Passions Update Wednesday 6/27/01



Passions Update Wednesday 6/27/01

By Joey

A Stranger In Harmony

Everyone is still excited over the trip to Warlock Island. Grace and Sam are back to their old selves again and Sam suggests that they find somewhere to go to be alone. Jessica, who over-hears this, manages to get all the troopers out so that they can be alone. At first Grace watches her daughter mussel up the gang with a smile but is left completely speechless when she asks Tabitha to leave her own house!! Tabitha doesn’t mind and says that she is going to go dye her hair again and everyone leaves to tell Simone about their trip. Jessica tells her mother that she will go over to the B&B and take care of things this way she can spend more time with Sam. The two get all warm and mushy again and suddenly Grace has another feeling of danger that is close near by. She still has no idea that David is outside, watching her from the window with Sam. Sam calms Grace down once again and says that he thinks he know what he can do to make Grace feel better. He runs off and Grace once again wonders about these strange feelings. Meanwhile, good old Timmy and Tabitha are upstairs and they talk about Warlock Island as he dyes her hair. Tabitha reads the horoscope charts and declares that nothing but doom and gloom is headed for the teens on the island. She then asks Timmy how her hair is coming along, and he begins to pull out bunches of hair that is falling out! LOL Yikes! Later we see the duo and Tabitha’s hair is back to normal and Timmy goes over to read the horoscope chart. He notes that Tabby has read the charts wrong! Tabitha comes over and asks what he is talking about and then announces that he is right!! –The doom and gloom is for Tabby and Timmy, not the kids!

At the B&B, Jessica checks in David who begins to question her about Harmony and Grace. She sets him up with a room that he notes is ‘perfect’ because it has a view of Tabby’s house. Back at Tabitha’s house Grace has another one of her premonitions. She envisions a screaming Jessica with David at the B&B who as it appears will shoot her! Grace runs out in a fury to save “her baby.” Oh boy!!

Chad, Whitney and Simone and The Teens

Poor Chad. The kid can’t get a break! Today, Whitney was on her way out to get Simone a soda and Chad stopped her and tried talking to her again. She has fallen back into the “Ice Queen” mode claiming that she has to keep the promise that she made to Simone. Chad tries to get her to see his point again but she just shuts him down cold! Geeze Whit! A nurse whitnesses all of this and offers some advice for Chad: to go get her some flowers. She says that getting flowers is one of the sweetest things a man can do for a woman. Chad isn’t sure if it will work but with a little convincing, he goes to get her flowers. He comes back with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and Whitney is left speechless! Awww yeah Chad! The two hug and exchange their I-love-you’s and Whitney isn’t so sure how she is going to tell Simone the truth. Just then Simone calls for them and comes out of her room to see Chad with flowers and thinks that they are for her. She takes the flowers and Chad looks and Whitney for some help. They get back in her room and Whitney says that she has to go get fitted for her dress. Chad says that he has to leave too and Simone gets him to give her a hug.  Outside the room, Chad confronts Whitney about telling Simone the truth and she tells him that she can never see him again!! They leave and the kids show up to show their support for Simone. As everyone but Kay waits outside, Kay tells Simone that she got her soul back. Simone is thrilled and asks about her wanting Miguel. Kay says that she has to be good… But takes one look at Miguel who is outside with Charity and says that she is just going to get him to make love to her…this way he will forget all about Charity! Whoah Kay!!

The Happy Foursome

Theresa, Ethan, Sheridan and Luis all finish their drinks when they realize that they have to go get fitted for the final fitting of their dresses and tuxes! Everyone goes to leave and Theresa is left standing there by herself. Luis asks his sister if there is something wrong because she isn’t coming and Theresa goes into a speech about fate. Everyone thinks that it is wonderful that they are getting married and leave blissfully to get fitted. At Abigail’s Shop, Theresa and Sheridan have a heart to heart about birth control. Theresa says that she wants to be a good Catholic but does not want to bring children into the world if they are not financially ready for them. Sheridan gives her some advice and tells her that she should talk to Father Lonigan and then consult a doctor afterwards. Theresa goes to put on her dress and Sheridan says that she will be in to get hers in a minute. She calls Gwen who just got done with her latest bout with the tabloid reporter. Gwen at first thinks that it is Mort calling her back after her mother abruptly pulled the phone cord out so Gwen wouldn’t say anything she regretted, but answers the phone anyway. Sheridan then asks her to meet her down at the bridal shop. Gwen at first doesn’t know what to say but comes down and Sheridan is happy that she came. Gwen tells Sheridan that she understands if she does not want her to be her maid of honor anymore after what Rebecca did to her. Sheridan stops her and says that she totally understands that it was not her fault, that she couldn’t do anything as cold as Rebecca, and is proud of her for not retaliating against Theresa. LOL If Sheridan only knew…lol The two hug in agreement that Gwen will still be the maid of honor and Sheridan puts on her dress. Theresa and Sheridan are completely amazed on how beautiful they look while Gwen rolls her eyes in the shadows at the sight of Theresa. Theresa then insists on practicing throwing their bouquets of flowers and both Gwen and Whitney catch them! Just then, the boys show up and Sheridan and Theresa run so they will not see them in their wedding dresses. After they come out, they all share in a toast to the couples’ happiness. Even Gwen makes a toast to them, knowing full well what is about to explode!

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