Passions Update Friday 5/25/01


Passions Update Friday 5/25/01

By Joey

The Best Laid Plans?? 

Today at the Crane Mansion, Rebecca and Julianís plan is in full swing as DeeDee speaks to Sheridan on the phone in character, knowing full well that it is Sheridan that she is talking to and not Luis. She lays it on real thick to Sheridan, asking when he will dump her and that he promised to make love to her tonight! Sheridan listens to DeeDee go on and on with a look of shock and devastation all over her face. Rebecca stands by DeeDee who is completely thrilled with the way things are going. Sheridan then stops DeeDee in the middle of her monologue and asks who she is? But DeeDee just asks her who she is in which Sheridan replies Sheridan Crane, and DeeDee hangs up on her! *Poor Sheridan!* Meanwhile Julian and Luis are in the study and Julian hands him his gun collection and directs him to where he should take it. Just then Alistair calls and asks how everything is going. Julian gets on his high horse and says that Sheridan doesnít suspect a thing and neither does Luis! Just then Luis walks in and tells him that he knows exactly what is going on there. He tells Julian that he still has suspicions about his fatherís disappearance and he isnít going to stop until he finds out what happened to him in which Julian looks a little afraid yet relieved at the same time because Luis really hasnít figured out what they are doing! Luis goes to downstairs back to the party and Jules and Al have a little chat. Al tells him that it is ok because if everything goes according to plan tonight, Luis wonít be anywhere near the mansion! After hanging up with Alistair, Julian sits down on the couch to relax a little bit and puts the song on that Eve sings, leading him to have another flashback. In the scene we can really tell that Julian did care for Eve. He even mentions something to the effect that things would have been perfect if his father didnít rip them apart. *Awwww Julian!*  

Downstairs, Julian meets up with Eve and flirts with her once again. Eve tells him that he better back off because if TC sees him there is no telling what he will do. They talk about the past and Eve keeps pushing him away. Eve then walks out and is startled by TC who asks what she was doing with Julian. She then says that he was just saying hello in which he quickly snaps, ďhe was touching your arm!!!Ē Eve then asks him to keep his cool and he agrees. But switching gears, Luis talks to his mother about what happened upstairs and she is still worried that there is another reason why the Cranes threw them the party. Just then Sheridan comes up and asks him about the call and if he was meeting someone else there. Luis looks just as shocked as Pilar and he then comes to the conclusion that the guys at the station were trying to pull a fast one on him. He calls the station to figure out what is going on while Julian and Rebecca watch on from afar with DeeDee. Rebecca is overjoyed with their plan and thinks that it is perfect. *Perfect huh? lol Luis is a cop Becky, and he will find out eventually!* The fake Luis comes over and they asks what happened to his mask? He says that it was too hot for him inside the mask but it only takes a second for him to put it back on. Then the focus of attention is back on Sheridan and Luis and Rebecca is more than upset because it appears as if Sheridan and Luis have fixed everything! Luis tells Sheridan that it must have been the wrong number after they realize that the woman on the other end didnít ask for anyone by name. The kid on how someone is going to be in a load of trouble tonight, exchange I-love-youís and Luis goes to get something to eat for them. Sheridan is by herself and laughs to herself on how someone is going to be in trouble and finishes her drink. She turns around and sees the fake Luis with DeeDee who is obviously upset that he wasnít with her and Sheridan is shocked! She comes closer to the two and thinks that it really is him who is talking to this blonde, upset woman and we are left with Sheridan looking shocked, hurt and confused.  

Meanwhile, Sam and Ivy are once again discussing the past. Sam says that all he wants to do is go home to his wife and have dinner. Ivy then corners him again by saying that they are not through with his feelings. He says that he has no feelings for her and what is in the past is in the past. He goes to leave but Ivy stops him and says that Grace will never believe that he is over her. She then swears on her heart that she will tell Grace herself that it is over between Sam and Ivy if he proves it to her first. He then asks how he will do that? She simply says in her devious way that all he has to do is go upstairs to her bedroom! *Whoah!* Sam says no way and wants to leave again. She then asks if he is afraid of going upstairs with her because he will find her irresistible, in which he replies ďhardly!Ē This totally takes the wind right of Ivyís sails. He then realizes that he has hurt Ivyís feelings and says that he loves his wife Grace and that he doesnít want to go upstairs. She then says that they are just going to go upstairs to look at more pictures of Ethan. He agrees to do that only if it isnít one of her tricks. And to me, it seemed as if they walked out of the room holding hands... But I donít know for sure about that. Well anyway, upstairs Ivy opens up her safe and Sam asks why she has pictures in a safe? She says that they are there because she didnít want Julian to see them. She even comments that she can show the whole world now because everyone knows about Ethan and her past. She shows Sam a picture of Ethan when he was younger, taken with Sam at a police carnival (?) and says that she had Pilar take him over to the booth. He then asks her why Pilar and she says that if she would have taken him over, he would have known that Ethan was their son. They have a quiet moment and then Ivy gives him more pictures of the two together from when they were younger. Sam then gets mad at her because he wants to leave the past in the past. He says that Ivy made her decision years ago when she married Julian and all he wants to do is get back the love he had with Grace. She tells him that the best years of her life was when she was with him in which he responds that the best years of his life were spent with Grace! *You tell her Sam!* She then asks Sam if he is so angry about their past because it will bring back memories and feelings that he had left years ago. He then repeats himself and says that he just wants his life back with Grace and Ivy gets bold. She gets all extra close to Sam and starts giving him a story and half about their lives together. He looks away from her and she Ďgentlyí taps his face and it appears as if they are going to kiss!! *Yikes!*  

And in the cave/lair, Timmy and Tabby are still searching for the item that will tear Charity and Miguel apart! She tells Timmy to be really really careful because there are tons of spells and potions all over the place and should he tip one over or break a bottle, they will be done for! Tabitha gloats, recalling all of the lives that she has wrecked in this place that is located hundreds of feet underground and beneath the Crane Mansion. *So the Crane Mansion really does have Evil within?? lol* Just then the door shuts and the two are stuck within this room. Tabitha canít believe what has happened and says that they are going to spend eternity there! Timmy gets scared and cries ďno Martimmies?????Ē He then starts to lose his breath and searches for a window. Tabby tells him that they are underground and that there is no window for them to get out of. He then knocks over a bottle and it spills on the ground! Tabitha shrieks and swears that they are completely done for now! Just then she realizes that this is the potion that will wreck all of Harmonyís couples!  

And finally outside by the garden maze, Ethan tells the legend of the old maze. He says that the couple who believes that they have true love have to enter the maze and make their way to the center of the of the maze. At first a lot are skeptical but decide to go in and have some fun. Then Theresa reads the inscription on the side of the wall and is a little taken back when it says that all secrets will be revealed in the garden. She then thinks to herself if she will have her secrets revealed but ultimately decides to go in anyway. Ethan goes in and calls Theresa in five seconds later. Chad goes in with Simone clinging to him shortly after, followed by Whitney. Then Charity and Miguel decide that it is their turn to go in and Miguel goes in first. Kay cuts in line right infront of her, thinking that she will end up with Miguel!! *Ohh myyy gosh!! How rude!!* Charity then approaches the garden door and has a premonition of Kay and Miguel meeting and kissing as the smoke from the potion come across the lawn!! *This is getting good!*

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