Passions Update Tuesday 6/26/01


Passions Update Thursday 6/26/01

By Joey

A Trip To Warlock Island

Today at Tabitha’s the kids continued to plan their trip to the mysterious Warlock Island. When Tabby gets wind of what the kids want to do, she passes out! Sam tries to wake her up as everyone stands around her very concerned. Grace goes into the kitchen to get some cold water and suddenly begins to shiver, sensing that there is some sort of danger. Little does she know, David is standing outside the kitchen window, watching her! Jessica comes in and asks her mother if she is ok and Grace just plays it off as she if fine. Jessica picks up on that she isn’t as fine as she says and finally gets it out of her mother about the strange feeling she just had. Jessica tells her that she shouldn’t be worried at all because she is back together with Sam now and everything is fine. *If only that were true Jessica!* Grace shakes her feelings and goes back to the living room to see if Tabitha has awaken. Sam then throws some water on her and she jumps up quickly, claiming that she didn’t know what happened. Reese starts in with his antics, saying that Tabby is a witch because she fainted at the sound of Warlock Island. Sam helps her up so she can sit on the couch and the kids begin to talk about the island again. Sam doesn’t think that it is such a good idea because of the legends and tales that surround the mysterious island. Grace figures that those rumors have clamed down since then and that they should be able to go on their trip. Sam finally caves in but only before he tells the tale of the island....

According to the legend, there were some warlocks who went to the island to drive the evil forces from Harmony but they forgot their torches (I memory isn’t serving me too well today! lol) but a kind witch brought along some for them. *I know I don’t have to tell you that it was our dear friend Tabitha do I? lol* However these torches that was given to the warlocks backfired their spell and they were sent into another dimension, I believe. As Sam tells the story, Tabby recalls it all with a great deal of worry and the next thing that we know, Tabby’s hair has turned white! *lol Pure white!!* Reese once again gets on his high horse claiming that Tabby is a witch and Sam tells him to back off and demands that he says he is sorry to her. After he apologizes, they part their ways to plan the trip and Grace and Sam go into the kitchen to clean up. The two get lovey-dovey and Sam offers to help Grace with the dishes. She gets real playful and puts out the trash instead and gets another strange, cold feeling. She then demands to know who is out there and David hides behind a bush. Sam comes out and notices that she is so cold and calms her down. He says that they are together now and that this is the best of times. The two go back inside as David still peers in the shadows.

At The Cottage: A Cause for Celebration

Ethan and Theresa show up at the cottage and Ethan congratulates Luis on his recent success, proving that Julian and Alistair were out to split the couple up. They still can not believe how cold and cruel the Cranes can be. A proud Luis gets that familiar grin across his face as he tells them all that nothing can break them up because their love is too strong! Ethan then talks to Sheridan about how she can break away from the Cranes like he did and Sheridan says that she is ready and wants to do so. Then, Sheridan’s face slightly drops as she says that she hopes she will never treat her children like Julian and Alistair do. Luis comes over to Sheridan and offers words of encouragement to her, saying that she will be a wonderful mother. They all drink champagne and rejoice in their up and coming double wedding. Just then there is a knock at the door and Luis receives a package... *Hmmm* Meanwhile, at the mansion, Alistair is furious of Sheridan’s actions and informs Julian and Rebecca that they must kill Sheridan! Rebecca begins to hum to herself, not wanting to hear the details but Alistair tells her that it is too late because she is in way too deep now. He tells her that if she wishes to marry Julian, she must help him kill his own sister. After that he allows her to leave and further belittles Julian, letting him on his plan to kill Sheridan --on her wedding day! *How cruel!* Alistair explains that they will simply coat her wedding ring with a poison that will work with her body’s chemistry and she will be dead before she can even say “I do.” Just then, Mr. Bradbury shows up and Al orders him to deliver Sheridan and Luis’ ring to him personally once they are ready. At first he puts up a fight, saying that he can not do such a thing but Al talks down to him and gets him to deliver them. Once he is gone, Al asks Julian when the wedding is in which he replies that he isn’t clear. He decides to listen in on what is going on in the cottage. But little does he know, the package that Luis received was a device that would check to see if the cottage was “bugged.” At first Sheridan is insulted, saying “I do not have bugs!!” *LOL* But Luis corrects her and says that he thinks that the cottage is tapped and that Alistair is listening in on them right now. Alistair hears all of this and is more than furious! Luis checks around the cottage and finds a bug in the lamp, leaving everyone shocked. He then goes out to the front porch and talks to Alistair through this little bug and tells him what he thinks of him and proceeds to smash it! --creating a high pitched noise that drives him nuts! Alistair at this point has lost it and orders Julian to kill Sheridan and that Luis will suffer for the rest of his life!!

Gwen and Rebecca

It looks as if Miss Gwen Hotchkiss is definitely out for blood as she reads the wedding announcement for Ethan and Theresa. She sits on her bed and chomps down a mass mound of chips that gets all over the paper! *Ohh my Gwen! lol* It is clear that she wants Theresa exposed and now! Rebecca then shows up and tries to get Gwen to calm down after she has realized that no one has printed the story about Theresa’s secret. She calls the reporter again and demands to know why they didn’t run the story? Mort tells her that he doesn’t even know who she is because of the voice changer and can not run with the story unless he has hard-core proof and a name for the source. At the end of the episode, we are left hanging as Mort demands to know who is on the other line and as Rebecca tells her daughter to not blow her cover!

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