Passions Update Friday 6/22/01


Passions Update Friday 6/22/01

By Joey

A Day Of Trying Times

At The Hospital

Kay, now reunited with her soul, is at Simoneís beside hoping that her best friend will pull through. If not, Kay feels it will all be her fault for telling her that Chad and Whitney were in love. Meanwhile, Chad is talking with Ethan and says that trying to get Whitney back into his life will be hardest challenge yet given the circumstances around Simoneís condition. But at Simoneís beside, an emotional Whitney tells her mother that if Simone doesnít pull through it will be all of her fault. *Aww Whit!!* Simone then wakes, claiming that she is tired and sore. Eve is overcome with joy that her daughter is conscious and rushes to call her husband. Simone then confides in Whitney, claiming that the only thing she remembers from her dream is seeing Chad and Whitney kissing. And all the while, Chad is outside, wishing that Whitney tells Simone the truth once and for all. Whitney then totally lies, claiming that she is too involved with her tennis career and youth choir to be involved with any man.. especially Chad! And you guessed it Passionettes, poor Chad hears it all! Chad then goes to Ethan, completely devastated and tells him what he just heard from Whitney. Ethan then tells his buddy that he must tell Simone the truth now before any of this goes any further. Chad whole heartedly agrees that they have to end it all right now. Meanwhile, Theresa is there for Whitney when she leaves Simoneís room and tries to tell her that she is making a big mistake. Whitney once again says that she isnít making a mistake because she promised her sister. Theresa then meets up with Ethan and Chad and tells them that Whitney is confused and overcome with her emotions right now and instead of wrecking just one life, she is wrecking three. Meanwhile, Whitney is telling her sister that she does not love Chad, that there never will be and that there is nothing to worry about, all while the poor guy listens on again! *Awwwww Chad!! :-(  )

Then, Pilar and Luis are still talking about Julian and Alistairís manipulations in which Luis declares that he is happy that Al is not in Harmony and Pilar backs up Luis by saying that Al has a powerful hold over Sheridan, even admitting that she is afraid of him! Pilar says that Alistair is like a merciless general who gets whatever he wants when he wants. Luis says that there is always a first time for him to lose and not get what he wants and goes as far as to say that he does not understand why Sheridan wants his love and affection so much? *Good question!* The next time we see Luis, he is at the police station with Hank and they are talking about Hankís new found liking to police work. Hank notes that he enjoyed working the police and Luis is happy that his friend his taking a liking to the profession. The two then begin to talk about Sheridan and what she is going through with her father and brother. He then tells him about the impostor and what Julian had done to them last night and Hank canít believe it! *Who could?!* Luis then tells him that the fact that Julian was so quick to destroy the file on his father tells him that the Cranes were definitely involved with his disappearance. Luis says that once he is married to Sheridan, Alistair wonít have that powerful control over her and just then the phone rings! But all the while at the mansion, Pilar sees one of the maids and asks if Alistair has arrived back in Harmony in which she tells her that he has and Pilar does not like it one bit! She calls Luis to tell him the news! He says that Alistair is definitely up to something because he is not in town to give away his daughter! The two wonder what Al is doing in town and Luis gets really suspicious. He isnít so sure what he is doing in town but he swears if he hurts Sheridan in anyway, he will kill him! *Whoahhh Luis!!* 

But in the mean time, Alistair is at the cottage laying it on real thick to Sheridan while Julian and Rebecca listen on by Alistairís radio device. He tells Sheridan that he has come home after hearing what happened last night. Sheridan looks really skeptical but Alistair explains that he has come home to be with his daughter after he learned what Rebecca and Julian did to try to break the two of them up. *Yeah ok Al!* Sheridan looks as if she is about to explode, not knowing whether to tell her father where it is at or to just get out but she tells him that he never comes home for her, but for business. Al agrees and says that normally he would be home for business but this is different. He then goes to tell Sheridan that Julian is a loose cannon and spends most of his time managing his life for him. He tells her that things have been different in the past and he would like to make up for them. *What a jerk!* Al then denies ever being apart of the plan to break up Sheridan and Luis in which Sheridan doesnít believe him. He then even goes as far as to say that he was considering making Sheridan heir to the Crane Empire! Then as if that wasnít enough to swallow, he tells Sheridan that he loves her, asking if she does believe him? *Stick to your guns Sheridan!*  Sheridan becomes strong and tells her father that she would love to believe him but she simply just canít because of everything that has happened --that time for making up is too late. Alistair then tells his daughter that he can not believe how Julian has acted because the Cranes do not turn on each other. He goes as far as to say that Sheridan is the most important thing to him!! *Oh MY Gosh!* He says that he spends too much time with Julian because he is a complete idiot. Sheridan then brings up the fact that he didnít even show up at her funeral when he thought that she was dead. Alistair then covers by saying that he did not want to crack infront of the community and was trying to hold up an image, but the whole thing was indeed painful for him. Alistair says that when her mother had died, he plunged himself into nothing but work to numb the pain but Sheridan has brought him away from that. He says that he got excited when he heard that she was going to get married, hoping that she would provide grandchildren so he could spoil. Alistair then decides to leave the cottage because Sheridanís feelings are obvious. At this point, he can lay bricks with the sweet talking and guilt. The guilt gets the best of Sheridan in the end though as she tells her father to wait and rushes into his arms. Sheridan becomes tearful, holding on to her father as he says that everything will ďbe ok now.Ē *Ohhh Sheridan!*

End of Show

Quick side note for you die hard Passions fans... Today at the station, Luis and Hank were talking about Sheridan and how Alistair has complete control over her. Luis was sitting at his desk in which he had a picture of Sheridan nicely framed and I thought it was just too cute, that he has a picture of Sheridan on his desk!! *Major Awwwwww!*

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