Passions Update Thursday 6/21/01


Passions Update Thursday 6/21/01

By Joey

A Brand New Day

It appears as if it is a brand new day in Harmony as its residents get themselves prepared for the dayís events. We first see our poor delusional Ivy checking her secret place with Sam to see if he has left her a note. Unfortunately for Ivy, he is with his wife, basking in the afterglow at the police station. Sam and Grace were like two newlyweds, completely overjoyed by being with one another. Sam is more than happy that his wife is back in his arms and Grace is happy that Ivy is finally out of their life for good. Meanwhile, Ivy is in the park writing Sam another love letter, expressing how if they would just make love once he will be able to see his feelings for her. She is soon interrupted by Pilar though who once again tries to talk some sense into her about her doings with the Bennetts. But back at the station house, Grace and Sam are still in bed talking about how wonderful it is to have their lives back on track. Grace then gets up to get dressed and Sam falls back in bed like a teenage boy who just spent the night with the girl of his dreams. *Awwww Sammmy!!!*  Just then Ivy comes in and once again tries to seduce Sam as he puts up a fight. Grace walks in and Ivy is completely shocked that she is there. Grace wonders why it is a shock to her considering they are married. Both Sam and Grace deliver the damaging news to Ivy that they are together once again and that she does not stand a chance. Ivy leaves devastated and goes to the park where she left the note for Sam, crying and saying that she has lost Sam forever. Grace and Sam then begin looking for a place to stay and get all lovey-dovey again after announcing that there are no more secrets between them. But little do they know, this mysterious stranger who sees Graceís picture in Time magazine and decides to book a flight to Boston, requesting a map of New England and a car to take him to Harmony!! *Uh Oh Grace!!*  

Sheridan and Luis: Picture Perfect?

The scenes with Sheridan and Luis open up today with Luis coming out from the back bedroom in his pajama pants *grin* looking for Sheridan. Sheridan sits in the chair with her back towards him, quiet and upset. At first Luis doesnít notice this and makes a few cracks about Sheridan making breakfast, knowing she canít cook! *lol* He comes over to her and asks what is wrong in which she replies that she couldnít sleep last night thinking about what Julian and Alistair has done. She explains to Luis that she has never felt loved in her whole entire life...that her father has never answered any of her letters while she was away from home or even give her a simple hug. She says that she would do anything just to have her father love her and be proud of her accomplishments instead of just being the blacksheep of the family. Meanwhile, Julian and Alistair and listening to every single word that she is saying! We finally get to see how Alistair knows everything that he does when he pulls out this little walkie-talkie-like device that picks up on what is being said just by punching in a simple code. Julian can not believe that his father has such a device like that and asks if he has ever listened in on what Julian and Rebecca has said in which Alistair simply claims that the only thing he has ever heard between them was animal noises! *LOL this was too funny!!!*  Back at the cottage, Luis comforts Sheridan who still wishes that her father would lover her. Luis then tries to lighten the situation by asking Sheridan what she would like as a wedding present. It works, but only for a little bit when Sheridan wishes that her father would love her and that she would trade everything in the world that she has just to have a fatherís love. She then realizes that maybe if she gives Al a grandchild, he will love her more because she would be providing him a child as heir. But then she is taken down from the clouds when realizing that they are never going to change. Luis once again consoles his love and makes things better with her. He then says that he has to go and Sheridan wonders where? Luis says that he has to go to work. *Itís about time these guys get to work! *wink!* * But back at the mansion, Alistair comes up with the perfect plan to split Sheridan and Luis apart. Julian isnít so sure that this plan will work and is still having hard feelings over his fatherís decision on how to destroy Sheridan. The next scene that we see is Sheridan in the cottage putting something away, saying that she couldnít believe that Luis would be back already and turns around to find Alistair! *Ohh MY gosh!!!* Alistair then plays on Sheridanís feelings and tells her to come closer to her because it has been so long since he has last seen her...and that he needs a hug! *Just when you thought Alistair couldnít be any colder!!!* 

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