Passions Update Wednesday 4/11/01



Passions Update Wednesday 4/11/01

By Christine

Chad admits to Whitney she has changed his life by being there for him through the search for his parents. Whitney yells them they’ll always be there for each other. Chad has never had anyone to depend on but himself and he likes the idea of them being a couple-always together “we”. Chad tells her how good he feels and kisses her. He asks finally asks her out on a formal date to see the move Along Came A Spider and is surprised when Whitney tells him she can’t go. Chad asks her for the next weekend and the weekend after that, but Whitney is booked with tennis matches and practice. He tells her he understands she must do it, but Whitney still asks if they should forget about dating and of course Chad objects-they’ll make time for each other-see each other in the morning instead if they have to. They walk and Whitney thanks him for not giving up on her.

Luis asks his mother to leave him and Sheridan alone for a moment. He tells Sheridan he must be honest about his feelings. After the night at the restaurant, Sheridan fears the worst. But Luis tells her he doesn’t want to end their relationship, he loves her and has never felt the same about another woman. He doesn’t want them to rush into anything and Sheridan agrees. Luis wants her to understand he’ll never hurt her.

Outside her house, Grace feels there is something terribly wrong. She goes inside and follows the screams of the children to Charity’s room to find Miguel half swallowed by the serpent. Sam dives in to help Miguel but ends up being choked by the monster. As Grace falls to her knees to pray for help, the angel girl appears to her. She tells her she can help Sam and Miguel-use her powers, its time, look inside her soul. Grace doesn’t understand. The kids are wondering who Grace is talking to as the angel continues to tell Grace she can help them. Grace begins to feel the power and is illuminated with her “powers”. She shoots he light at the monster and summons him back to hell. After many attempts, the monster lets go of Miguel and the serpent returns fire at her. After looking in pain, she shields herself with her hand and calls upon the powers of heaven. She returns the serpents own fire and he goes back to hell. The light leaves Grace and you hear the angel girls voice telling her there are still many battles to be fought. Everyone is amazed by Grace and Kay turns the attention to Miguel who is unconscious on the floor. Sam tells everyone to back up and opens his shirt to reveal his injuries caused by the monster.

TC and Eve are at home and TC picks up a picture of Whitney. He says how perfect she is, like Eve and how she takes after Eve’s strength and smarts. TC mentions how he still feels guilty about his suspicions of Eve and how he knows there are no secrets between them. He leaves the room and Eve picks up the picture and says to herself she hopes no one in her family learns of her secret. She couldn’t take their disappointment. A while later, Chad and Whitney arrive. Chad tells TC he will never get in the way of Whitney’s tennis dreams. TC says he knows this and also something else-he knows he helped her practice after she lost her big match and how he knows Chad supports Whitney. TC and Whitney begin to go over her date book and Eve and Chad go into the kitchen to make sandwiches. In the kitchen, Chad confesses to Eve that whenever he dreams about his mother, she always has his face but is glad she is not his mom because of Whitney. On his way serve the sandwiches, he turns to tell Eve she should have had a son-he would love and admire her. Eve says to herself that her son would have been blessed if he was half the man Chad is.

Ethan, still looking at the computer, asks Theresa why didn’t she tell him about it? Pilar comes into the room and Theresa tells her Ethan found the files about his paternity which they thought were erased. It turns out, Ethan is speaking about a poem Theresa wrote about him and reads it aloud. He reads it and tells her he loves her then asks why they were so nervous when he wanted to see the files? Pilar says she knows how Theresa gets embarrassed when people read her writings.  They begin to discuss elaborate and expensive plans for their wedding as Pilar looks nervously at her checkbook. After more discussing, Pilar interrupts and tells them its going to be expensive and she can’t stress the families finances any further. Ethan tells her he’ll take care of it but then remembers he’s not a Crane anymore-he can’t afford it. Pilar tells him they are old fashioned anyway-the brides side should pay. She tells them they can get married at the church by Father Lonigan and have the reception at the youth center where Luis works. Theresa looks disappointed at first but then says it will all be great but Ethan wanted to give her the wedding of her dreams. Then Theresa suggests a way to have the wedding they want at ½ the price-a double wedding (surprise, surprise). Then Luis and Sheridan walk into the room and Theresa tells them her double wedding idea-it’s the perfect solution. Pilar thinks she’s crazy and Theresa says everyone thinks her dreams are crazy but they always come true and that the other couple is Luis and Sheridan and continues to daydream about the wedding. She tries to convince Sheridan and Luis to go along with it but Luis tells her they don’t want to rush and Sheridan agrees it’s a big decision. Luis mentions they haven’t been together long and that marriage is not the best for them at this time and asks Sheridan “Right?” and she is very hesitant to answer.

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