Passions Update Thursday 4/12/01


Passions Update Thursday 4/12/01

By Joey

Heart-to-Hearts In Harmony Today on Passions!

Tabitha and Timmy: Blinded By The Sight!

Timmy and Tabby are hard at work trying to get back that bottle that contains Hecuba! They go up to the Crane Mansion to recover the bottle and Tabby once again informs  Timmy that if anyone is to open that bottle with Hecuba inside, their lives would be over. Meanwhile, Julian makes his way up to his bedroom, tired and confused over the night’s events to find a ready and willing Rebecca in his bed! Julian lets Rebecca in on his plight of the evening and she tries to open the bottle. She tries as hard as she can, with some comments from Julian of course (lol) and they decide to leave the bottle alone. Rebecca then gets “kinky” with Julian and decides that she wants to play a game. Julian opens his trunk of tricks and tells his “sweet pet” that they can play any game they want! Rebecca
then gets an idea and says that they can use the bottle in one of their “games”, much to the liking of Julian.

Outside, Timmy is forced to climb up to Julian’s window and fetch “that bloody bottle!!” --after they have a run in with the Crane watch dog! As he climbs his way up, Timmy
vows that in his next life he is going to come back as Spiderman!! --And nothing could have prepared the little guy for what he is about to see! Timmy peers into Julian’s window and declares that Rebecca and Julian are playing dress up! He shouts down to Tabby and says that Julian is dressed up as Aladdin and she tells her faithful friend to not watch! *Listen to her Timmy!! Listen!* Poor Tim-Tim asks why Rebecca keeps losing pieces of her genie costume and “what is Julian doing to her?!” When Timmy finally realizes what they are doing he can’t believe his eyes and falls, landing on Tabby’s head once again in
that familiar crashing scene! *LOL She told you Timmy!!*  The two sit down after Timmy informs his princess that he is totally blind! Tabby thinks its hysterical, but poor Timmy! He feels as if he will never get his sight back! He rubs his eyes and realizes that his vision has returned and thanks God that he can see again! Tabby then again declares that they must get that bottle back as Julian and Rebecca start in on another round of their *cough*

Tabby begins to howl like a cat and it totally ruins the mood for Rebecca. She tells Julian that he has to do something about that cat that is outside! Julian runs to the window and tells “the cat” to be quiet but it doesn’t work! Losing his patience and will, he throws the bottle at the cat and it lands right on Tabby’s head! He goes back to his Rebecca as she convinces him that they will get the bottle back in the morning and Tabby couldn’t be more happier! She tells Hecuba that this is the end of her and Hecuba declares that she is not down and out just yet!

Sooner Than Later?

Luis looks at Sheridan with the most confused look on his face as he had thought that they agreed to wait when it comes to marriage. Sheridan confesses to Luis that she would like to get married sooner than later and start a family as Pilar, Ethan and a gleeful Theresa look on. Luis is confused as he thought that they decided it was best that they not rush into things. Sheridan then feels that she is pressuring Luis and then Pilar declares that Luis
and Sheridan should discuss this personal matter alone. Theresa then decides to put on some coffee and Sheridan, feeling like she has stepped too far says that she will join her. Pilar then looks at a picture of Miguel and decides that she is going to go to the Bennetts to check on her son. Ethan and Luis have a heart-to-heart about marriage and his situation with Sheridan. *Awwww, it’s so cute when these two get along!* Ethan confesses to Luis
that he somehow knew that marrying Gwen was a mistake and he is glad that he didn’t. Luis then makes a comment to the effect that marriage is a big commitment and Ethan
asks Luis if he is having doubts that he is to be with Sheridan. Luis then says that he has never felt this way about any other woman in his life and confesses his love for Sheridan. Ethan then tries to instill courage in Luis to propose to Sheridan, while Theresa and Sheridan have their own heart-to-heart in the kitchen!

Theresa tries to put some confidence in Sheridan that she wasn’t pushing Luis too hard about marriage, but it seems no help. Sheridan tells Theresa that she is afraid she is
pressuring Luis to marry her and is afraid of losing the love in her life. Theresa is at a loss for words and poor Sheridan just hangs her head. Theresa says that the two should just marry being that “they are going to marry anyway!” and feels that there will be a double wedding after all. Ethan comes in to talk to Sheridan and tells her that Luis loves her so much and that she shouldn’t be feeling discouraged. Meanwhile, Theresa works on Luis
and tells him that he is just dragging his feet. Luis tells her with a slight smile that unlike her, he thinks before he acts. Theresa playfully hits Luis and tells him to get his butt in the kitchen and ask Sheridan to marry him--right now! The scene closes with Luis smiling and Theresa giving him a look that says: What are you waiting for?!

The Bennett Home

Kay is just a complete mess today when she thinks that Miguel has died. She realizes that he isn’t breathing and totally begins to panic. Sam finally gets a pulse back on Miguel and asks Reese to help him get Miguel out of the room. They take Miguel downstairs to the couch where they place an ice pack on his wound from the serpent. Reese still can’t believe how Grace saved Miguel’s life. Grace corrects him and says that it wasn’t her, but
God that had saved Miguel. Miguel awakes, in horrible pain and wants to go back to save Charity right away. As he tries to get up, clutching his stomach the group tries to make him lay back down. He turns to Sam and tells him that he has to go save Charity because she is his life and he loves her more than anything. Once again he tries to get up and no one stands in his way. Sam looks at Miguel almost in amazement over his courage and love for Charity, but the truth is.. Miguel is too weak. Miguel manages to get back on the couch and Pilar shows up. She can’t believe what has happened to her son and thanks
Grace for saving his life. Grace questions Pilar on whether or not she had premonitions that Miguel was in danger and she says that it was just her motherly instincts. They are
now in the kitchen crushing herbs that she hopes will help her son. Meanwhile, Miguel manages to get up off the couch yet again and attempts to go upstairs to save Charity. Kay walks into the room, while Reese comments to Jessica that he is keeping logs of these events to send to Steven King. *And what a book that would make!* She can not believe what she sees: an empty couch! She rushes to the stairs to stop Miguel from saving Charity again. She says that she won’t allow him to go into Hell again and he says that he loves her for being a friend and caring about him but he has to go save Charity; “he is the only one that can do so.” Kay manages to get ahead of him and says that she won’t let him go into Hell again and the scene closes with Miguel demanding Kay to move because he has to save the woman he loves.. Charity.

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