Passions Update Monday 5/21/01



Passions Update Monday 5/21/01

By Joey

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At The Book Cafe
Ethan, Theresa, Chad, Whitney and Gwen --lurking in the shadows-- are all at The Book Cafe and Ethan is completely blown away by Chad and how he got so much information out of the tabloid reporter. He even tells Chad that if things don’t go his way in the music business he should use his talents in detective work. *Can you imagine? Chad Harris.. the next Luis Lopez Fitzgerald! *GrOwL!* lol!!!* Ethan goes on about how Chad totally played the reporter and tells the girls that they are close to finding out who sent the e-mail that destroyed Ethan’s life. Theresa, not knowing that the damaging e-mail came from her computer is thrilled that she is totally out of the woods. After the men left to take their coffee cups up, Whitney pressures Theresa to tell Ethan the truth now. Theresa looks at her almost as if she has no idea what she is talking about because in her mind she doesn’t have to tell Ethan anything because the person that destroyed his life is going to get nailed real soon! --All while Gwen lurks in the shadows of the Book Cafe, yet still in Theresa’s full and visible sight! Meanwhile, Ethan vows that he is going to use every way he can to destroy the person who destroyed him. Then back at the table, Whitney finally gets Theresa to come clean with her secret. When they come back to the table, Whitney tries to leave the table to give Ethan and Theresa some time together but Sheridan walks in and tells the gang the good news about Luis’ proposal. She tells them all about the party, sees Gwen who is still lurking and invites her as well. * This should be a good one! lol* She then lets everyone know that Julian and Alistair and throwing the couple the party and Ethan becomes very suspicious. Gwen then also wonders about the party and decides to call her mother. She asks her mother what exactly is up with Jules and Al throwing them a party and why is it that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds insist on moving in on the Cranes? *lol!!* Rebecca then simply tells her daughter that there is no reason to worry because Luis isn’t going to marry Sheridan as well as Ethan is not going to marry Theresa. *Dum, dum, dum!!*

At The Mansion
Rebecca is finishing her conversation with Alistair and Julian walks into the study, asking who she was talking to. She asks her pookie to not be mad at her and informs him that she was infact talking to Al, reassuring him about their plan to break up Sheridan and Luis. Julian then looks outside and sees Timmy and Tabby and can not believe that Tabitha managed to get an invite to the party tonight. He then swears up and down that Timmy is alive and Rebecca begins to worry about her pookie. She tells him that it is probably only the alcohol or the gases that were in the mineshaft. They then shift the conversation back over to the party and their plan to break up Shuis. Jules tells Becky that he needs to go meet with the fake Luis before tonight and goes to do so. (We don’t get to see this.) Later, Julian comes back to inform Rebecca that everything is going to go as planned for tonight!

Meanwhile, Pilar and Ivy are having a nice little discussion on Ivy’s intentions. Pilar begs Ivy to stop trying to rip apart Grace and Sam and Ivy simply corrects her by saying that Grace is handing Sam to her on a silver platter. Pilar then tells Ivy that she is acting just like Alistair and Julian!! Ivy is completely taken back but then doesn’t seem to care much as she tells Pilar that she is going to get back what belongs to her, what she had first: Sam. *Here we go!! Joey has a feeling that is telling her that it is going to be a long night!* The scene then shoots over to Sheridan and Luis who are talking about their engagement party. Luis tells her that he has some uneasy feelings over the whole thing but Sheridan really believes that it is her family’s way of realizing that there is nothing that they can do because they are going to be together whether they (the Cranes) like it or not. *lol awww Sheridan!! You should give your family a little more credit than that! lol* Sheridan hopes that Sam and Grace will come to their party but Luis says that he doesn’t know of many people that will want to come to the Crane Mansion for a party. Sheridan then tells them that their party is not about the Cranes, but about them. They then realize that they have a lot to do for this party and go there separate ways to inform their friends about the party.

At The B&B
Grace and Sam have some touching moments today as he once again declares his love for her. It appears as if the two might have a happy reunion, but it is stopped once again as Grace tells Sam that he needs to close his past with Ivy. She then tells him that if it wasn’t for what the Cranes did to Ivy, they would be together and not him and Grace. Just then, TC and Eve show up, as does Luis. Luis tells everyone the happy news that he is engaged to Sheridan. He then asks if everyone will come to the party tonight and everyone is ready to go.... but as soon as he mentions that it is at the Crane Mansion, all faces drop and the room becomes suddenly quiet. Luis notices this and tells them all that he would understand if they didn’t want to come but it would mean a lot to him if they did. Everyone but Grace decides to go to the party and Luis understands why she doesn’t want to go. Sam then says that he isn’t going to go without her after Luis leaves. Grace then tells him that he should go to the party and dance with Ivy, have a good time with her to find out if he has any feelings left for her. *WHAT?? My gosh Grace!* Sam agrees to go but only because there is a shot that he will get his life back. *WHAT???* TC then tells Sam that he should really go through with this to find out if he really wants to leave his past with Ivy in the past because he does owe it to himself, as well as Grace. Pilar then calls and informs Grace that she shouldn’t be sending Sam to this party because it will be a terrible mistake.

At Tabby’s
Charity and Miguel are discussing marriage once again and Kay is completely disgusted that Charity is “always clinging to his side!” She then tells Simone again about her plan to seduce Miguel and get pregnant by him. Tabby comes home and tells the gang about Sheridan and Luis and the couple is thrilled. They both can’t wait until they get married when they are 18 and Kay is thrilled, thinking that tonight is the perfect night for her to sleep with Miguel. *Whoah, this girlie is out to get ‘her’ man!*

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