Passions Update Tuesday 4/17/01



Passions Update Tuesday 4/17/01

By Joey

Tabby and Timmy: Harmony's Own Dynamic Duo
Tabitha is over-joyed, completely happy with herself and getting rid of Hecuba. The two sip Mar-timmies and Tabby begins to laugh gleefully. Good ol' Tim-Tim asks why Tabby is laughing and so happy and she lets him in on her plan for the double wedding that Theresa so desperately wants. The two argue over Theresa and the current situation she is in. Timmy claims that everything she has done was done out of love for Ethan where Tabby believes that Theresa is just scheming and manipulative. *Hmm I wonder if the writers have seen some of the posts in the newsgroup?? lol* She says that Sheridan and Luis deserve to be happy but that Theresa "deserves everything that is coming to her!" Tabitha then gets a strange feeling that just suddenly comes over her, she gets up, and puts on some tango music. She picks up Dollface and the two do the tango like Sheridan and Luis! *Woo Hoo, Go Timmy!* The two sit on the couch and Tabby is still joyful with the current change of luck in her life. Tabitha has a vision of Grace and her new baby boy and Timmy thinks its wonderful! But Tabby tells Timmy that not all is what it seems.... *Hmmmm* Harmony's "Ill-Fated Foursome"

Things are getting hot and steamy at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home today, when Theresa tells Ethan that she wants him. In between their passion Ethan asks Theresa if this is what she really wants and she does. The two come pretty close to making love and then Theresa recalls making a promise to her mother to wait until she is married to have sex. Theresa conscience gets the best of her and Ethan appears to be okay with it... He says that he knows another way that they can celebrate their love for one another without making love. Ethan tells her to lay back down, close her eyes and Ethan will show her that there a ways to profess love for one another without doing anything. Moments later, Theresa opens her eyes and the living room is filled with candles and a smiling Ethan, asking if she would like to dance. *Awwwwww!!!* Theresa grins and comments on how romantic Ethan is and he says that moments like these are making love at its finest. The two dance for a few moments and are back to kissing again. Ethan pulls away, claiming that he has to go and Theresa tells him that he can't go. Ethan then calls Theresa on her promise to her mother and she simply states that she loves Ethan and the two begin to kiss again.

Meanwhile, at the cottage, Sheridan and Luis finish their dance as Luis swings Sheridan around. Sheridan comments that he has to be careful for she doesn't want him "to throw his back out..." claiming that he will need it tonight. *Whoah!* The two make it to the bedroom where they make love once again. The next scene we see is Sheridan and Luis in the "afterglow" and the telephone rings. Luis tells Sheridan that she shouldn't answer it and she lets her answering machine get it. It turns out that it was the travel agent calling, confirming Ethan and Theresa's wedding gift. (the honeymoon to Spain) Sheridan gets all sorts of excited but then notices that Luis isn't happy at all. She calls him on it and he tells Sheridan how he feels about all the pressure that Theresa has put on him about a double wedding. Sheridan then tells Luis that she is happy and that when the time is right for both of them they will get married... much to the liking of Luis. Sheridan and Luis then engage into a conversation about honeymoons and sex. She says that a friend once told her that it was more intense than any other sex. A grin sweeps across Luis's face as he comments that he couldn't imagine it being more intense than what they just did. *Whoah Luis!! lol* A grin comes across Sheridan's face and the two make love once again. Luis then has a dream of coming home with Sheridan from their honeymoon. In his dream, Luis regrets that he had waited too long to propose. When he wakes up, Luis wonders if the dream was trying to tell him something? He then gets up and walks into the other room and begins to talk to himself... and practices proposing, all while Sheridan looks on in the hall!!! *Awww yeahhh Shuis fans!!* Hell's Closet

Today we got a glimpse of the new Simone Russell, portrayed by Chrystee Pharris. Simone once again argues with Kay and tells her that she would be foolish if she went into Hell. Kay tells her that she must go and as the way she sees it, "not having a soul is an advantage." Meanwhile in the Bennett kitchen, everyone sits around the table and tries to comfort Pilar as well as try to figure out how to save Charity. Reese then notes that for Evil to come to Harmony, someone would have to invite it...unless it has been living in Harmony way before these occurrences. Grace and Pilar can not imagine that anyone in Harmony would invite Evil. Grace gets up and Sam comes over to talk to her. They get on the subject of the loss of Grace's baby and Sam tells her that he has lost a child too. It finally looks like it is sinking in, that Grace isn't the only person hurting in this heart breaking situation yet the two argue some-what quietly again. Jessica comes over and plays mediator. She also lets her parents know that she infact knows that Ethan is Sam's son and tells her father that it is ok, that they understand... "...that they know it wasn't his fault." *You go Jess!!!* They then hear a scream from upstairs and find Simone horrified that both Kay and Miguel have gone into Hell. She explains to everyone that Kay has jumped into Hell after Miguel and Grace comments that she can not lose yet another child. She tries to use her powers but the serpent that appeared in the closet tells her that they have the three teens and that they will never let them go! The group falls helpless as they find themselves being able to do nothing but listen to what is going on in Hell. Miguel can't seem to find Charity who is still screaming for help, while Kay offers to stay in Hell if they allow Charity and Miguel to go free. Grace tries once again to help and the Bennett home explodes with the tension from Hell. The scene closes with the house in pieces and only Sam being to move out of the rubble. *Ohhhh noo!!!*

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