her liking, she sees that there is lots of heartache and pain for certain residents of Harmony. First she sees that Grace is in a lot of danger but does not know the person that who is out to get Grace! We don’t even know who he is, Tabby! lol  She then looks closer at the charts and realizes that Kay is going to up to no good and nothing but heartache and pain is headed for Theresa because of the secret she kept from Ethan. She even says that “Sheridan is in for a dozy!” with the familiar Tabitha cackle. At the hospital, Charity has another vision of the book in Tabitha’s attic with the cross and raven. She isn’t sure why she is having such strange visions but all the kids decide to go over to the church for the rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Grace is on her way out the door thinking that her daughter is in terrible danger at the B&B. Sam comes in just as she is about to leave and Sam asks where she is going. Grace explains her vision and Sam tries to tell her that there is nothing wrong but they will go over to investigate together. But all the while, Jessica goes to leave after she shows David his room and he stops her to asks a few questions. Behind his briefcase (to where Jessica can not see) David is holding a gun with the magazine opened up to Grace’s picture. He asks Jessica a few questions about her parents and where they are from. Jessica tells them that she thinks her mother is from Boston, while her father grew up here in Harmony. David takes note of this, repeating “Boston” in the most peculiar way. Hmm I wonder how he knows Grace? Just then, Sam and Grace show up and are screaming for Jessica. Jessica comes down, not knowing what danger she was in and tells her parents that everything is ok. Sam questions her about the man she checked in and she says that he seems very nice, that everything is ok. For now Jess! Jessica then asks if she can go to the wedding rehearsal and Sam says that she can go. Grace who is outside, has a feeling of danger once again… just as David loads his gun and then begins taking pictures of her! He talks to someone on the phone, telling them that he won’t be back home until he takes care of the business here… that he has to be very careful before he makes a move and that he can not make any mistakes! Mann, sounds serious! Grace and Sam look at the pile of lumber that is sitting on their old property to build their new home and Sam says that he is excited to start all over.

Julian and Alistair and the Wedding Ensemble

Julian and Alistair go through with their plan to kill Sheridan with the poison on her wedding ring. The two sit in the library with white rubber gloves on as Julian ever so carefully paints the inside of Sheridan’s band with the poison. He reads the ironic inscription that says “Till Death Do Us Part” and Julian makes note of the words. Alistair tells him that the stage is set for Sheridan’s death and that this time he will be there to witness it. After Mr. Bradbury takes the rings to Luis and Sheridan at the church, Julian is shaken and can not believe what they have done to his sister. Alistair tells him to grow up and be a man and gets excited over what they have done. Julian looks at his father strangely as if he is talking about it like it were a Broadway play. Al considers it a great play and that they will have front row seats when they get to see Sheridan die! How cold!! 

Meanwhile at the church, everyone is practicing for the big day tomorrow. Outside of the church, Ethan asks if Kay and Jessica would be apart of their wedding ceremony because now that they are brothers and sisters, he would like to get to know them better. Kay says that she would love to be in the wedding but thinks that it is too late for dresses. Ethan says that they will worry about that later but that he is happy that they will be apart of the wedding. Awwwwww!!! How cute!!! They go into the church as Kay tells her self over and over again that she must be good and not try to get Miguel. In the church, Sheridan prays to the Statue of Mary, thanking her for sending her love and a life of happiness. Sheridan is clearly happy and content that she will be Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald. Kay then has a heart to heart with the angel girl statue, claiming that she is happy to have her soul back but is finding it harder and harder to stay away from Miguel. Just then, the statue begins to cry! 

Ivy and Pilar also have a heart to heart before the crowd gets there. The two get a little emotional over the fact that their children are getting married. Ivy then tells Pilar that she has given up on Sam. Pilar thinks that it is another one of her tricks, but as Ivy recalls what happened the night before, Pilar knows its not another one of her schemes. The two then sit back and watch the rehearsal take place. The stage is set as Father Lonigan goes through the ceremony. He then asks for the rings and just then Mr. Bradbury rushes in with the rings! Nooo!! Alistair and Julian have made it to the church and lurk at the back in which Julian says that he can not watch his sister die! Al tells him to be a man and makes him watch anyway as Luis is about to slip the ring on her finger!!!

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