Passions Update Tuesday 5/22/01



Passions Update Tuesday 5/22/01

By Joey

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Preparations For An Engagement Party To Remember 

Everyone is getting ready in their own way for tonightís party. Jessica and Charity are looking through Tabithaís old clothes, noting how it must have taken her a long time to gather them because some look as if they could date back to centuries ago. *lol You guys are so right and donít even know it! lol* Charity talks about her love for Miguel and Jessica thinks it is so romantic that the two are going to get married when they turn 18. Later on, while looking the mirror, Charity has a vision of herself standing at the altar in wedding dress but doesnít see Miguel there. She shrugs it off and says that of course she is going to marry Miguel! But what a weird vision it was!!  

Meanwhile at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Kay and Simone are getting ready for the party. The two are looking at dresses and Kay thinks that she will ďlook sooo hotĒ tonight. Simone canít believe her and then asks her about her dress. *lol This was funny in my opinion lol* Kay then says that Simone looks fine and the two go on getting dressed for tonightís party.  

But in another room of the house, Pilar, Miguel and Luis are discussing the party. Luis lets them know that he has a feeling that Julian is up to something and Miguel wonders why he even decided to accept the party that was not only thrown by Julian but Rebecca Hotchkiss as well. Luis tells his brother that the reason why he decided to accept the party afterall was because Sheridan was looking forward to it so much. They talk about love and life in general and then Miguel announces that Charity and himself wanted to make it a triple wedding. Luis and Pilar have a look of complete shock on their faces and Luis asks Miguel what he is doing. Miguel lets them in on their plan, that they want to get married when they turn 18 and Pilar looks devastated. Luis tries to convince his little brother that he has his whole life ahead of him. Miguel agrees and says that he has his whole life ahead of him with Charity. Luis then reminds him of all the strange things that have happened to him since Charity has come into his life. Miguel then simply says that Charity is a very special girl and that there is no one else like her. Outside the room, Kay is all dressed and ready for tonight and decides to listen on Miguelís conversation once she realizes that he is talking to Luis. Simone tells her that they shouldnít be listening to this and should leave but she insists on staying. *Ohhh Kay!*  Luis then asks his brother about Kay Bennett. He then says that he does like her too but wants to spend the rest of his life with Charity. He goes on to say that at one time he did think that they were going to end up together but Charity has come into his life and changed it forever. This more than annoys as well as upsets Kay. She storms back into the room with Simone and declares that she is going to be the one to marry Miguel and she is going to make sure that he doesnít even remember Charity.  

Theresa and Whitney are also getting ready for the party in Theresaís room. Once again the issue comes up about telling Ethan the truth that she knew about his father and didnít tell him. *This sounds like a broken record doesnít it?!*  Theresa tells Whitney that she will tell Ethan when the time is right and then manages to get the conversation changed over to when Whitney is going to inform Simone that she is the love of Chadís life and not her. Chad then calls and Whitney worries over it as he offers to tell Simone himself. Whitney says that she loves her little sister and doesnít want to see her hurt so she will tell Simone herself. After they hang up Whitney once again presses Theresa to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa tells her that she will tell him the truth when the time is right... possibly before their wedding. 

And finally today on Passions, Ethan and Sheridan are talking in the cottage about the reporter once again. Ethan tells Sheridan that being a Crane he didnít have to worry about money or anything because it was always there when he needed it. Sheridan tells him that she understands that it must be really hard for him and even offers to help him out but he refuses. Ethan declares that he is going to make it on his own with a name for himself. He then tells her about the breakthrough he made with Chad talking to the reporter. Sheridan rolls her eyes and tells him that he needs to let it go and get on with his life. *You listen to her! lol Can anyone tell Iím tired of this storyline?? lol* Anywho, he says that he canít because he needs to find out who took everything away from him and destroy their life like they did his. They then decide to drop the subject and talk about the party. He asks Sheridan if she can honestly trust Julian and Al throwing this party and she says that she can because she thinks that they are just accepting Luis into their family. *Boy Sheridan... in so many ways you are so smart but in others you canít get a clue! lol*  Luis then stops by to pick up his lady love and Ethan decides to make his exit. Sheridan then asks Luis if everything is going to be ok tonight at the party. *Sheridan!! *ugh* You were the one who wanted to have it there!! Donít start thinking now!! LOL* Luis then promises her that everything is going to fine tonight and that they will enjoy their party. 

Then finally back at the LPFZ home, Chad arrives to pick up his girl, not knowing that Simone is also there. Chad has brought a corsage for Whitney but Simone thinks that it is for her! She does what any giddy 17 year old would and falls all over him, thanking him for it. Whitney comes out and just looks at him and Chad doesnít know what to do! 
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