Passions Update Friday 4/20/01



Passions Update Friday 4/20/01

By Christine

At the Crane Mansion…

Ivy is joined by Julian in the mansions library who came down to fix him and Rebecca a drink. The two are hostile to each other and Julian somewhat pokes fun of her for being alone-he is not and Julian calls her the Harlet of Harmony. Julian tells her early in their marriage, he should have showed her who’s boss and every man’s wife should be a whore in the bedroom (Ivy pointed out the whore in his bed who only wants money and power). He thinks Rebecca understands him and respects him-shes the new Mrs. Crane. He points out to Ivy she won’t be Mrs. Bennett-she’ll be alone forever. Ivy admits she has no friends-they have all abandoned her-but she has Pilar.  Her friendship is true unlike Rebecca’s. She says she at least never made the mistake Julian made-he loved Ethan but now he’s nothing to him. And look at his relationship with Sheridan. He tries to destroy her happiness after he made a promise to his dying mother that he would look after her. This seems to hit home for a moment and Julian looks remorseful. But they are interrupted by Pilar calling for Ivy to let her know Ethan is in trouble. She leaves to the Bennetts. Julian stays in the library pacing to calm down. He flashes back to his dying mother when he made his promise. He picks up the murder book and apologizes to his mother that he has to kill Sheridan-she didn’t listen to him and his father thinks she’s a threat to the family.

Outside the Bennetts House…

As Pilar continues to pray, Reese approaches Tabitha and asks her why she isn’t praying with the other women for the men’s safety. He thinks she knows more about this then everyone thinks, and asks her to pray to prove she’s not a witch. He mentions he never sees her in church and that she must pray to the devil. Sheridan thinks he may be right. Reese bargains with her that if she prays, he’ll never bother her again. Tabitha pretends to faint and Reese calls her bluff. But the girls don’t believe him and Tabitha asks Sheridan and Theresa to walk her home.

The mothers and wives huddle together worriedly about their men and children. Grace says she doesn’t have any faith left to save them-Sam destroyed it when she learned his secret. Pilar and Eve try to convince her not to give up-Sam needs her faith. They think she should let her anger go. Grace is still feels betrayed but admits she still loves Sam and couldn’t picture her life without him. Eve tells her that without her faith, Sam and the children will be lost-evil can’t win. She tells Grace she can’t throw everything away because of one lie. Grace mentions the lie cost her unborn childs life. Eve says don’t forget, forgive, Ivy means nothing to Sam and he loves her-don’t abandon him when she can’t live without him. Grace finally agrees and goes back into the house to find Sam. Ivy then arrives and Pilar tells her Ethan and Sam are inside the house and in danger. Ivy rushes into the house after them.

Inside the Bennetts…

Luis tries to shoot the demons holding Ethan, but it just goes right through them. Sam decides hes going to save Ethan himself. He grabs Ethan’s arm, but is just blown away by a zap from a demon. Luis has an idea that might save him and he and Chad leave. They run to Father Lonigan who gives them a bottle of Holy water to fend of the demons. When they leave, Father Lonigan begins praying for help and when he leaves, one of his statues becomes the angel girl.

Ethan is yelling for Sam to save himself and let him be taken. But Sam tells him he won’t let him die. Sam is holding tight to Ethan as TC pulls the rope attached to Sam. But the demons again zaps Sam and he is thrown away. Luis and Chad arrive with the holy water and begin to spray it on the demons. Sam again tells Ethan he won’t let him die. From the hall, Ivy hears them trying to save Ethan and after the water weakens the demons, Ethan is saved. They all retreat back to the hallway where Ethan falls to the ground looking at Sam disbelieving that Sam saved him. Ivy sees Ethan and goes to him and asks what happened. Ethan tells her about the demons in hell and Ivy doesn’t understand. Ethan tells his mother how Sam saved him. Ivy looks at Sam and says he saved their son. Meanwhile, Grace watches on from the other side of the hall. TC sees Grace standing there who is watching Ivy hug Sam for saving their son’s life.

At Tabitha’s…

Whitney meets Theresa and Sheridan on Tabithas porch. Theresa apologizes to Tabitha for Reeses behavior and Tabitha asks the girls to come in for tea. After some convincing, they agree. They walk in to find Timmy on the couch with Charity’s picture in front of him (he’s in doll mode). They wonder how the doll got on the couch when Tabitha never brought him inside-Theresa thinks maybe they didn’t notice when she did. Whitney points out a tear on his cheek but Tabitha is quick to say that its just some water from leaky pipes. She takes Timmy to the other side of the room and Timmy tells her he went inside because he can’t watch all the destruction. The girls are watching Tabitha talk to her doll a little wary of Tabitha, but Theresa thinks shes harmless, Whitneys not so sure. Tabitha tells the girls they should try to relax. Sheridan believes they should go back to the Bennetts but Tabitha convinces them they’ll just be in the way, and they stay. She turns back to Timmy to say when she’s done with her guests, they’re lives will be shattered. She turns to the girls and offers to read they’re tea leaves to get their mind off whats happening. Sheridan flashes back in her mind of times with Luis-she is genuinely worried about him and Whitney doesn’t want her tea leaves read. She reads Theresas and tells her she will soon be wed and be Mrs. Crane. But to herself, Tabitha says her wedding day will be the worst day of her life. Timmy is at the basement door, picture in hand saying goodbye to Charity. Then, the angel girl appears to him.

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