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Passions Update Monday 4/16/01

By Christine

The Crane Mansion.
As Julian continues talking to himself, Rebecca comes into the room. He's shocked at first, but then, Rebecca lets him know that she wants her gone too-but its not worth going to prison over. Julian asks her who she is talking about and she says its Ivy-she's giving Julian such a hard time over the whole divorce issue. She inquires why he hadn't come upstairs sooner, and Julian tells her about his running into Ivy. Rebecca can't wait until Ivy is out of their lives and thrown out. They both wonder where she is going to go after she is kicked out. Julian is hopeful that she will leave town. Julian tells her how she rushed out to go to the Bennetts and it was something concerning Ethan. He thinks she was just hoping for a reconciliation between father and son. Rebecca begins to seduce Julian and begins to head out of the room when she notices the book. She says he really does want to kill Ivy-she's never seen him read any book. Julian denies that he was going to kill her and Rebecca believes that he really wouldn't kill her. But she asks him why he has a book about murder and Julian flashes back to Alistair ordering him to kill Sheridan. Rebecca starts to read the book and the content about weapons and Julian flashes back to himself outside Sheridans cottage. He then stops her reading-its spoiling his mood. He mentions Rebecca's little fashion show again. As she leaves the room again, she tells Julian to not let the book put any ideas into his head-theres other ways to solve this problem. Julian has another drink and wonders how he can kill Sheridan-he doesn't want his father to disinherit him and send him to jail for the disappearance of Martin-Fitzgerald. He says there must be another way and remembers the mask. He says it broke them up once and maybe it can happen again. He hopes so, otherwise, he must come up with the perfect murder.

Tabitha's House.
Timmy thinks the angel girl has appeared to take him away. She tells him she's not-she needs his help, he has goodness in his heart. Theresa is happy at the result of the tea leaves and Whitney tells her she doesn't need Tabitha to read her leaves to tell her she is going to marry Ethan. Theresa just likes to confirm it because you never know what may happen between now and her wedding day. The angel girl asks Timmy to listen to his heart-but Timmy isn't sure Tabitha gave him one when she created him, but maybe someone else gave him one. The angel girl tells him she saw how upset he was when he heard Charity's cries for help and Timmy wonders if there is anything he can do to save her. The angel girl asks him if he really means that. Timmy flashes back to when Tabitha mentioned the claw that could save them. But he tells the angel that Tabitha would rip him to shreds if he ever took it- he's more worried about Tabitha then himself. Theresa asks Tabitha to read her tea leaves again to find out when she will be married. Tabitha tells her that it is just around the corner. Theresa is thrilled by this and hugs all the girls happily exclaiming that all her dreams are coming true. To herself, Tabitha says her worst nightmares are more likely. Theresa asks one of the other girls to have their leaves read, and Whitney refuses-she wants to go back. Theresa says they'll just be in the way. Tabitha then fakes having problems with her heart and Whitney suggests they get Eve. She says no and tells them she sees something about the three of them. Theresa asks her what she saw and Tabitha says a double wedding. Theresa asks her who the other bride is. Whitney says she knows it won't be her. Theresa gives Tabitha Whitneys cup and asks her to read her leaves. Whitney takes her cup away saying she doesn't believe in that stuff. She leaves and goes back to the Bennetts. Sheridan wants to go, but Theresa stops her and asks her if she wants to know who the other bride is. Sheridan says shes not putting anymore faith in anything after all her predictions had been negative. Sheridan flashes back to her first prediction as a little girl- an old woman who looked like Tabitha gave it to her. Theresa asks Tabitha about Sheridans tea leaves. Meanwhile, Timmy tells the angel girl that Tabitha will lose her powers if Charity is saved. The angel girl reminds him that he loves Charity and he asks what he could do, and the angel tells him he knows the answer to that. Timmy creeps out of the room. Tabitha tells Sheridan she sees him on a beach with a man and Tabitha confirms that it is Luis-they're on their honeymoon. Theresa is happy with this, thanks Tabitha and leaves. Tabitha says to herself that Theresa's wedding will be the worst day of her life, and Sheridan will be dead before her honeymoon. Unbeknownst to her, Whitney is looking through the door.

The Bennetts.
Luis tells Eve about the events upstairs, and she asks about the kids-Grace should be proud of him. TC tells her that he is not what she thinks-to look at Sam's face and how Ivy still means the world to him. The house shakes, and Sam grabs Ivy who was beginning to fall. She thanks him and Sam just says its his job. Ethan tells Sam he owes him. Sam doesn't think Ethan owes him anything-he's his father, and if anything he owes Ethan! He says he owes Ethan for not being there for him when he was a child. Ivy says it was her fault and hopes that maybe they can start fresh. As Grace leaves, TC tells her about the promise Sam made before he went into hell. Grace begins to believe. TC tells her to tell Sam she loves him. Sam tells Ethan that maybe they can. Then the house shakes again and Sam tells them both to get out of the house. He says he has to go back for the kids and Ethan and Ivy both try to talk him out of it. Ivy tells same he has much to live for-think of Ivy and Ethan. She has already lost him once and doesn't want to lose him again. Grace hears this and turns and leaves the house. Outside, Eve asks Grace if she told Sam she loved him. Grace tells her he was busy with Ivy and his son. But Sam is telling Ivy that they are not a family and they never will be. He has his family with Grace. He begins to go back in and Ethan tells him not to. Ivy begs for him not to leave her. Luis and Chad come back and say the house is stable for everyone to get out. Grace tells Eve she is relieved nothing has happened to Sam. Chad sees Whitney and they hug. Whitney tells him how she got there and about their tea leave reading session with Tabitha. TC comes into the room to help Sam again. Father Lonigan comes in and tells Sam he has to leave. If he doesn't, he'll make an orphan of his children and a widow of Grace. Sam heads out. Timmy is sneaking into the backyard while everyone is talking. Luis tells Sam he wants to go back, but he says he must think of his family first. Ethan says he's going to take his mother home, but Ivy says no. She'll rest and take her own car. Sam talks to Grace and tells her it meant a lot to him why she was there. They argue about Ivy and Ethan, and Sam says he can not deny Ethan as his son. Soon, every couple is reunited in the yard while Timmy is inside the house and heads for Charity's room. He says he's sorry to Tabitha but he can't let Charity die. He opens the door to hell and is grabbed by the hand of a demon.

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