Passions Update Monday 5/14/01



Passions Update Monday 5/14/01

By Joey

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The Crane Mansion, The B&B, and The Book Cafe
Today’s episode of Passions opens with Sam begging Grace to not make him go through her wishes that he meets with Ivy. Meanwhile, Ivy is on the other line asking if Sam is still there. Grace tells Sam that she wants him to do this and he discontentedly asks Ivy if they can meet today. She is more than exstatic and they agree to meet at the Book Cafe, all while Grace is having an upsetting premonition. *Well Grace, that’s what you get for making him go =Ţ !* She invisions Sam and Ivy looking through photographs at the Book Cafe, laughing, joking and you guessed it, kissing. She gets upset and almost hangs up the phone while Sam is talking to Ivy but then has another vision of them kissing again and exits the room instead. Sam hangs up the phone and notices that Grace is gone, finding her in the other room upset. He calls her on it and she just simply states that there is nothing wrong but Sam tells her that repairing their marriage means honesty, and asks her to tell him what’s wrong. She tells him about her premonition and he tries to tell her that there is nothing between him and Ivy, even going as far as to cancel the whole meeting with her. Grace tells him to not cancel his meeting with Ivy because she wants it out of the way. Before leaving, Sam tells Grace that he called the insurance company and they are going to give them the money to rebuild their home just as it was before. Grace slightly smiles asking herself in soft whisper if they can also rebuild their marriage. Meanwhile at the mansion, Pilar is telling Ivy that she should just give up, and that breaking up Sam and Grace’s marriage is the Devil’s work. She even goes as far as to say that if she keeps up with what she is doing, she is going to lose her very soul! *She can join Kay! LOL* Ivy doesn’t care because in her mind she is just getting back what is “rightfully” hers. We next see Sam entering the Book Cafe to find Ivy already there dressed in red and looking to make a kill..... *This girlie isn’t going to stop at anything huh?*

Gwen then walks into the Crane Mansion, angry as ever and just stares at Whitney and Theresa who is in a wedding dress in the foyer. Theresa comments on how angry Gwen looks as the two look at her through the mirror. Gwen looks beyond angry at this point and taunts Theresa with the knowledge of her “secret.” Gwen the exits to talk to her mother who is in the study with Julian and leaves Theresa to worry over her secret. Pilar walks in on the two and asks what is the matter? Theresa and Whitney explain their confrontation with Gwen and Pilar tells her daughter that she doesn’t have time to go through it all again with her but she must tell Ethan about her knowledge before someone else does. *Theresa, listen to Mama and don’t make her tell you a billionth time!*

Julian and Rebecca are gloating over the fact that they are going to separate Luis and Sheridan forever. Then Rebecca get a little touchy feely with the Luis look a like, much to the discomfort of a watchful Julian. *lol Oh boy Jules! Becky has a new playmate! lol* Rebecca then decides to “test out a few different positions” to be caught in. Sitting mighty close to the fake Luis, Rebecca totally forgets the Julian is even in the room, making Julian decide that he isn’t going to have Rebecca play the part of the other woman. Like a devastated child who just had their toys taken away, Rebecca tries to get Julian to allow her to be the other woman. Julian tells her that he already had one bed-hoping wife and does not want another. Rebecca then sets out to prove that the fake Luis means nothing to her and that all she wants to do is help Julian by engaging in a passionate kiss with the man in which she is clearly taken away by. Julian looks at her, stumbling and stunned and makes his final decision to have another woman play the part. *lol Julian is protecting what is “his!” lol* As the fake Luis is leaving, Gwen knocks at the door, asking to speak with her mother after she just saw Theresa in her wedding dress. The two have a discussion outside in which Rebecca finally gets her daughter to cool down and wait to drop the bomb that will wreck Theresa’s life.. on her wedding day. Rebecca goes back in and makes amends with her “pookie” and the two obviously plan on making up in the conservatory. Rebecca stops and asks what they are going to do about Sheridan and Luis? But Julian tells her to not worry about it because they have plenty of time, being that Luis “isn’t going to propose today.” *And poor Julian wonders why Al doesn’t want him to be heir?*

But meanwhile, on her way out, Gwen has a confrontation with Theresa! Theresa stops Gwen and asks her what she thinks of her wedding dress? Gwen can’t believe the nerve of her and looks speechless. She then tells Theresa that “it is hard to get salsa stains out of a delicate fabric. Maybe burlap is a better look for you Theresa!” *Ouch!* Theresa thanks her for the advice and then turns to Whitney and confidently tells her that Gwen doesn’t have anything on her because there is no secret. She then turns to Gwen and delivers the following great lines, leaving Gwen speechless: (*Joey has to put it in, it’s too good!*) “All you’re trying to do is just cause me trouble. I mean, you couldn’t hold on to Ethan so you’re out to do anything you can to spoil my happiness with him. Isn’t that right Gwen? You’re just a pathetic, vindictive bitch!!!” Gwen looks shocked and as Theresa gives it to her just a little bit more, Gwen loses it. She screams, “fine!!!” and threatens to let out all of Theresa’s dirty laundry and the confidence is wiped right off Theresa’s face! *LOL you did it now Theresa!!!*

In The Sauna....
Chad gets the reporter to allow him to work along side with him on the story. He even gets him to say that he will expose the person who sent the e-mail to the tabloid!! Ethan, who is sitting in the back, is completely surprised by Chad’s handiwork, and when the reporter leaves, the two slap/shake hands as they are closer to finding out who sent the letter.

And In The Garden
Luis proves to be one romantic guy. He makes Sheridan’s dream come true today in the garden and gazebo. In the cottage, Sheridan is wearing the same silky outfit that she was wearing in her dream, practicing her answer to Luis’ proposal. Luis takes her to the beautiful set up in the gazebo and Sheridan is amazed and thrilled. *This was soo sweet!! It made Joey make a mental note to let her boyfriend know about this!!! LOL* The two share a dance to a beautiful Latin beat from to men playing guitars. It was slow and very sweet! Luis then tells Sheridan that the present should be arriving any second now and she looks surprised and asks what present? It comes in a beautiful little box just like in her dream and its Luis’ grandmother’s ring. Luis then gives a heartfelt declaration of his love to Sheridan and gets down on one knee. *This time it is for real folks!!* He tells Sheridan how much he loves her and how he wants to begin a life filled with happiness with her. He then asks her to marry him and she says YES!! He slips his grandmother’s ring on her finger and the two couldn’t be happier. They kiss and share in their moment of true love and happiness. *This was just sooooo sweet!!!*

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