Passions Update Monday 6/25/01



Passions Update Monday 6/25/01

By Joey

The Bennett's Are Officially Back Together!

At Tabby’s

Today’s episode was really sweet in that Sam and Grace have finally reconciled much to the liking of everyone, especially Jessica. As the two stand outside of Tabby’s house, Grace comments on how the kids knew that she was out all night in which Sam happily says it is ok because they are married! The kids minus Kay, come outside and throw confetti on the happy couple, screaming ‘congratulations!’ The girls are completely over joyed that their parents (and aunt and uncle) are back together and Jessica makes her parents promise that they will never pull something like this again! *Awww!!* Kay finally arrives and sees Charity and Miguel at their usual best and tries to control herself. She then delivers the news about Simone’s recovery and is over come with great joy after she too realizes that her parents are back together. As Kay hugs her parents, Charity then tells Miguel that she was wrong about accusing Kay of not having a soul. *Ohhh Charity!! Use the gift that was given to you!! LOL* But nothing but trouble is brewing inside the house as Reese once again tries to prove that Tabby is a witch! Meanwhile, Tabitha hands Tim-Tim a needle because her head isn’t on right! *LOL* Timmy was too funny today as he tries to sew his princess’ head back on! Just then Reese barges in and asks Tabitha is she always sews in the attic after she puts a scarf on! Tabby then tells Reese that she does infact do her stitching in the attic and that it is none of his business. She leaves, smacking Reese with poor Timmy on the way out and Reese gets in her way again, asking about the scarf. This aggravates poor Tabitha and she just knocks him down the stairs!! *Too funny!!* Downstairs, Tabitha finds out that the Bennett's are indeed back together and asks Sam if he will be moving in with her as well. Sam explains that it is too crowded so he will just stay at the station, in which Grace adds that she will be spending time with him there too. Tabby then offers to watch the girls and Kay offers to make everyone there some lunch. Reese is still convinced that Tabby was sewing her head back on and even goes as far as to tear the scarf away from her as she walks by! Everyone looks at Tabitha in shock as she tries to hide her neck and Reese gets on his high horse, knowing that he is right. Everyone then yells at Reese for what he has done to her, as she explains that she had some scratches on her neck from the rosebushes but was just trying to hide it with the scarf. A dramatic and nervous Tabby asks Kay if she would make her some tea to calm her nerves and seizes the chance to ask Kay if she has given up on her beloved Miguel? Kay then explains that she still does love Miguel but it is obvious that his love is with Charity so she has stopped her attempt to get him. Kay then leaves, telling herself to be good and Timmy notes that Kay has ‘gone good.’ The kids then all plan a summer trip and when Miguel mentions “Warlock Island,” Tabby faints! Meanwhile, Sam and Grace are spending some more quality time with one another in the garden and make it clear that no one will come between them again! But little do they know, David Hastings has arrived in Boston and is Harmony! He has even asked a police officer where he can find Mrs. Bennett, in which he directs him to the B&B and to Tabitha’s house if he is not there! *Yikes!!*

The Return of Alistair Crane

At the police station, Luis informs Hank that he is afraid that Alistair has just come back into Harmony and closer into Sheridan’s life to break them apart. Luis then decides to call Sheridan to warn her but she doesn’t answer.... *Hmmm I wonder why?* He figures that Sheridan must be in the garden but the two decide to head over to the cottage anyway to make sure that she is ok. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Al are still embracing in which Sheridan tells her father that she knows that he still loves her. Alistair continues to lay it on real nice and thick by telling Sheridan that he is home now and everything will be ok. Just then the phone rings and Sheridan thinks that it is probably Luis calling. She goes to answer it but is stopped by Alistair who insists that she not answer the phone because of their recent reunion. Sheridan then is overjoyed that her father is home and asks if he will walk her down t he isle when she marries Luis. Alistair agrees and notes that they have to work on the wedding plans. Sheridan then tells her father that the wedding is just in a few days and Alistair is “saddened” because it ruined his surprise. Sheridan looks shocked and asks what he means. Al then tells her that he had a trip to Europe planned for the two of them to make up for some lost time. Meanwhile, Luis is outside and over-hears everything! At first he wants to go in and tell Sheridan exactly what he is up to but decides to let her figure it out on her own. Al then asks Sheridan to postpone her wedding so that they can go to Europe for a week or so because he wants to show her all of his memories, including the church where he and her mother kissed. He even goes as far as to say that Sheridan reminds him of her dear mother more and more everyday. Sheridan is visibly touched by her father’s sweet words. She then totally changes her attitude and stature as she is completely appalled by Alistair and his intentions. She says that she knows what kind of man he his and that he probably has the place wired being that she just confessed to Luis that this is what she has always wanted. *GO Sheridan!!!* She then lays it to her father, telling him what kind of man he is that infuriates Alistair to the point that he grabs her wrist, exclaiming that she will never marry a snooping cop from the wrong side of the tracks!!! *Oh My Gosh!!!!* Just then Luis rushes in to save Sheridan as Julian and Rebecca rush to the cottage to calm down Alistair!! Luis then tears in to good ol’ Al, telling him that he is a complete loser and that Sheridan has more courage in her little finger than he does in his whole body! Sheridan then informs Al that she will not stop him from coming to the wedding but she will walk down the isle all by herself! Alistair then  coldly tells Sheridan that she thinks she knows everything about him, but does she know everything about herself, leaving the both of them to ponder. He then tells Julian and Rebecca that Sheridan must die!! *Ohhh No!!!!*

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