Passions Update Wednesday 5/16/01



Passions Update Wednesday 5/16/01

By Joey

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Delusional Theresa
Theresa is more delusional than ever today when she tells Whit that she believes that she has NOTHING to worry about when it comes to Gwen. *LOL yeah ok Theresa* She believes that if Gwen knew anything, she would have rubbed it in her face and used it against her by now. Whitney tries to get her friend to realize that she has to tell Ethan now but Theresa tells her that she will tell Ethan when the time is right.. and what do you know? Just then Ethan and Chad walk in who just got done talking about the report and Ethan asks Theresa what canít he know? Theresa manages to cover by saying that she doesnít want him to know what the wedding dress looks like just yet. *Isnít it easier to come clean?* All is understood and the two then tells their girlfriends about their run in with the reporter at the gym. Theresa thinks that it is wonderful and encourages the two to find out who sent the letter to the tabloid, not knowing that it will land her in big trouble! Ethan then goes to make a few calls and comes across his room that is in the middle of getting redecorated. This only adds insult to injury for Ethan as he becomes more determined than ever to find out who destroyed his life. Meanwhile, downstairs the three of them are discussing Theresaís predicament and Whit and Chad once again try to get her to tell Ethan then truth now. --All while Gwen is plotting her revenge against Theresa. She doesnít know how long she can watch Theresa in her wedding gown, happy and perfect. She leaves a message on her motherís phone and tells her that she doesnít know how long she can watch Theresa. She then has a daydream of destroying Theresaís wedding day and then decides that yes, it is the perfect time to ruin her life. She then decides to throw darts at her picture..... *Sounds like Gwen is sitting on the edge of sanity to me! lol*

Ivy and Pilar: Questioning Motives
Ivy is more than overjoyed with her date with Sam and Pilar canít believe her. She tries to tell Ivy that what she is doing is wrong but Ivy insists that Grace is the one wrecking the Bennett marriage. The two once again disagree over Ivyís intentions and Ivy is surprised that Pilar isnít happy for her. Pilar gives her reasons for not being happy like she has many times and the two then decide to drop the whole thing all together --but not before Pilar worries that both of her children will be destroyed.

Sam And Grace: Feelings Of Anger And Contempt
Grace is left wondering whether or not Pilar is right on how she shouldnít be pushing Sam away. Then Sam comes back from his date with Ivy and Grace immediately asks what happened. Sam tells Grace that nothing happened at all just like he said and that his feelings for Ivy are not there. He said that he made it clear to Ivy that his life and love is with Grace now and a look of relief comes across her face. *Joey told you a long time ago Grace!! But NOO, you didnít want to believe her!! lol* Then Sam makes the mistake of allowing the pictures that Ivy gave him fall out of his pocket and Grace is once again thrown for another loop. She canít believe what she sees and goes off on her rant again about Sam having feelings for Ivy. Sam then tells Grace that he DOES have feelings for Ivy and Grace is so sure of herself, claiming that she knew it all along. Sam then corrects her and says that he only has feelings of anger and contempt for her because of what she has done to his life.

Shuis and Julbecca: Another Engagement Party
Julian does his best to try to convince the happy couple that they are throwing an engagement party for them in good faith. Luis isnít buying it at all, not one bit and Sheridan is standing right by him. Julian then tries to talk to his sister alone and almost gets her to agree to the party but then her better senses come to her and says that Julian and Al must be up to something. Rebecca then tries to convince the two to allow them to throw the engagement party and Luis says that they are going to throw a party themselves... and that Julian and Alistair will be invited because they are family. Meanwhile, Julian is getting more than yelled at by his furious father in which Al tells him that if Rebecca canít convince the two of them to allow the Cranes to throw them a party, that they (Becky and Jules) will have to kill them!! Rebecca then leaves the two of them with something to think about and it looks as if Sheridan is going to take the bait, but only after Becky is gone. She goes outside to Julian and tells him what the two said not knowing that Alistair is on the phone and he blows up at the very thought! He then tells them that they arenít going to wait for the engagement party but they have to kill Luis and Sheridan right now!!! *Oh my!!!!* 
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