Passions Update Wednesday 6/20/01



Passions Update Wednesday 6/20/01

By Eva

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Timmy tries in vain to help Tabitha's head after Kay's soul tried to choke her as Timmy runs back into the house to call an ambulance Timmy hears footsteps coming only to see Tabitha's body rung after them. Timmy grabs Tabitha's head and begins to run.

At the hospital Miguel, Charity , and Reese Confront Kay and Miguel asks her if she has a soul. Kay acts startled and asks him what he is talking about. Miguel says that Charity put some things together and they looked on a website which gave them more information Kay says it is ridiculous to think that she does not have a soul just because some website says so and "who Knows what kinds of crazy things are on the internet." Miguel begins to share the reasons why he suspects Kay does not have a soul such as people who don't have a soul do not show emotion and he points out that Kay has not cried about Simone. Miguel goes on to say that people who do not have a soul are always cold and he has noticed that Kay is always cold even though it is summer. Kay says these are not good enough reasons to say she does not have a soul and Miguel points out that when Kay gave charity a manicure Charity saw Kay's face turn into a monster. Kay argues that Charity sees visions all the time . Miguel tells Kay that Charity remembers what happened when she was sucked into hell. Charity asks Kay to tell them the truth " Do you have a soul?"

T.C. and Eve sit by Simone's bedside and beg her to fight, Sam and Grace enter the room to confront their friends and offer support. Whitney tells Chad she never wants to see him again he stares at her in disbelief and says that she can't mean that. Whitney explains that it was their fault that Simone was in that accident Chad says that they don't know that Whitney cries and says she is sorry but their relationship is over.

Ethan and Theressa talk about their Friends situation and express their sorrow over what has happened. Ethan says that even though Chad and Whitney were trying to protect Simone by keeping their relationship a secret it only caused more pain. He says he is glad that he and Theressa don't have any secrets between them.

At Gwen's house she looks at a picture of her and Ethan and reflects on how much she misses him. Gwen remembers what it was like to have Ethan make love to her.Rebecca walks in and Gwen tells her she is sick and tiredof waiting to reveal to the tabloid who sent the e-mail. Rebecca urges her to wait since the wedding is not far away She says that is the perfect day to let the tabloid know who sent the e-mail. At the tabloid office the editor asks the reporter if he has had any luck finding out who sent the e-mail to Ethan. He says he does not know yet He vows not to stop until he finds out the name of the person who sent the e-mail.

Rebecca confesses to Gwen what she has been up to with Julian and that their scheme to break up Luis and Sheridan did not work. Gwen worries that if two powerful men like Julian and Alistar could not break up Luis and Sheridan maybe her scheme to break up Ethan and Theressa will not work either.

At the hospital Hank and Jessica join the group waiting for news on Simone. Chad continues to talk Whitney out of breaking up but Whitney is determined to do it.

Charity, Miguel and Reese are still waiting for an answer from Kay and continue to list reasons why she has no soul. Timmy and Tabitha's head are still running from Tabitha's body and Timmy drops Tabitha's head into a hole as he tries to run from a care that barley misses him he promises to come back. When Timmy returns to the spot where he left Tabitha's head Tabitha's body catches up to them and puts Kay's soul around his neck. Timmy takes Tabitha's head and body and starts toward the hospital.

At the hospital Hank asks Sam how things are going with Grace , Sam expresses hope that things will get back on track and tells Hank what happened with Ivy at the police station. Grace tells Jessica what happened with Ivy at the police station and tells her she is seriously considering getting back together with Sam.

Charity Miguel and Reese continue to talk to Kay who continues to deny their accusations. Kay pretends to cry and runs off. Charity talks to Father Lonigan about her suspicions and Father Lonigan tells her to go to the hospital Chapel and pray for Kay. Miguel and Reese tell Jessica what they suspect and the three run off to look for kay. While Reese is looking for her He see Tabitha's head and body running into the emergency room and he follows them. Tabitha's head tells Timmy to stop and hand her head to her body and she will be put back together. Reese watches this and tells Jessica who thinks he is just tired. They head back into the hospital. Tabitha goes in the hospital to see if they can bring simone to the other side and Timmy runs off because he says he is tired of all the evil and wants to do some good in the world. Eve and Grace watch Simone and Eve tells Grace she cannot lose another baby. Grace tells her she will not lose Simone.

Chad desperately tries to talk Whitney out of her decision and Kisses her.

At the Tabloid office the reporter gets a call ( from Gwen who is using a device to distort her voice) telling him that the e-mail concerning Ethan's paternity was sent by Theressa Lopez Fitsgerald.

At the Hospital Therssa asks Ethan what he would do if she had a secret. He tells her that their love is so strong nothing could tear them apart, and that is a silly question since they don't have any secrets or lies between them.

Chad and Whitney continue kissing and Chad thinks things are ok betwen them but as he leaves to get coffee Whitney says that is the last kiss they will ever share. Kay begs someone to give her her soul back since she doesn't know if God listens to people who don't have a soul. Miguel comes up behind her and apologizes for causing her Meanwhile Charity prays for Kay at the hospital chapel while Timmy listens to her prayers and struggles about what he should do.

The Docter tells the Russell family that they are losing simone , Father Lonigan asks everyone to gather and begin praying for Simone, Miguel notices that Kay isn't praying and wonders if Charity could be right.

At the hospital Chapal Charity finishes praying for Kay and leaves. Timmy takes Kay's soul from his neck and decides to give it back to Kay , but since it is too hot the vile breaks and shines light all around the chapal . Kay's soul goes back in her body just before everyone hears beeping coming from Simone's room. The Doctor comes out and says that Simones vital signs are back to normal.

Timmy tells Tabitha what he did for kay as Reese listens. Everyone gathered is thrilled at the news Grace tells Sam she has some good news of her own. She wants to work things out. Kay tells father lonigan she has her soul back and wants to be good. She has decided not to chase Miguel anymore. The docter tells Eve and T.C. Simone may have brain damage. Whitney sits by Simone's bedside and tells her that she will keep her promise not to see chad again as Chad listens from outside the open door.

The tabloid editor tells the reporter to make sure and have proof before he prints that theressa sent the e-mail. .He vows to get the proof and says he can't wait to see the look on Ethan's face when he finds out his fiancee was the one who destroyed his life.

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