Passions Update Friday 5/4/01



Passions Update Friday 5/4/01

By Joey

Luis and Sheridan: The Question
Luis and Sheridan are back in her cozy little cottage and asks Luis if he remembers where he left off before they saw the fires of Hell at the Bennetts’. Luis with that all too familiar grin tells her that he does remember and plans on picking up where he left off. Luis then tells her that he is going to go clean up before he asks her a question. Sheridan’s face lights up and she tells him that she likes him dirty!! *lol oh my!! lol* Luis then explains to her that he wants to do everything right and that he is going to go clean up first. He leaves and releases all the nervousness and frustration in his body when he screams in a pillow! *LOL awwwwww Luis, you are tooo cute!!!* Luis then decides to take a shower and we see him showering... and Sheridan stepping in to join him!! *Ohhh my!!* He kids with her, asking what she is doing there and she tells him that she is dirty, needing a shower too! *lol* The two then begin to kiss and the next scene we see with them is when they are sitting on the couch. Luis then tells Sheridan that there is something he needs to tell her before he asks the question he is going to ask. Luis then tells Sheridan how much she means to him and how he is the luckiest man in the world --and that his sister is right! There will be a double wedding!! Luis pours his heart out to Sheridan and she is just loving every minute of it and then he finally asks her to marry him!!! *Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh, Oh my gosh!!!* But we are left hanging Passionettes!!!! We’ll have to tune in Monday to see if she accepts!!!

Tabby And The OZ House Guests!
Tabitha couldn’t believe that the Bennetts’ actually took her up on her offer! She had a dream that she was the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz with Timmy as her monkey sidekick! *LOL* Then there is a knock at the door and Dorothy (Jessica) and her friends show up. Charity plays Glynda the Good Witch, Kay, Simone, and Miguel are three munchkins, Sam plays the Tin-Man, Grace as the scarecrow and Reese as the Cowardly Lion. *BWAHAH!!* They have a really funny and cute scene and then Tabby wakes up from her dream to find out that the Bennetts’ actually did take her up on her offer of staying there for the night!!! *LOL* Tabby then tries to convince them that she isn’t “in the best of health” and that it wouldn’t be the greatest idea for them to stay with her. But the kind and loving Bennetts insist that it is even more reason as to why they should stay with her so they can take care of her. Reese then notes what Tabby is trying to do and asks her why she is trying to get rid of them and they all get mad at Reese again! They all tell him to quit it because Tabitha isn’t a witch! *LOL* Tabitha then asks Sam to go get Timmy for her and Timmy is in a different chair then from before! Sam realizes this and a curious Reese calls her on it. When the scene returns again, everyone is in the kitchen but Simone and Kay, while Tabitha pretends that she is asleep on the couch. Kay tells Simone that she plans on getting her parents to allow her to stay at Miguel’s house being that Pilar said that one of them could. But she is interrupted when Jessica and Sam walk into the room so Kay can get “back to work.” Tabby then “wakes up” after they leave and realizes that this could work to her advantage. Kay then asks her parents to stay at Miguel’s house just like she had planned and Jessica looks at her strangely, wondering what gives with her sister. Miguel tries to tell Kay politely that if anyone is going to be sleeping over his house it should be Charity. * ‘Nuff said Miguel!* Kay then tells Miguel that if she stays at his house, she will be closer to school and will be able to study more. *Bwahahah!!! Tell another one Kay!* Jessica then asks her sister exactly what it is that she will be studying and she says Biology. Tabby then comes into the kitchen, and to Kay’s rescue when Grace thinks that it is a bad idea and eventually gets Grace to let Charity stay at Miguel’s!! *Ohh boy!*

While Charity and Miguel are kissing goodnight, Simone tells Kay that she better watch her step because if she is looking to do something, she is only going to invite Evil back into Harmony. Kay and Miguel then both leave and Simone and Charity walk back into the house. Meanwhile, Tabby and Timmy are discussing the current living situation that they are in. Tabby thinks that she can handle it but Timmy isn’t so sure. Tabby says that things could be a lot worse and just then Tabby’s friends in the basement start making a racket and everyone comes running into the room! Sam tells Tabby that he is going to go into the basement because that’s what it sounds like it is coming from. Tabby then jumps right away and tells him that he can’t go in the basement and Reese then gets real suspicious, asking her what it is that she has that he can’t see???

Theresa, Pilar, and Whitney: Sex Solves.
Pilar can not believe that her daughter is honestly planning on sleeping with Ethan in her own home tonight!!! Pilar asks Theresa is she heard correctly and Theresa tells her that she did, and that she is going to sleep with Ethan and tell him the truth about her role in the Sam Bennett letter. Pilar is completely shocked and asked her daughter exactly where she planned on sleeping with Ethan and Theresa tells her at their home! * :-o Theresa!!!!!!!* Pilar then starts yelling at her in Spanish and Theresa tries smoothing things over with her mother but it doesn’t work. Pilar forbids her daughter to sleep with Ethan and tells her that it is ok to tell him the truth.. infact it is a good idea. They are interrupted by Ethan and Chad who were discussing the tabloid and who sent the letter to them. Theresa walks away from her mother and Whitney who were trying to convince her that she shouldn’t sleep with Ethan. Ethan then asks what was going on and Theresa makes up some story about mailing wedding invitations.

Back at the Lopez Fitzgerald home, Theresa tells Ethan that they have plenty to “talk” about. She asks Ethan to light candles once again and goes to her room to change. In her room, Theresa stands infront of her mirror telling herself that things will be better this way once she sleeps with Ethan. Theresa then comes out of her room again like she did earlier that night and then tells Ethan that they don’t have to use words to express their love anymore, that they can simply use their bodies.

Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney talk about Theresa and her plan with Ethan. Chad says that there is no way that a guy could resist a girl like that with no one being home, low lights and music. Suddenly the two of them are in that same position and begin to kiss. Chad asks where her parents are and she says that they had to go to the hospital for an emergency. *Hmmm!!! Love is in the air huh?!*

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