Passions Update Monday 6/4/01



Passions Update Monday 6/4/01

By  Joey

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Broke-Down Palace: The Crane Mansion

Sam is still looking for a furious TC at the Crane mansion today. TC runs into Ivy who is in the Study and basically tears the room apart! He demands to know where Julian is because he swears that it is pay back time. Ivy questions him and TC tells her exactly where it is at! *Go TC!* He tells her that she is just like her husband for trying so hard to break up Sam and Grace’s marriage. He then ell her that he will find Julian and get his revenge by killing him! At first Ivy is concerned but decides to not stop TC for selfish reasons. She thinks that if TC kills Julian, she will be free to marry Sam! *Ohh Myyy Gosh!* TC runs out in his rage and Sam comes in, totally missing one another. He asks Ivy if she has seen TC and she lies right to his face, claiming that she hasn’t seen him at all. He then tell Ivy that he has to find TC and stop him before he does anything stupid and then to find Grace and explain what she had seen. Ivy then tries to sing him a song and do a dance by saying that there is nothing to explain to Grace but that Sam still loves her. Ivy then questions as to why Sam kissed her and he says that he was tricked by the fog and the kiss meant nothing to him. He then leaves to find Grace and TC. But meanwhile, Eve is talking to Grace about the dream that she had about the strange man taking away her son in the hospital. Grace tells her that it was only a dream but what she saw at the mansion was infact very real. Grace thinks that she has lost Sam for forever to Ivy and blames her herself for pushing Sam away so much. *Mmm Hmmm Gracie!* Eve tries to make things better by telling her that Sam was probably tricked into kissing Ivy but Grace just does not want to hear it. She then tells Eve that she has to tell TC the truth about her past because it will come out one day and her marriage will be destroyed just like hers has been. Just then Sam shows up and tells Grace that the kiss meant nothing to him and that he will explain everything later, but right now he has to find TC. He lets the two of them in on TC’s plan to kill Julian and Eve and Sam run off to find him. Ivy then shows up and taunts an already hurt Grace. She tells her that has lost Sam forever to her and Grace swears that she hasn’t but that she is not going to talk to Ivy about her marriage with Sam. Ivy even goes as far as to say that Sam will divorce Grace and together with Ethan, they will be the family that they were meant to be! *Oh MY Gosh!!!* Grace then decides to join in the search for TC and finds him with Eve, Sam, Julian and Rebecca. TC is beyond mad and swears that he is going to kill Julian. He hits him and then begins to choke him all while Rebecca tries to get him off by hitting him with a pillow. Eve and Sam have arrived at this point and they can’t seem to get him to calm down. Rebecca then smashes a vase over TC’s head and that doesn’t even work! Then, Eve throws water in TC’s face and he calms down, and doesn’t even remember what he was doing. TC then tells the two of them about seeing his father and what he had told him to do. Eve is now more convinced than ever that she can not tell TC the truth about her past with Julian. TC then confides in Sam and tells him that his father told him that the Cranes also did something else to their family in the past. *Hmmm I wonder!*

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Julian have made it to the study and she gets him a drink. She decides to call the police but Julian says to not worry about it. She then realizes that Julian must be keeping a secret from her, but doesn’t ask him too much about it. Rebecca decides to go “freshen up” after the ordeal and is confronted by a very hopeful Ivy! She asks if Julian is dead yet and Rebecca is completely taken back. She tells her that he is still alive and Ivy looks pretty disappointed. Ivy then begins to taunt Rebecca and say that if Julian is killed, Ivy will be a very wealthy widow and that Rebecca will basically have nothing being that she is divorced from Jonathan. *Ivy is on a roll!*

And lastly, Sheridan is on her way to the police station after going against Julian’s wishes. She notices that fog has lifted and then sees a car that is just like Luis’ infront of the cottage. She notices that the car is just like Luis’ and that there is a jacket in the seat just like Julian had instructed the fake Luis to do so. Just then the fake Luis is inside and begins his plan with DeeDee to crush Sheridan’s heart. She hears voices and music coming within the cottage and notices cigarettes in the ashtray. She then notes that Luis does not smoke and thinks that he might have been taken hostage! *LOL guess again sweetie!* She goes into the cottage and notices that there is clothing all over the floor leading to the bedroom. She opens the door and she sees the fake Luis with DeeDee in bed! *Ohh noo Sheridan!*  But meanwhile, the real Luis is at the station and can not wait to get back to Sheridan. He asks Officer Packer if anyone has called for him in which he replies no and hands him paperwork to do for the mayor. Later, the mayor calls and asks Luis if he is done with the work and he says that he is almost done, and will fax it to him in a bit. Just then one of the other officers spills coffee all over it and Luis declares that he will be there a lot longer than he expected. *Ohhh Luis!*

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