Passions Update Friday 4/27/01



Passions Update Friday 4/27/01

By Christine

The Crane Mansion…
Rebecca and Julian continue to play their little game when Rebecca stops. She recaps to Julian the orders by Alistair and asks Julian if he’s prepared. Prepared to take care of Luis and Sheridan tonignt. They leave the mansion and end up at what seems to be a garage where the man who imposters Luis is. Julian explains to Rebecca who he is and what he did last time. Julian tells the man he has another assignment for him-to imposter Luis again. The man puts on the mask of Luis and Rebecca is stunned at the likeness and begins acting a little flirty with him. Julian tells the man of his plan to set up Sheridan to walk in on Luis making love to another woman. He says he needs a gorgeous woman to keep their secret of the plan. Rebecca says she knows the perfect woman-herself. Julian is upset with her offer and they both leave. They begin to get frisky while driving the car when they come across a roadblock. The officer says there is something going on at the Bennett’s and no one is allowed to pass through. Rebecca remarks that maybe after Ivy went over there, Grace lost it and poisoned her. But then they notice the sky and assume it must be more. Rebecca suggests getting out of the car and going over to the Bennett’s to see what is going on. They arrive at the house to find it engulfed in flames and nearly collapsing. They both stare in disbelief.                                                                              

The Bennetts…
Miguel, Charity, and Kay continue to be held by demons and others explode in hell. Tabitha tells Timmy to look what he has done. Timmy says he could not let Charity die. He couldn’t let her be destroyed. Tabitha tells him all hell is breaking loose now and they will both be destroyed. The kids are still in hell and they notice the explosion noises are getting closer. Timmy wonders why they aren’t out of the fire yet and Tabitha says that these things take time. Timmy is afraid he didn’t save Charity after all.  Tabitha assures him the claw is working well. Miguel is temporarily freed from Dameons grip but is recaptured by another demon. But Miguel fights him and is freed again and soon they are all free of the demon’s grip. Tabitha is unhappy the “brats” are coming out and Timmy is happy that Charity is saved. Timmy tells Tabitha they must hide so they don’t see them. As soon as they hide, Charity, Miguel, and Kay are back in the house out of hell. Tabitha says to Timmy they will still die. No one is getting out of the house alive. Tabitha says she may have an idea to save herself. She asks the demons in hell to restore her power for she had nothing to do with Timmy throwing the claw in. She says she wants to see all the evil and destruction go down in Harmony. As Tabitha demands for her powers back, Timmy wants to get out. No sooner do they get in the hallway and Timmy is covered in falling debris knocking him unconscious. Downstairs, Miguel, Kay and Charity look for a way out. Miguel attempts to find away out and he, too is covered by debris. He gets up and they all stand in the house figuring a way out.                      

Outside the Bennett’s…
The ground begins to shake and opens up. Sam warns not to go near the fissure. Whitney comes close to falling in, but Chad saves her. Sam wants to go back and tries to jump the fissure. Sam still wants to go in. He tells Grace he failed her with their unborn baby and he’s not going to fail her with the kids now. Luis and all the men agree they will go back into the house to save them. Father Lonigan tells them they can’t help. He tells them about the creature sent by God to save them. Jessica asks what creature and F. Lonigan says he doesn’t know and if it saves them, he will be destroyed as well. All the men are about to go in when the ground shakes again and Sam suggests calling the fire department. Theresa asks Ethan what he is thinking about and he admits that Sam is very brave to try to save everyone. If Ethan was trapped in hell, there would be no way that he would risk his own life to save his. Eve goes up to Ivy and tells her to stop being selfish. Ivy says she wants to help, but Eve says she is causing pain. Ivy tells Eve that Sam was hers first and she wants him back and no one can stop her. After the fire department arrives, all the women help the men with their gear. Conflict arises with Simone and Whitney when they both go to get Chad’s gear. Simone tells Whitney that Chad is hers, he loves her. Whitney says they will discuss it later. Father Lonigan talks to Ivy and tells her that her pursuit of Sam is not helping at all. She’s just causing more pain. Ivy tells him that she and Sam have a child together and they would be a family if Grace hadn’t come between them. Grace then sees the kids inside and everyone rejoices. The men begin to go inside again but the flames, even when doused with water, is too dangerous to go inside.  Grace then can’t see the kids anymore and she begs Sam to get them out as he holds her. Eve tells Ivy to look at Sam and Grace’s bond-its strong. Ivy says it won’t last. Its just because of the kids and the circumstances. Grace will push him away again and she wants what’s hers. Sam and Grace continue to hold each other as they watch their house be destroyed.

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