Passions Update Wednesday 4/25/01



Passions Update Wednesday 4/25/01

By Christine

Tabitha's House.
Tabitha is in the process of reading Whitney's tea leaves. She tells her that a brother will come between her and Simone. Whitney says now she knows this is nothing but a game because that would never happen. Tabitha says she may have read them incorrectly and says it may be another man that comes between them. Whitney flashes back to her and Chad kissing. Tabitha asks if she's sure it won't happen and Whitney says whatever the case, her and her sister will work it out. Tabitha asks if she's sure-the tea leaves say so. Whitney insists she is wrong-no man will ruin her relationship with her sister. Tabitha tells her the leaves are never wrong and Whitney says she's going to the Bennett's and leaves. After she's gone, Tabitha mimicks Whitneys words and says the guy will ruin both her life and relationship with her sister.

Outside the Bennetts'.
Simone gives Chad his coffee and asks about Miguel and Charity. Chad wonders how this whole ordeal ever happened and how they ended up in hell. Simone says she's scared and asks Chad to hold her. She says she loves it when he holds her and she'll never neglect him again. Chad has a flashback of him and Whitney kissing. Chad tells her he has to talk to her and she asks what it is. Chad has another flashback of him and Whitney. But before he can say anything, they are interrupted by TC and Chad says they'll talk later. Simone hugs Chad and Whitney comes from around the corner and sees them. She remembers Tabitha and what her tea leaves said.

Theresa and Ethan are discussing Sam. Ethan says he will never respect him if he continues to disrespect his mother. Theresa explaines that he saved his life and that although his mother wants to be a family with him, his family is with Grace and Sam will never leave his wife. Theresa is hurt that he thinks Sam should end his marriage for Ivy. Ethan tells her his mother loves him and Sam should be with a woman who truly loves him. Theresa is upset that Ethan would be so quick to back out of marriage. She believes that marriage is forever and she thought he felt the same. She tells him she can't marry him if he thinks he can get out of it so easy. Ethan says he doesn't believe this. Its just that Sam's marriage is shaky right now and he's worried about his mother-he doesn't want her to be alone. Theresa hopes he won't bail out if they have trouble and they both vow they will never leave each other.

Eve and Grace continue to discuss Sam and Ivy. Grace still believes Sam is not over Ivy yet-they have a child together. Eve mentions again that he didn't know about Ethan. Grace can not trust Sam again until he talks with Ivy and gets pass his feelings for her. From a listening distance, Ivy says to herself that Grace is right to be afraid-Sam still loves her and she plans to reignite their love. Grace says she wants a man to love her and only her. Eve tells her again that Sam does but Grace says again that he must get over his feelings. Eve asks Grace if Sam talking to Ivy is what she really wants.

Sam and TC are talking about Grace and Ivy. TC thinks he should talk to Ivy to get his marriage back. Sam says he has other worries-the kids. TC tells him that Father Lonigan told them not to go in and maybe Grace knows what she's doing. TC says a man never gets over his first love and that Grace may be right-he might still love Ivy. Sam assures him he has no feelings for Ivy and leaves to go find her. He sees her and tells her they need to talk about putting their past and feelings to rest. Ivy tells herself she will never forget and they will have a future together with Ethan. Sam leaves to find Grace and before he has a chance to speak, the house begins to fall apart and Grace comments that it is ironic-their house and marriage falls apart at the same time.

Sheridan and Hank are talking and she tells him about the near-proposal before they got the call to come to the house. When met with Luis, Hank mentions he heard about the one knee at the cottage and that he hoped he didn't forget the question. Luis says he could never forget that question and attempts to go back into the house. Hank leaves to say hi to Grace and Sam leaving Sheridan and Luis. Luis asks that she knew he was going to propose and Sheridan says she was hoping. Luis says that before they discuss marriage any further, they have to come to terms with something or they'll never last. Luis tells her that if she was to marry him, she'd become the wife of a cop and has to accept that he would be faced with danger everyday and she cannot worry about him all the time. Sheridan says he can quit being a cop and after they're married, they will have all of the money that Sheridan has. Luis says he wouldn't be happy not being able to provide for them and Sheridan says at least she wouldn't worry.

Inside the Bennetts' House
Timmy and Father Lonigan are at Charity's door with the claw. A demon from hell is warning Timmy that he will be destroyed if he uses the claw. F. Lonigan tells Timmy he must be brave-he is the only one that can save them. He tells the demon to leave Harmony and douses the demon with holy water and it retreats. They then hear the cries of help from hell. The door opens and they see the three in hell running from the Serpent who catches them and they continue to yell for help. The bedroom door then closes on the two and Timmy tries to get back into the room but he can't. F. Lonigan explains that it will open when he is ready to use his power the angel girl told him he had. Timmy thanks him for his help and F. Lonigan goes outside. Timmy knows he has to do what's right and is sorry his princess won't get her powers back, but to Charity, he'll be a hero and love him forever. Timmy tries to open the door again and is successful. Meanwhile, Tabitha hears a demon's cry for help and realizes Timmy is gone. She goes and searches for the claw and realizes its gone. She leaves to find Timmy. Inside Charity's room, Timmy is about to throw the claw in the portal when Tabitha comes up from behind and snatches the claw out of his hand.

When F. Lonigan returns outside, everyone asks if they can go in yet. He tells them an angel sent someone to rescue them and he's in the house now. The SWA T team arrives after Sam called them with bullet and fire proof shields. F. Lonigan reminds them that this force can only be fought spiritually, but they prepare to go in any way. All the men volunteer to go. Eve tells Grace to tell Sam she loves him before he goes. All the women say fearful good lucks and good byes to their men. Sam orders everyone to go through the front door. As he passes Grace, she stops him and simply says be careful. F. Lonigan and the women begin to pray as the men are met at the front door by fire.

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