Passions Update Thursday 5/24/01


Passions Update Thursday 5/24/01

By Joey

Party Time At The Crane Mansion
The applause is still going on for Luis and Sheridan as they arrive -fashionably late- for their engagement party. After everyone stops, Luis thanks everyone for coming to the party tonight like a good host. Everyone goes their separate ways and Ethan has a little chat with Luis. Ethan tells Luis that he has to be careful but Luis stops him in mid flight because he already knows that Julian and Alistair are up to no good! *You can say that again!!* Chad and Whitney discuss Simone and how to let her down easy about their relationship. Chad feels that it canít go on a minute longer and decides that he is going to be the one to tell her right now about his feelings for Whitney. But Whitney stops him and says that he canít tell her and neither can she because her sister would be more embarrassed infront of all her friends as well as the town. Then they decide that it would best if they tell Simone after the party and not a minute after! *Good choice guys*

Meanwhile, outside the mansion, DeeDee and the fake Luis are outside waiting for Rebecca and Julian so they can put their plan into action. He is still talking in his Luis voice and DeeDee asks him why he canít just talk normally? He tells her that he must stay within the Luis character and they move on to talking about the Cranes. They talk about how rich they are and if they ever need something or want something done, they will always come up with the money to do so. He even warns her to not even think about crossing them because they will squash her like bug! *Ainít that the truth!* DeeDee is disgusted and appalled by Julianís actions. She canít believe that he is going all out of his way to cause heartache and pain to his little sister. She calls him on being this loving brother to Sheridanís face but in reality, he is out to destroy her life.

Alistair makes a call into the mansion, giving his apologies for not being there and the whole long drawn out speech that he gave at Ethan and Theresaís party. *It makes me wonder... After seeing what happened to Ethan and Theresa, why would Sheridan want the party here?! lol* He then lays it on real thick, saying how much he loves his daughter and even welcomes Luis into the family! Everyone in the room looks on in total disbelief as to what Al is saying, with good reason! And poor Sheridan!! She just eats it up and thinks it is just so wonderful of her father to call in like that! After Alistair hangs up, Julian takes everyone into the solarium to continue with the party. Sheridan thanks her brother for the party that he has thrown for them. Then after they leave, Rebecca and Julian gloat in the fact that this will be a night to remember.

In other corners, Chad and Whitney once again worry about telling Simone the truth about their relationship and Chadís feelings. Chad decides to step up and tell Simone the truth because he feels that it just canít go on any longer but Whitney stops him dead in his tracks! She tells him that they can not embarrass her infront of all her friends and the town, so they agree that they will tell her right after the party. Meanwhile, little Simone is trying to convince Kay that what she is doing is wrong but there is just no use: Kay is going to seduce Miguel tonight and get herself pregnant. *Oh my! I wonder what Grace would think if she knew about her daughter!* Meanwhile, Timmy and Tabby have found their way into Ivyís bedroom and Tabby notes that there is definetly evil in this room! A strong odor of Jasmine once again floats through the air and Tabitha thinks that Ivy is up to something tonight but decides to not be bothered with it. Later, Kayís soul begins to lead the way to Evil in the house but the search is stopped short because Reese catches Tabitha!!! He asks her what she is doing and she is just completely fed up! Just then Kayís soul begins glowing again and leads Tabby to a wall with a secret passage!! The wall then opens up and the two fall inside. Reese gathers himself and goes to confront her again but is completely confused to find out that she is gone!!

Speaking of Ivy and Sam, Sam watches on as Sheridan and Luis dance. Ivy creeps *lol no pun intended!!* up to him and asks if they remind him of anyone? and Sam has a flashback of when he was with Ivy. Pilar, TC, and Eve all watch Sheridan and Luis so happy and Pilar notes that Luis looks so happy in a house that he used to hate more than anything. Their focus of attention then goes to Ivy and her doings and say how secrets can destroy a marriage. TC then feels really guilty for keeping secrets from Eve in which she recalls the shed, his knee, and Julian Crane. TC sighs with the fact that he has kept these secrets from his wife and she says that it is ok, because he will tell her whenever he is ready. TC then says that at least none of his other secrets involved another woman and doesnít know if he would be so understanding as Eve is if it were another man. (in her life that he didnít know about.) Then back to Ivy and Sam, Ivy calls Sam on never answering her question. He then says that Sheridan and Luis do remind him of them and then talk about the choices that Ivy has made in her past. He then simply states that she went for the money instead of him and love but that was the choice that she made. He also says that Ivy canít have her cake and eat it too because she just canít have the money and Sam. He then tells her that if their love was so strong, nothing would have kept them apart. He says that he hopes that Sheridan and Luis have a love like that and nothing will keep the apart because he has a feeling that Julian and Alistair are up to something!

And speaking of Sheridan and Luis... the two are interrupted by Julian when he asks if Luis can help him move his gun collection so no one will steal it at the party. Luis takes the bait and goes to help Julian!! Julian then notices that he is just going to go as he is and tells him that he should take off his jacket because they are going to do some lifting. He places it ever so nicely on the chair and just as they leave, DeeDee calls Luisí phone! Sheridan isnít so sure if she should answer it being that she canít read who is on the caller ID but answers it anyway! *Oooohhh Sheridan!!!!* An angry DeeDee is on the other end and asks where the hell Luis is, claiming that he promised he would have some time set aside for her at the party!!! She even then goes as far as to say that she wants to know when Luis is going to dump Sheridan because he had promised her that he was going to make love to her --tonight!!! The look of shock and devastation that comes across Sheridanís face is just unbelievable!! *Poor Sheridan!! =(*

Theresa, Ethan, Chad, and Whitney all decided to take a walk on the Crane property. Ethan is once again totally upset that he is no longer a Crane. They then walk up the maze that is on the Crane property and Ethan notes that he hasnít been there since he was a kid. Theresa is completely overjoyed and thinks it will be really fun to go into! *Boyyy Theresa you donít know the half of it!*

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