Passions Update Thursday 4/19/01


Passions Update Thursday 4/19/01

By Joey

Hellís Fury!!

Today just about all of Harmonyís residence have fallen witness to Evil and itís Hell on earth and in the Bennett home. Tabitha is completely over joyed that the dark side is finally winning while poor Timmy can only think about his sweet Charity. Tabby once again reminds Timmy that the only thing that can save his sweet Charity, Miguel and Kay from Hell is the demonís claw because of the ďgreat powerĒ it possesses, in which she is not about to throw into the portal of Hell! The two eventually set up lawn chairs in their yard and eat popcorn while watching the destruction and chaos of the Bennett home.

After a few moments of looking at the glowing sky, Ethan and Theresa make it over to the Bennett home. At first Theresa asks Ethan to go over there but he refuses. She then claims that she is going over to their house with or without him and Ethan finally decides to go --for the sake of Miguel and Pilar. Meanwhile at the Bennett home, everything is beginning to collapse and Sam tells Reese to get everyone out of the house. Grace goes over to Sam who is standing outside of Charityís door and tells him to promise to bring back their girls. Sam looks at his wife and promises that he will bring them back and Grace tells him to be careful in a reluctant manor. The scene shoots over to Luis saying that he is going to stay  with Sam no matter what and Sheridan begs him to go outside with her. He
says that he isnít leaving Sam alone and she says that it is too dangerous. Luis sort of kids around as he reminds her that he is a cop and that ďdanger is his middle name.Ē Sheridan tells him to not kid around like that and begs him once again to comes outside, but it is no use. The two exchange I love youís as Sheridan reluctantly leaves. The cries of Miguel, Charity, and Kay can still be heard throughout the house and Sam says that he is going to save them. Luis asks him how he is going to do such a thing and he at first isnít so sure. Simone goes to call her parents to come over right away. Outside, the women and Reese
*donít you just love Reese? lol* can not believe what is happening to the house! Reese then notices Tabby and Timmy sitting outside and can not believe his eyes! He calls Tabby on it and she says that she is just admiring the pretty night sky. Reese looks at her strangely and tells her that the house is exploding with Evil! Tabitha makes up a lie by saying that she only thought the sky was pretty because she doesnít have her glasses on. *lol good save!!*

In the mean time, Whitney and Chad are sitting on the roof enjoying each otherís company *and kisses* listening to music. The admire the sky and its glow, not really knowing what it is, yet not giving it too much thought. Chad tries to get Whitney to tell him what she is thinking about but she says that it is just her tennis match --and not her dream of being with Chad. Eve knocks on Whitneyís door to tell her that they are going over to Bennettsí but doesnít get an answer. She walks in and hears music, asking herself where it could be coming from. Then she sees Whitney outside and goes over to the window, interrupting a kiss between the two. She explains that Simone had called and they are on their way over to see what is going on. The two offer to go, but Eve tells Whitney that she should get her rest for the match tomorrow. Chad goes to get ready and Eve exits. Outside the door is TC and he once again says that he is sorry that he ever thought that Eve was Chadís mother. Once again Eve says that there is nothing to be sorry for and asks to forget about the whole thing.

Back at the Bennett home, chaos is still bursting from the house. By this time The Russells and Chad have made it over. They canít believe what is going on. Simone comes running over to Chad, right out of her motherís arms, and says that she is sooo happy that he is there. Also by this time, Theresa is on the phone with Whitney explaining what is going on. Theresa tells her that her and Ethan did not sleep together and when Whitney makes an off color comment, Theresa asks her if she had slept with Chad. Whitney canít even believe the question and tells her that she isnít even ready to think about it yet. Sheridan comes over to Theresa and says that she couldnít help but to over-hear her conversation.
She tells a frightened Theresa who thinks that she is going to tell Luis that she should wait to sleep with Ethan--and to not worry, because she isnít going to tell Luis. She says that she wishes she had never been with another man because of the amazing feeling she gets with being with Luis. Theresa thanks her for her words and advice and Sheridan smiles at the thought of Luis...but that smile is wiped away once she looks at the house. Simone comes over to Theresa, shaken, yet over joyed that Chad is there to help her. She declares her love for Chad and after she leaves with Jessica to get some coffee, and Theresa asks Whitney if she had heard what her sister had said. Whitney says that she heard every word and thought that her sister was over Chad a long time ago. *Uh-Oh!!!* Whitney decides to come over to the house. Then the women gather in a huddle to pray for the return of their husbands, in which Eve is the only optimistic one. Eve says that they will all return safe and sound and Grace coldly turns to her claiming that she has already lost Sam. *Ouch Grace!!!* Eve calls her on it and says that she canít really mean that, but it doesnít look like Grace will be forgiving anytime soon... even with the current situation of the house.

Meanwhile inside the house, Sam is preparing to enter Hell as the rest of Harmonyís men try to talk him out of it. TC tells him that he will not allow him to go into Hell by himself. Ethan enters and Sam tells him to leave. Ethan refuses to leave claiming he is there to help. Sam tells him that he doesnít need to help and Ethan says that he is there to help his soon to be brother-in-law, Miguel. Sam is determined, now more than ever to get the kids out of Hell. They finally all opt to let him go back into Hell to save the kids but not before they secure him with a rope. TC and Sam share an honest and heart-felt moment as TC ties a rope to Samís waist. He tells TC to tell Grace that he loves her very much and that
he is sorry for what has happened. TC keeps telling him that he is going to come back but Sam has a look in his eye that is both determined and sure that he might not get out of Hell. TC stops tying the rope and Sam grabs it, looking dead into his eyes saying without words that he better keep tying because he is going into Hell to save the kids. He then tells TC to tell Ethan that he is sorry for not being there during his childhood, but he would have if he would have known. TC reminds him that it wasnít his fault but Sam tells him to be sure that he tells him, as well as to take care of his family.

Luis takes Ethan on the side and tells him that he better say something to his father being that this may be the last time that he sees him again. Ethan boldly corrects him by saying that he isnít his father. He tells Luis that Sam wasnít there during his childhood, so therefore he isnít his father. Luis then reminds him that Sam was lied to as well as Ethan...and looks like it might be sinking in with Ethan. Then Ethan turns around and says that he is only going into Hell to save his daughter and niece, that if he were trapped in Hell he wouldnít save him. Luis corrects him by saying that Sam is a hero and would save anyone if they were in danger, including Ethan.

By this time Reese is back outside after he tells then men upstairs that they donít have much time because the house is going to collapse. He goes outside and reports to Eve what Sam is planning to do... ALL by himself as Grace listens on behind a bush. The look that comes across Graceís face is one that is both pondering and worried that Sam is rushing into Hell after the kids. *Hmmm now will you let him off the hook Grace??! Or at least let him sleep on the couch and not in the dog house anymore? Sheesh!*

Back inside the house, Sam opens Charityís door while Luis, TC, and Chad hold the rope that is around Sam. Ethan wants to take a look for himself, to see what everyone is talking about. As the show closes, we see Sam who has fallen on the floor and Ethan grabbed my demons, ready to take him into the fires of Hell!!!!

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