Passions Update Thursday 5/31/01


Passions Update Thursday 5/31/01

By Joey

Strange Things Are Happening: Blast To The Past 

Today it seems as if the adults were taken back to the past by the fog as Timmy and Tabby watch on and just love it. Eve is taken back to the hospital when she gave birth to her baby and swears that she will never let him go. The nurse goes takes him to be changed and Eve realizes that she will not come back with the baby. So she runs down the hall to find her son, screaming that she will be right there and wonít let him die. Eve then gets to her baby in the nursery and finds a strange man taking him away. She becomes hysterical by the time the nurse finds her and tells her that her baby is dead. She gives her a sedative, just like she did in the past but only this time Eve knows that her baby is alive. *Awwwwwww Eve!!!*  

Meanwhile her husband TC is seeing his dead father, who is appalled that TC would even show up at the Crane mansion let alone attend a party after what has happened to TC and his family. TCís father then reminds him of all the hurt that the Cranes, especially Julian, has done to his family which angers TC to no end. Then his father shows him that it was infact Julian driving the car and this enrages TC and he begins choking Julian in the car!! *Oh my gosh!!* And then poor Grace walks in on Ivy and Sam who are just about to kiss! Grace can not believe her eyes and hopes that Sam wonít do it. Sam backs off, which bursts Ivyís bubble and she begins to tell him about their past. Just then Sam remembers Ivy how she was all those years ago and when he gave her the locket and it appears as if they are going to kiss yet again!! *Nooo!!* Sam then sees Ivy how she was years ago as his feelings become distorted and confused by the fog. He then tells Ivy that he is never going to let her go again and the two kiss passionately, as Grace watches on. *Sighs! Its your own fault Grace!* Grace runs out crying and Sam pulls away from Ivy realizing his mistake and confusion. Grace then meets up with Eve who is unconscious on the ground and the two talk about the strange occurrences at the mansion. Eve is sure that it is the Crane mansion that is doing all these things and Grace confesses that she has lost Sam for good! Just then, Sam meets up with TC while looking for Grace, who is actually choking a statue and TC swears that he is going to kill Julian for destroying his life!!  

And lastly, in the garden maze Whitney is still in Chadís room and he wants to know what she is doing there being that they agreed to not see one another. She does not have a clue as to what he is talking about and then Chad gets out a mysterious piece of paper. He gives it to her and she is completely taken back and agrees that they can not be together! *Hmmm I wonder what that was?!* Just then she is taken back to the maze and sees Simone kissing Chad! Chad then realizes that he is kissing Simone and tries to explain the terrible mistake. Simone then butts in and says that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, that they have been all lovey-dovey!! *Oh My!* After Simone runs off to inform Kay of what happened, Chad explains to Whitney that he thought he was kissing her. Whitney then says that they can not be together anymore and he swears that he will tell Simone the truth right away. She says that telling the truth is not it.. that there is something wrong and she just canít put her finger on it!

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