Passions Update Thursday 4/26/01


Passions Update Thursday 4/26/01

By Joey

Oh The Possibilities: The Crane Mansion Today On Passions!
Julian and Rebecca are at it once again!! --this time as the naughty school girl and professor in red. Julian waits “patiently” for Rebecca to come back so he can issue some discipline and comes across the Luis mask. He slyly looks at it and claims that being that the face worked to break up Sheridan and Luis the first time, why not use it the second and not have to kill them at all? *Good thinking Jules!* Just then Becky walks in and it is time for her to be disciplined! *Oh My!!!* The two have their umm fun, and Rebecca then comes across the Luis mask and asks Julian curiously what it is. At first Julian doesn’t want to tell her and knows that he can’t tell her, trying to make an excuse. But Rebecca is way too smart for that. She isn’t buying his stories this time about the mask and wants to know what it is. She then tells him that they will be married soon and that she can’t be forced to testify against him...should he get in trouble and be on trial. Julian is completely amazed by Rebecca and comments on how he has never had a woman in his life that he could count on before. Julian then finally fesses up and explains the whole situation with his father and having to kill Sheridan and Luis and Rebecca is speechless. Becky then asks if he is going to follow through with what his father has told him to do and he says no, commenting that he can’t kill his sister. He says that he is just going to use the mask to break them up again and Rebecca thinks it has absolutely wonderful that Julian destroys peoples’ lives... and that it turns her on. *Too much info there Becks* Julian then says that Rebecca gave him an idea and whispers his plan into her ear. Rebecca once again is overcome with joy and loves the way Julian thinks. She comments on how Luis and Sheridan will never know what hit them and that Julian *once again* turns her on with his power and malevolence.

All Creatures, Big and Small Have Their Purpose: Today At The Bennetts!
*Ivy, Ivy, Ivy! Joey has a two words for you: Go away!* Ivy confides in Pilar and tells her that she is very afraid of losing Sam and that she won’t know what she will do if anything should happen to him. Meanwhile, Eve is trying to tell Grace that even though Sam and Grace haven’t been on friendly terms that it is ok to worry about him. Pilar makes her way back to the rest of the women and Theresa explains that the men have gone back into the house to rescue the kids. Reese then takes a stand and says that he has to go into the house to save his friends and Kay. They all begin to pray for their safe return with the kids. But their prayers are interrupted when the men inside the house being yelling. Grace then rushes over to meet the men who are piling out of the house, to see if Sam is ok... with Ivy following just behind her! Pilar though grabs Ivy and tells her that Sam is Grace’s husband and that she will take care of him --not Ivy! The women take care of the men but forget about poor Reese who says that he will just “dress his own wounds.” *Awwwwwwww Reese!!!* Sam then tells Grace to take care of Reese after he thanks her for taking care of him and Ivy once again tries to move in to take care of Sam, only to be stopped by Jessica this time who claims that she will take care of her dad. *You tell her Jess!*

The Russell girls are “mad for Chad” and as soon as Simone sees Chad come out of the house she rushes into his arms, claiming that she is so happy that he is ok because she wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to him, as Whitney looks on remembering what Tabby had said earlier. Ivy notes that the girls are “mad for Chad” and what a disaster it would be if they were in love with their half brother, fathered by Julian and mothered by Eve.

But meanwhile, Tabby can not believe that Timmy would double cross her like that! She gives Timmy a tongue lashing guilt trip and Timmy explains that the angel girl told him to do it, as well as Father Lonigan. Tabby corrects him by saying that she didn’t “raise” him to do what is right. The two argue over the demon’s claw and the two have the honor of having a visit with one of Tabby’s old friends, Damien. During this little visit, we learn that Tabby caused The Great Fire of Chicago. He looks at Timmy and asks Tabby if she can stop him from throwing the claw into the fires of Hell. Damien isn’t done though! He comments on how he feels that all the mortals are complete idiots and shows no sign of being impressed with their efforts to save the teens. He then shows them in his mirror and comments on how they all just “signed their death warrant” when they entered the house. All this while though the kids are screaming and seeing his sweet Charity in such pain gives Timmy the extra courage that he needs to get that demon’s claw into Hell! Once again the two struggle over the claw and Timmy then throws it into Hell!! *Yay Tim-Tim!* Tabby looks and Timmy and says that he has no idea as to what he has just done!

With a look of determination on his face, Sam wants to go back into the house to save the kids just as he promised. Father Lonigan tells him that he shouldn’t go into the house because the little creature that he prayed for is doing his job. But Sam doesn’t listen to him and goes back in the house. Luis says his good-byes with a tearful Sheridan and says that he has to go in there with Sam, with the rest of the men following right after him. As they make their way back upstairs, the demons throw fireballs at them!

And back outside, the women once again pray for the safe return of their men. Ivy insists that Grace is just pushing Sam right into her arms, almost gloating over the whole situation. She then totally annoys the living you know what out of Pilar to the point that Pilar tells her exactly where it is at! Pilar is totally appalled by Ivy’s actions: only thinking about getting back with Sam and herself while their children are in Hell. Pilar tells Ivy that Sam has a family with Grace and only Grace, and that she lost that right to have a family with Sam years ago. Ivy can not believe “the nerve” of Pilar and you know what? Pilar doesn’t care!! She tells her that if she doesn’t start praying for their safe return, she better leave! *You go Pilar!!!* Theresa and Sheridan have a little heart-to-heart in which Theresa tells Sheridan that everything will work out fine because they have perfect men and that they will have a double wedding. Sheridan hopes so, and Theresa comments again on the fortune cookies and tea leaves.

The men come out once again as the house begins to creak and moan after Timmy threw the claw into Hell. Tabby and Timmy watch on as a serpent blows up and out of Charity’s window. Just then, the ground beings to rumble and shake.. and split open!!

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