Passions Update Friday 4/13/01



Passions Update Friday 4/13/01

By Christine

Miguel and Kay are standing outside Charity’s room-Miguel is about to go back into hell. Kay doesn’t want him to go and Miguel tries to explain to her when you love someone so much, you’ll do anything for them. Kay says he’s wrong-she knows the love he feels. Miguel thinks she’s talking about Reese but she says she’s not-there’s people she loves so much she’d die for. Miguel reminds her he’s not talking about family. He’s talking about the kind of love he and Charity share. Kay then finally admits to Miguel that she loves him-more then friends and she would do anything for him. Miguel confesses that if Charity had never come into his life, it would have been him and Kay together and he’d risk his life for Kay too. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. Kay tells him to stay put for a second and she leaves the room and comes back with a necklace with the pendant of the Saint Miguel is named after. Miguel tells her if he can’t comeback with Charity, he’s not coming back at all and if he doesn’t, tell his mother he loves her. Kay again tries to stop him but he says if she really loves him, she’ll let him go. He then kisses her (right smack on the lips!!) and goes into Charity’s room. He opens the door to her closet, kisses the necklace Kay gave him, and dives in to save Charity.

Sheridan and Ethan are having a conversation in the kitchen about the whole marriage situation. Sheridan’s one wish is to marry Luis but he’s so involved in his work and supporting his family that he is not in the position for marriage. Ethan tries to convince her by saying she should seize the moment before it slips away. He says if they know they’re going to be together anyway, why wait? Sheridan doesn’t want Luis to feet pressured (although that is exactly what Theresa is doing to them!). Ethan tells he she shouldn’t sacrifice what she really wants for him-this marriage is all about finding the right person. Sheridan agrees and goes to the door of the kitchen.

In the living room, Theresa and Luis are having their own conversation regarding marriage. Theresa continues to try to convince Luis to go in the kitchen and ask Sheridan to marry him. Luis looks like he’s about to, but hesitates at the kitchen door. He doesn’t want to start the marriage off on the wrong foot-marrying her because of a fortune cookie. They’ll be married on their own timetable there’s no wedding in the near future.  Theresa tells him it sounds like he thinks marriage is so unpleasant. Luis wished she would come back to reality-marriage isn’t the last page in a fairy tale, its about love and you should take your time-he wants it to be right. While standing at the door, Sheridan hears Luis say he is not going to ask Sheridan to marry him today. That would be the worst thing he could do. Sheridan turns to Ethan who is angry at his decision. He urges Sheridan to tell Luis how she really feels. Luis tells Theresa to just think about her planning her wedding with Ethan-there will only be one bride and one groom and leaves to talk to Sheridan in the kitchen.

Theresa and Luis go into the kitchen to talk with Sheridan and Ethan. Theresa says they had the best talk about marriage. She is still convinces they are going to have a double wedding. Ethan admits he used to be like Luis-thinking and planning all ahead of time but ever since he met Theresa, that has become a thing of the past. Luis tells him he and Sheridan aren’t ready yet and Ethan again tells Sheridan to tell Luis how she really feels. She says she can’t and her and Luis soon leave. As Luis gets the car, Sheridan tells herself that she wishes Theresa’s dreams of a double wedding will come true.

Timmy and Tabitha are back at home with Hecuba in her bottle. Timmy is afraid she still has powers from inside the bottle and Tabitha puts it across the room just to make she she won’t try anything. Hecuba knocks from inside the bottle. She admits defeat to Tabitha and tries to convince them that they have won the battle. Timmy is suspicious of her as he should be because Hecuba is just scheming to get out of the bottle to destroy them both. But Tabitha continues to talk to her and tells her her powers are gone and begins to tell her of her plans of planting evil in all the couples in Harmony. She says the worse part is not being able to see them all follow through, all her evil is wasted. Tabitha is intrigued by Hecuba’s evil doings as she confesses she put the serpent in the closet and tries to convince Tabitha to let her out so they can both watch the destruction in her mirror. Hecuba continues to tell her about the Chinese restaurant-Luis and Sheridan and Ethan and Theresa, Grace and Sam (she makes Grace see all the negative things in Sam), Chad (Julian as his father), Rebecca and Ivy, and Julian murdering his sister. Tabitha is still tempted by Hecuba as she promises to pass her powers to Tabitha. Timmy tells her she can’t trust Hecuba, but is ignored when Tabitha tries to open the bottle and has to result in smashing it. Little does she know its all a trick and Hecuba is not done with her yet.


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