Passions Update Wednesday 4/18/01



Passions Update Wednesday 4/18/01

By Christine

At their cottage, Sheridan is watching a nervous Luis from the doorway. He’s trying to work up the nerve to ask her to marry him. As he’s pacing, he sees Sheridan in the doorway. He thinks she heard him, but she says no, she just saw him pacing and it looks like there’s something on his mind. Luis sits her down and begins by telling her how important she is to him and how they have discussed they’re future together and there is something he needs to ask her. He says she’s his only true love and she feels the same way. He says he knows what he has to ask her and kneels on one knee (Sheridan is close to tears of happiness)…and the phone rings (of course). Its Pilar from the Bennett house calling Luis for help. Luis and Sheridan leave and head to the Bennetts.

At the Bennetts…

After the explosion, everyone starts to compose themselves and gather together again. Except for Grace who remains unconscious. Pilar comes to and screams for Miguel who is in the clutches of the Serpent. Kay is telling the Serpent to let Miguel and Charity go and just take her. The Serpent speaks and tells everyone there is nothing Grace can do to save them. He’s taking them to the 10th circle of hell to become slaves for all eternity. As Grace regains her consciousness, Luis and Sheridan arrive. Luis looks into the closet and sees Miguel, Charity, and Kay in the clutches of the Serpent. The Serpent then speaks to Luis and threatens him that he will join them in hell. Luis wants to know what is going on as he yells to the three in hell. Reese explains that the closet is a portal to hell and the monster is taking them away. A bright light emits from the closet and soon flying bat-like creatures fly out at everyone and the house begins to cave in.

Timmy and Tabby…

As the Bennett house is up in flames, Tabitha is rejoicing. She hears noises from the basement, which is emitting a blood red glow on the wall. She explains to a worried Timmy that it means that Miguel and Charity are soon to be destroyed. Timmy is not happy about their destruction. They go to the basement door and listen to the three teens screaming from hell. Timmy asks how they got into the basement and Tabitha explains that the demons are pulling them farther into hell and her basement is the mother of all portals into hell. Tabitha begins to feel her powers returning and as a test, asks for Martimmy’s, and they appear. As she sips her drink in victory, she continues to feel her powers returning and listen to the screams as they go into hell.  Timmy yells for his precious Charity and Tabitha explains shes going into the 10th circle of hell. Tabitha is very satisfied at Charity’s destruction as speaks to her superior in hell. She asks that all her powers be returned to her and she’ll do anything he wants her to-and not mess up this time! As one final request, she asks to see the three in hell one final time. Timmy doesn’t like this and Tabitha says she needs closure. A voice from hell tells her that her requests have been granted-but when her powers return, she must never fail her again. Then, the faces of Miguel, Charity, and Kay appear in the door, their faces seeming to be being pushed into the door to reveal there outline, fear and screams. While Tabitha is quite happy with this, Timmy looks on with tears in his eyes thinking this is horrible. He then tells Tabitha that she didn’t destroy Charity-Hecuba did. Tabitha somewhat ignores his comment and after a surge of power flows through her, she casts a spell on her mirror so she can see inside the Bennett house. She observes the chaos until the mirror goes back to being a mirror (her powers aren’t strong enough to keep it as it was). Timmy looks at the basement door and sees Charity’s face disappear. He says he’ll do anything to save them. Tabitha mentions only one thing can save them, and she has it. She reaveals a claw clutching a huge pearl-like object and says the Bennett house is about to be recduced to a pile of rubble. Timmy wants to do something to save Charity.

Ethan and Theresa…

As Theresa and Ethan come closer to making love, she asks him if he brought any protection. He admits he doesn’t because he didn’t expect this to happen. He says maybe this is a good thing-it stopped them. He’s afraid that if they did, they might regret it in the morning. Theresa says she wouldn’t have regretted it. Ethan says they should save it for their wedding night and keep her promise to her mother. She still wishes they made love. They lie and bed and Theresa asks him what it will be like when they do-will it be as great as it is in her dreams-but their night is interrupted and they’re attention is averted elsewhere.

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