Passions Update Monday 5/28/01



Passions Update Monday 5/28/01

By  Suzanne

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Tabitha and Timmy spread a magical mist that's designed to bring trouble to anyone who thinks they are going to be a happy couple forever. They spread it at the topiary maze where the young couples are playing a game. Tabitha explains that, "The maze was created in order to concentrate an enormous amount of negative energy in one place. And it's absolutely crackerjack at destroying even the happiest couples." 

Charity can't figure out why she's seeing a vision of Miguel and Kay kissing. She is hesitant to enter the maze but Miguel calls for her to come in. She has a vision of Simone and Whitney fighting over Chad.  A mist builds up in the topiary maze around Charity because of Tabitha and Hecuba's spell. She has a prophecy of Ethan getting angry and leaving Theresa. She shakes it off as being silly, since they are in love. She runs into Miguel and they hug. He was worried about her, he says. They wish the game was over; they are not having fun. He can tell she's upset. She tells him she's still having premonitions about their friends fighting. Also, she says, she saw a worse one. He wants to know. She starts to tell him she had a premonition but Kay and ? come up and want to know what it was, too. Kay is smirking and Charity is glum.

Simone and Kay run into each other in the maze. Simone is looking for Chad. Kay wants to find Miguel so they can meet in the love square. Simone points out that Ethan has been playing in it since he was a kid and he knows it's just a silly legend. Kay won't be deterred. Simone also reminds Kay that if she's still planning to trick Miguel into giving her a baby, that they cry at night. When Simone says that she and Chad will beat everyone to the love square, Kay points out that Whitney might beat her to it. Simone says that's wrong, Whitney knows that Chad's her boyfriend.

Chad asks Ethan how he should tell Simon that he just wants to be friends. Ethan can't help; he knows she will be hurt. Chad says Whitney's the one he loves.

Mort the reporter asks his boss if they can run with the story of the name of the person who sold out Ethan. The man is not so sure but Mort convinces him. Mort decides to crash the engagement part so he can snoop around.  Later, Mort's boss chats with him on his cell phone as he prowls around the Crane estate. He has the copy of the original email so he can show people the return address, to see who sent it.

Chad and Whitney search for each other and the square; so do Ethan and Theresa. Theresa hopes that since Ethan is focused on finding the person who sent the email to the tabloids, he'll forgive her for knowing about it and not telling him. She and Whitney argue about Chad and Ethan, and the truth.  They both would rather be running into their boyfriends. Chad calls Whitney so she runs off. He's on the other side of the bushes. Simone is on the other side from him. Whitney and Theresa think the mist is weird and creepy. Whitney brings up Gwen and her threats again. Theresa thinks Gwen's threats are empty. Later, Theresa yells for Ethan; she thinks she found the love square. Whitney and Chad come up, hearing Theresa, and Ethan comes up right after that. They argue that they got there first, but Ethan says this isn't it. There is a bench in the love square.

Hank greets Luis at his engagement party. Hank wonders why Sheridan's family would suddenly warm to Luis. Luis thinks it's weird, too. He explains he's going along with it for Sheridan's sake. She wants so desperately to think that her family loves and supports her. Luis won't give up no matter what Julian and Rebecca have planned. He vows to find out what Julian did to his father.

Gwen asks her mother where the story is exposing Theresa. Rebecca tells her to be patient.  Later, Gwen wonders where everyone went. She is on the terrace, talking to herself about how Ethan is going to dump Ethan. Hank comes up and wonders if she's threatening Luis's sister. He tells her he knows how she feels, having been dumped by Ethan because Luis stole Sheridan from him. She doesn't want to hear his advice. He tells her that she doesn't want to get on Luis' bad side by messing with his little sister. She laughs. He tells her she's a beautiful woman who could have any guy she wants, so she should forget Ethan and move on. He walks away. She acts indignantly. Then she sees Mort.  He tries to keep a low profile. She tells him she's happy to see him.

Sheridan watches the fake Luis and the blonde bimbo talking. Julian tells Rebecca that all is going according to plan. Sheridan hears the bimbo, Deedee, talk naughty to Luis and call Sheridan a "spoiled little debutante". Julian tells Alistair that all is well but Alistair is skeptical because of Julian's track record and reminds him about plan B (killing Sheridan). Sheridan looks for Luis outside in the mist and then decides to go back inside to look. She wants to know who that woman was and why he lied to her.

Julian wonders where Tabitha and her friend went. Rebecca reminds him that Tabby's "friend" is a doll.

Tabitha is frustrated that they are stuck down there in Hecuba's lair.  Timmy puts on a magician's costume on that he found in a box. He wants to wave a "magic wand" to go back to the party. Tabitha says he can't, he doesn't know what he's doing. Timmy says it's easy, he's seen her do it. Tabby is insulted; Timmy apologizes. She ends up chasing him around the room but he's too fast for her. Timmy casts a spell with the wand and poof, Julian is in the room with them. Julian is astonished and looks a bit frightened, too. He starts asking questions like how did he get there. Tabitha yells at Timmy. Julian is glad he now has proof that Timmy is alive so he starts chasing him around the room, too. Timmy tries to think of a good rhyme and finally does succeed in zapping Julian out of the room, back to Rebecca.

Rebecca was getting punch so she didn't see Julian vanish. He pops back, grabs some punch and tells Rebecca what happened. She thinks he's going crazy again and takes the punch from him, wondering if he's had too much to drink. He says they're "dangerous" so Rebecca humors him. She starts to take him to the library but they run into Luis, who is looking for Sheridan. Julian downs a couple of glasses of champagne from a passing waiter.

Luis runs into the wife of a cop friend. She says he's never looked happier. He says that's because he found the love of his life.

Tabitha warns Timmy again to put down the wand. Timmy thinks he can get them back to the party. She tells him this isn't an episode of Star Trek LOL and tells him again to put it back. Timmy tries again but ends up turning Tabitha into a little mouse.

The fake Luis and the bimbo run into Julian and Rebecca. Julian tells him to take off his Luis mask They go to watch Luis and Sheridan fight. Sheridan confronts Luis about lying to her. He looks confused.


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