Passions Update Tuesday 5/29/01



Passions Update Tuesday 5/29/01

By Joey

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At The Crane Mansion... Gwen grows more and more restless with the fact that she does not have Ethan. She then mumbles to herself about getting revenge on Theresa and Hank over-hears her! He then confronts her about it and she plays it off like she does not need to answer to him. He then tells her that she is a very beautiful woman who should move on with her life and she is more shocked than anything that he would say something like that to her!! Then,Gwen meets up with the tabloid reporter who has crashed the party to find out who everyone thinks destroyed Ethan’s life. Gwen, the most revengeful that we have ever seen her, has this smug look on her face when he asks her if she knows who e-mailed the letter. She then has this well-written fantasy of destroying Theresa’s life, in which Ethan learns that Theresa was the one that sent the e-mail. Ethan tells her to stay out of his life all while Gwen watches on. Just then there is a voice that says “Miss Hotchkiss” and she says, “not now” with a grin from ear to ear and watches as the two fight. *LOL this was too funny!* Just then, Gwen is shaken out of her daydream by the reporter who is still asking her the name of the person. It almost looks as if Gwen is about to tell him that it was sent from Theresa’s computer but then just simply says that she does not know who could have done something like that to Ethan. Gwen then finds out that everyone is in the maze, including Theresa and Ethan and decides to go in with the reporter so he can talk to Ethan himself. *Yikes!!*

In the maze, Ethan and Theresa meet up with Chad and Whitney who believe that they have found the love square as the fog begins to get thicker. They all kid around as to who will really win the game because they are not in the square yet. They part their separate ways and everything begins to role downhill from there! First, Chad kisses Simone thinking that she is Whitney! Whitney reaches a door and isn’t sure what is in it but opens it anyway and she finds herself within Chad’s bedroom and Chad telling her that he never wants to see her again being that, that is what they agreed to do! Then Ethan meets up with Gwen and wants to know what she is doing there in which she replies that she doesn’t know. Then Theresa meets up with the tabloid reporter within the maze!!! The begin talking as Gwen and Ethan listen on the other side of the bushes. Ethan recognizes the voice and wonders why he is in there and who he is talking to? *Ohhh boy!!!!*

Meanwhile, Charity and Miguel meet up and he notices that she is really upset. He asks her what is wrong and she blows it off at first. She then tells him about the visions that she had about everyone but the one she had with Kay and Miguel. Just then Kay and Simone show up and Kay keeps pressuring Charity to tell her what the vision was about, thinking that it could only mean her future with Miguel. Charity doesn’t want to talk about it and the two sit down on a bench. Miguel comforts Charity although you can still see that she is disturbed by her visions. He says that they can stop playing the game now if they want to, but Charity doesn’t want to ruin the fun. They decide to play again and as she is the only one left standing there, she has another vision of Kay and Miguel having fun in the maze. *Awww, Charity!*

In Hecuba’s lair beneath the Crane Mansion, Timmy tries all sorts of spells to get turn Tabitha back into a human! It finally works with a spell that is sung to the tune, “Three Blind Mice.” *LOL* Tabitha then is back to her normal self and has Timmy put away the wizard hat and wand. Tabby then becomes upset that she can’t see what is going on with all of Harmony’s couples. She then sees that Hecuba has some sort of viewing pool and gets it working again by throwing in some dust. She then sees Reese looking all over for her with Jessica, who is trying to get him to stop his investigation. Tabby then decides to give him the scare of a lifetime and turns a cat into a lion!! *Priceless!!* Reese is scared out of his mind and then as soon as Jessica meets up with him, the lion is back to a cat and Reese swears that Tabby was behind it! Jessica tells him to get a grip and to get his imagination under control. Tabitha then switches gears and takes a look into the garden maze and is completely overjoyed with what she sees: Harmony’s couples in despair. 
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