Passions Update Friday 5/11/01



Passions Update Friday 5/11/01

By Joey

Chad, Ethan and The Reporter
Chad and Ethan are discussing the report and Ethan vows that he will not rest until he finds out who sent the letter. Chad then tries to tell him to let it go but it appears to be no use: Ethan is out to find out who was out to get him!! Chad then tries to tell Ethan that things change after time, and that at one point in his life he thought that the Cranes could do no wrong and that Sam Bennett was his enemy. Ethan agrees but says that it is not just him involved now because who ever it was that went out to get him, also hurt his mother. He then sees the reporter and decides to go after him!! Chad then tells Ethan to stop because he is just going to give the reporter another headline for tomorrow’s paper. He then asks Chad what he should do and Chad sees that he is done with his workout and comes up with an idea. Chad and Ethan run into the reporter separately in the sunna and Chad gets the reporter to tell him that he received the letter in an e-mail. He then gets him to admit that he does have the e-mail address of the person who sent him the letter and that if he really wanted to he can trace it. *Ohh Boy!!!!*

Julian And The Luis Impostor
The Luis impostor pays Julian a little visit today at the Crane Mansion in his office, and Julian is oh-so-very sure that his plan will break up Sheridan and Luis without a doubt. Julian then asks him if he can handle “it,” in which he replies “piece of cake.” He then asks which girl will he be caught with and Julian tells him that he hasn’t decided yet. Julian then comments on how his plan is excellent and with Sheridan and Luis broken up, his father will reinstate him as heir. He also comments on how Sheridan will be really heart broken, but that being better than dead.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca are chatting about the night before and Rebecca can’t believe how nervous her daughter is, hoping that she hasn’t told anyone about Theresa’s dirty little secret. Gwen then tells her mother that she didn’t tell anyone at all about her secret, but it was difficult for her to keep it under wraps. *It was a little more difficult than that, Gwenie. lol* Rebecca then tells her daughter that she must keep her cool and calm about the matter because if she says anything too soon, their plan will be ruined.

Then Rebecca and Julian have a discussion about the Luis impostor. He asks her if she still wants to play the part of the other woman that will come between the two. Rebecca says that she is willing to do it for Julian’s plan. *lol how noble Becks!* Julian then she is looking forward to being with the impostor and she tells Julian that she is willing to make this sacrifice for his plan and that no one else comes as close as Julian.

Theresa, Whitney, and Pilar: At The Crane Mansion
Theresa begins to worry about her secret and why Ivy would call her to the mansion. Pilar meets up with them infront of the mansion and asks Theresa if she slept with Ethan last night. Theresa tells her mother what had happened the night before and that she is still a virgin. But inside the mansion Theresa is totally relived when she realizes that Ivy sent for her so she can have her wedding dress turned into whatever she wanted. *MMM hmmm! Be careful Theresa!!* She introduces the girls to her personal dress maker Abigail and says that she is also going to make something special for Whitney to wear. While they are busy, Ivy informs Pilar that she is expecting a call from Sam and doesn’t want to hear a single word about it! *Hmm so you already know what Pilar thinks huh Ivy?* Then Pilar, Whitney and Theresa all talk about Gwen and how much of the secret does she know. Whitney then tries to make light of things and says that she thinks that Gwen is only bluffing because she would have told someone by now if she knew. They all agree, yet careful Pilar is still not so sure. Theresa then gets optimistic about the whole thing and says that life right now is perfect and that nothing could go wrong. After Whitney and Theresa go upstairs to try on dresses, Pilar says to herself that she is wrong because things could be much worse for Theresa.

Ivy and Pilar have another confrontation when Ivy asks if Sam has called yet. Pilar tells her that he hasn’t and that she highly doubts that he will. The two then talk about the night before and Evil that has come to Harmony. Pilar tries to talk some sense into Ivy, but Ivy just says that she is getting what is rightfully hers and that she is doing nothing wrong. *Ohh boy!!!*

Grace and Sam
Grace is at the B&B unpacking some boxes and comes across a picture of her and Sam. Sam stops by and tells her that last night was the worst night of his whole life because he was away from her. The share a sweet moment and things appear as if things will be repaired between the two and then Grace pulls away. *Grace!!!!!* She tells Sam that she needs to think everything through, asking Sam to place himself in her shoes. She then asks Sam what would happen if someone came back from her past the way Ivy did with Sam? She then recalls the time Sam kissed Ivy under the mistletoe and the time he thought that Grace saw Ivy naked in their room. Grace then tells Sam that he needs to totally resolve his past with Ivy if he wants any future with Grace and the kids. Sam then calls Ivy and Julian really sticks it to him before letting the call go through. He then asks his wife if he really has to do this?? *Come on Grace!!*

At The Cottage
Sheridan asks Luis if by her finding the ring, did she ruin everything that Luis had in store for her? Luis tells her that of course she didn’t ruin anything but that he is going to make her fantasy come true. She tells Luis that she has a bad feeling that if he doesn’t propose to her right now, something will get in the way and he will never propose. Luis then tries to tell his lady love that nothing will come between them and asks if she is afraid of her family. She tells him that they totally hate the fact that she is with him and that they won’t stop at anything to destroy her happiness. Luis tells her that they can’t stop them and won’t, especially after what they went through at the Bennetts’. *Awwwww* Then the two of them hear Hank out in the living room that has come over to help Luis with something. Luis laughs and tells Hank that Sheridan already knows about his plans to propose so there is no need to keep it under wraps. Just then Gwen is in the living room!! *lol Is there a party that we don’t know about?* Luis and Hank leave to take care of matters and Sheridan gleefully tells Gwen that Luis is going to propose to her! But Gwen isn’t all that happy. Sheridan notices this and asks what is wrong being that she thought that Gwen would be really happy for her. Gwen says that she would be happy if Luis wasn’t Theresa’s brother who stole Ethan away from her. Gwen then realizes that she is just about bursting Sheridan’s bubble and apologizes. She gives her congrats and then comments that she is sure that Luis is nothing like Theresa. Sheridan then says that even though she doesn’t know Theresa all that well, that she seems pretty nice. Then Gwen tells Sheridan how she walked in on Theresa trying to “seduce” Ethan the previous night! *Yikes!!* And in an attempt to make Theresa sound a little better, Sheridan reminds Gwen that Ethan and Theresa are engaged so she isn’t doing anything wrong. Gwen makes an off color comment by saying something like “yeah, but she doubts it considering her secret.” Sheridan then asks Gwen what secret and then Gwen tells her that Theresa isn’t as innocent as she appears, realizing that she almost blew her cover again. Sheridan then tells Gwen that she needs to get herself a man that will make her forget all about Ethan. She then says that she has to take a shower and Gwen congratulates her again. Once Sheridan is out of site, Gwen talks to herself and claims that she won’t need another man because once Theresa’s secret is out that she knew the truth about Sam Bennett and didn’t tell Ethan, he will be hers and not Theresa’s. Meanwhile, Sheridan is brushing her hair and talking to herself in the mirror, claiming that she can’t wait for Luis to finally propose because she can’t wait to say yes. --All while Hank and Luis set “the stage” for his proposal to Sheridan!!! *Awwwww!!*

In closing, Julian, the Luis impostor and Rebecca share a toast to destruction and heartache in Sheridan and Luis’ relationship. He then looks at Rebecca who is looking at the Luis impostor and takes a double take when he sees the look on her face!!

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