Passions Update Tuesday 4/24/01



Passions Update Tuesday 4/24/01

By Joey

The Ceiling Is Falling! The Ceiling Is Falling!! ...Today At The Bennetts
Passions was full of heart ache and turmoil today as the Bennett home continues to creak, crack, and crumble. We also got a glimpse of the new Hank Bennett portrayed by Ryan McPartlin. *Ohhh La La!* Hank was away, busy taking down the rest of the drug cartel and has come back to Harmony to find out that all the rumors are true: The Bennett house IS a portal to Hell! Luis was naturally excited to see his best friend come back and the two shake hands. Hank looks over at Luis and Sheridan together, as well as Theresa and Ethan, commenting on how “close” they have all gotten. Theresa cheerfully interrupts and says that they are having a double wedding and Hank is at first taken back until Luis explains that they (Sheridan and Luis) have more to discuss when it comes to weddings. Ethan, Theresa, and Hank talk privately on the side in which Hank welcomes Ethan to the family. He extends his hand for a shake to his now-nephew and a half-reluctant Ethan shakes it.

Meanwhile, Eve and TC are completely appalled by Ivy’s actions! Ivy is just lurking in the bushes, listening in on Grace and Sam’s personal conversation and TC wants to go say something to her. *HmPh!! The nerve!! lol* At first Eve is ready to break out the heavy artillery but then decides not to once she realizes that Ivy could tell TC the truth about her past with Julian. She then sends TC home for the emergency first aide kit and then takes Ivy by the warm, telling her that she better let up. *You go Eve!* Ivy then tells Eve that Grace keeps pushing Sam away and that soon they will have a family that they were meant to have all those years ago... and that Eve is in no position to be telling Ivy to back off because she will tell TC the truth about Chad! Eve looks her dead in the eyes and explains that there is nothing worry about because she now knows for sure that Chad isn’t her son, nor Julian’s. Oh the look that came across Ivy’s face! She was completely speechless and then asked Eve how she could have been so sure. Eve explains the whole DNA search and Ivy is taken back at first but then tells Eve that there might be a flaw in the system, in which she replies that there is only a flaw in Ivy. *Ohhh!!!* She then reinforces her statements that Grace and Sam belong to one another, that Sam loves Grace and not Ivy and lastly that she will do anything it takes to protect her best friend.

But on the other side of the bush... Sam and Grace argue about Sam’s relationship with Ivy. Sam tries to tell Grace *repeatedly* that he loves her, and not Ivy, but Grace can not believe him. She says that a piece of Sam’s heart belongs to Ivy and will always belong to Ivy. Sam can not believe what she is saying and once again tries to tell her that he loves her and their family but Grace just isn’t listening. She then tells Sam that if there is any hope for their marriage he has to meet with Ivy to resolve their past. Sam goes from heartbroken to angry in about five seconds and says “Dammit Grace!” *Don’t worry Sam. Joey said the same exact thing and threw her remote at the TV! lol* He then tries to explain to Grace that there isn’t anything to resolve but Grace doesn’t see it that way. She feels that if he can not go resolve his past with Ivy, they “are through!”

And in the backyard, Simone makes Chad feel real uncomfortable when she keeps placing his arms around her. She even says that she is glad that he understands that she hasn’t been spending so much time with him with all that has been going. Chad’s mind though drifts else where, thinking of Whitney and the kisses they shared that night. Simone calls Chad perfect and the family’s superhero, feeling that if anyone can save the teens from Hell, it is him. But it turns out that TC is the actual superhero when he comes back from getting the emergency kit and gives it to him to put away in the tool shed... getting him away from Simone! On his way to the shed, Chad has a moment to himself, saying that he just doesn’t know how he is going to tell Simone that he doesn’t like her, that she isn’t his girlfriend like she had declared early, and that it is Whitney -her sister- that he has feelings for.

Speaking of Whitney...
Whitney decides to go over to Tabby’s house to see if Theresa and Sheridan are still there, but winds up walking on Tabby and her victory dance! Tabby stood in her foyer, frazzled, razzled and ecstatic over the chaos she will cause Harmony’s couples. She claims that Sheridan will be infact with Luis on a beach for their honeymoon... but she will be dead!!! But she is not done there! She joyfully declares that the Russell girls will have a rude awakening this summer as well as Theresa having the worst day of her life: her wedding day! She turns around and sees Whitney with a shocked look on her face. *Oh boy!* She asks how long she was standing there and Whitney says long enough to hear that someone is dead! Tabby covers and says that she was just singing a song that they used to sing when she was little while they jumped rope. Whitney looks at her suspiciously and says that she wasn’t jumping rope. Once again Tabby covers and manages to get Whitney to stay so she can read her tea leaves. Whit declares that she doesn’t believe in such things and that she should go being that Sheridan and Theresa are no longer there. Tabitha guilt trips her though into staying and she reads her tea leaves. Tabby tells her of a “brother’s love” and she is completely amazed! Whit tells Tabby about her fortune cookie earlier that night. Tabby laughs, knowing the truth all too well, and tells her that the predictions must be true if they were the same ones both in the same night! Then she tells Whitney that this brother’s love will come between her and her sister and Whitney is completely taken back, reminding Tabby that she doesn’t (and “couldn’t” ) have a brother.

Timmy And The Demon’s Claw
Today’s Timmy segments open up with a screaming Timmy once a hand grabs him as he tries to get into Charity’s room. It turns out that it is Father Lonigan and he questions Timmy, calling him a creature. It is almost as if Father Lonigan can see right through Timmy, for he notes that Timmy has a good soul, but has a connection with Evil and that he is not human. Timmy explains to Father Lonigan his situation, and he wants to save Charity... but doesn’t want to betray his princess. Father Lonigan tells Timmy that he must do what he feels is right, yet stands partial to having Timmy save Charity. Timmy finally makes up his mind and says that he is going to save Charity but Father Lonigan stops him! He says that he must warn him that he could be destroyed and Timmy becomes worried. Timmy then declares that he will do anything for his sweet Charity and prepares to enter her room. Just then, the door opens and all that is visible is the shadow of the demon serpent, telling him that he will never save Charity!!!

And as a side note for you Passion fans! The song that has become Chad and Whitney's theme is by Tina Davey, entitled "I Hope You Know" and can be found at ...or on Napster *grin* lol Enjoy!!

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