Passions Update Wednesday 5/30/01



Passions Update Wednesday 5/30/01

By Joey

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At The Crane Mansion 

Things are going from bad to worse for Sheridan and Luis as Rebecca and Julianís plan goes into full effect. Sheridan confronts Luis about the woman that she saw him with and he has no idea what she is talking about, all while Jules and Becky watch on. Rebecca is nothing less than thrilled with the way things are going and finds it fun to be playing God with other peopleís lives. Julian then has a flashback to when he was dancing with Eve years ago and a look of sorrow comes over his face in which he explains to Rebecca that it is not as fun when it is your life that is being toyed with. *Awwww Julian!* Rebecca calls him on his feelings but he just brushes them off and DeeDee suddenly pops up which makes Julian startled. They all hide in the bushes as they watch Sheridan press Luis for answers. Once again Sheridan is asking Luis about the woman that he was with and he says that he has no idea what she is talking about. Luis swears that he wasnít talking to any woman and then Sheridan spots lipstick on his collar! *BuStEd!* She then calls him on it and asks her if it was her shade. Sheridan gets pretty angry and says that it is not her shade with this sarcastic tone. *lol McKenzie Westmoreís (Sheridan) face was priceless!* Luis then explains the whole situation that happened with the woman he had met earlier who had given him a kiss on the cheek and congratulated him on his engagement. Sheridan still looks a little skeptical and the two go inside. Luis talks to her and explains that it was just the fog out there that made her think that and once again declares his love for her. Sheridan still isnít sitting right with this and Luis tells her that maybe she is not ready to get married afterall. Sheridan is shocked and declares that she is and Luis gives a heartfelt declaration of his love. It then appears that they have made up and Becky and Jules are not happy! All of a sudden Luis gets a call and he has to report to the station immediately, regardless that it is his engagement party. Sheridan and Luis have their good-byes as Becks and Jules look on with the fakes Luis and DeeDee and Luis promises that he will be back as soon as he can. Julian then says that he has someone working for him at the station who called Luis away and the most mind-blowing portion of their plan is about to take place with Luis gone at the station!! *Ohh No!!*  

Meanwhile, Sam and Ivy are discussing their relationship while Tabby and Timmy watch on through the magic pool. Sam keeps saying that is over but Ivy just doesnít want to hear it! She keeps saying that he loves her and that she will not stop until she has her man. She then puts on a song that they danced to years ago and it obviously effects Sam. Meanwhile, Grace is in bed and has a dream of Sam and Ivy kissing as the fog rolls into her bedroom. She then screams and swears that she has to get to the Crane mansion to stop Sam and Ivy! But Sam is trying to tell Ivy that he does not love her and she still does not want to hear it. He then tells her that he has never loved her and never will because his life is with Grace now. He asks her if she understands and she says yes and that she will never bother him again. Ivy then goes over to her window and gets ready to jump out because to her, life without Sam is not living at all. Sam tries to talk Ivy out of jumping out her window but it does not work and she jumps out!!! *Oh... MY... GOSH!!!* Then Sam and Ivy are in the living room as the fog rolls in. It has a strange effect over him and he can not believe how close he was to losing Ivy! Just then he begins to kiss Ivy --just as Grace, who has come to stop him, walks in on them! *Ohhh nooo!!*  

And lastly, today Eve and TC are listening to the tape with the womanís voice on it in Julianís office. He turns around to Eve who is standing in the doorway and asks her about the voice on the tape and why does Julian have it? Eve looks shocked, not knowing what to say and TC then declares that the woman singing on it is in pain. He says that wants to go out and find the woman so he can help her because he thinks that this is the woman the Julian got pregnant and dumped that Eve had once told him about. *Ohh you are sooo right TC!* Eve then tries to tell him to forget about it and then TC declares that he has had enough of this party. He goes off to find Sheridan and Luis to tell them that they are leaving. In his search for the couple, TC enters a thick fog, trips and hits head on a statue. He hears a voice that calls him in the distance and TC wants to know who it is! The voice that calls him is his father and he demands to know why TC is at the Cranes after all that they have done to him and his family?! TC then looks on in disbelief and tells his father that he is dead. He says that Sheridan Crane is also dead too but he sees her. *lol what a kid-like thing to say! lol* TC explains it to his father, that he had died of a broken heart and his father demands to know why he is there after all that has happened? Tabby who is watching on, explains to Timmy that the fog has brought back TCís father from the dead!! His father then tells him that Julian Crane must be killed before he hurts his family again!  

Meanwhile, Eve runs into Grace and she tells Eve about her premonition. The two part and Eve goes to look for TC and then all of a sudden, Eve is in the hospital where she had her baby! The nurse asks Eve what she is doing up and about after just having a baby in which she replies that it was over twenty years ago! The nurse then realizes that she is on a lot of pain killers and says that the reason she is out of bed is because she wants to see her baby. Eve looks surprised and curiously asks if her baby is still alive? And all of this takes place while Tabitha and Timmy look on through Hecubaís pool --Tabby being ecstatic over the situation and Timmy not so sure. 
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