Passions Update Tuesday 4/10/01



Passions Update Tuesday 4/10/01

By Joey

Wedding Plans, Oh Wedding Plans

Ethan and Theresa are still in the park, daydreaming about their wedding. Ethan suggests that they write their own vows and Theresa thinks its a wonderful idea, but wants to include the traditional ones as well. With that familiar smile, Ethan tells Theresa that he couldn't leave those out, for he wants everyone to know about the trust and honesty that serves as a basis of their marriage. Theresa then has a flashback to when her mother has told her *repeatedly* to tell Ethan that she knew the truth about his paternity before someone else does. Theresa is then snatched from flashback to see Ethan adoringly happy,
explaining how he can't wait to tell the whole church about how much he loves his sweet, wonderful, and honest Theresa. The two then run into the bride and groom that were having their wedding pictures done in the park, and they talk about weddings. The bride has a few words of advice for the two and tells them that if they plan on getting married soon, that they had better start planning now! After they leave, Theresa then begins to panic as she feels that they should go to her house and start planning their wedding right away!!

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis aren't too far behind and Sheridan comments on how glad she is that Ethan is so happy. Luis also comments that Theresa and Ethan
actually do look happy and he turns to Sheridan, asking her if she in fact happy. Sheridan thinks right away
to her fortune in the restaurant and tells Luis that she is happy... but he knows you better than that Sheridan!! Luis knows exactly what she is thinking about and tells her that the noodle test and the fortune do not matter at all. *You tell her Luis! Tell her until she understands! lol* He says that all that matters is that they love one another. Theresa and Ethan then sneak up on the two during another one of their loving moments and says that they have to have to be going right away because they have so much to plan for their wedding! Sheridan then looks over at the happy bride and groom and wonders to herself if she will be like the happy couple with Luis.

At The Lopez-Fitzgerald Home

Pilar arrives home after getting coffee from the Book Cafe to find Ethan and Theresa attempting to plan their wedding. Theresa falls into a tailspin, as she talks so rapidly it almost doesn't make sense! Pilar then interrupts her, tells her to calm down and that everything will get done for wedding! *Whew, it was about time someone gave that girl a chill pill! Whew! lol* That familiar side of Luis, you know the one that's so protective over his little sister, begins to shine as he asks the two if they have even thought of where they will live. Sheridan offers the two her cottage and that she can just put on addition for them to live in. Ethan says that it was very nice of her to offer her cottage and addition but he needs to provide for Theresa. Pilar then offers her home until they get on their feet but Ethan feels that he should provide his new wife with a home. Luis then asks Ethan if he has any work lined up for himself and he admits that he has a few interviews but no resume because he never needed one being a Crane. Theresa then decides that the two of them can make a resume on her computer. Pilar then pulls her daughter aside and asks her if she deleted everything off her computer about Ethan's paternity. Theresa then tries to reassure her mother that she already deleted the files and takes the computer over to Ethan.

Meanwhile, Sheridan still ponders her future with Luis as Ethan and Theresa create his resume. Ethan notes that he is only worked for Alistair and doesn't know what kind of recommendation he would give him being that he isn't a Crane anymore. Seeing the look on Sheridan's face, Pilar tells her son that there are some dishes in the kitchen if he wouldn't mind helping her. *Doesn't everybody know that old trick!? That's the code for" we have to talk! lol* Luis says that he will help his mother and while in the kitchen Pilar asks what is wrong with Sheridan. Luis then explains to his mother what happened at Sally's House of Noodles and Pilar asks if he is really ready for a commitment with Sheridan. He tells his mother that he has never felt like this for any other woman.. not even including Beth! Pilar says that she doesn't want to see Sheridan hurt, but that she is different from most women. She tells her son that Sheridan needs commitment in her life and that if he isn't ready to commit to her now, he should let her know now.

Meanwhile, Theresa leaves to go get a copy of her resume to show Ethan and he talks to Sheridan on how he has to stop acting and thinking like a Crane. Ethan
then knocks over the computer and Sheridan asks if he deleted his resume. He tells her that computers are
amazing and that anything that was deleted can be easily retrieved. Theresa walks back in shouting "Oh my God!" as she hears Ethan uttering these small, yet very
large words. She then covers up and says that there was something else she had to do before their wedding.
Theresa then gives Ethan her resume and frantically looks through her computer to find the files she had on Ethan. *Smooth move Theresa...* Ethan thinks that Theresa is trying to find his resume and offers to help her but she declines. He then gets real playful with Theresa and wonders what she is hiding and accidentally a file comes up! Ethan then questions Theresa as to what this file is and she says that she deleted the file! Ethan then
tells her that he didn't and can't believe that she could keep something like this from him! Sheridan then makes her exit to give the two some time and goes into the
kitchen. She walks into Pilar telling Luis that he has to tell Sheridan now that he doesn't plan on making a commitment to her!! Sheridan obviously looks devastated and says she is sorry for interrupting their private conversation. She goes to leave and Luis tells her not to
because he has to tell her something... and he has to tell her now!

At The Book Cafe and The Bennett Home

The gang is still praying for the safe return of their beloved Charity. *Awww, makes you wish you had friends like that!* Kay looks at a very sad Miguel Reese
tells her that he is so sad because he loves Charity more than anything in the world. Kay understands what
Reese is saying and hopes that her cousin will never come back!! *Ouch Kay!* Pilar decides to come by the Book Cafe and asks why Miguel is praying . *Duh
Pilar, the love of his life is trapped in Hell!! lol* He says that he is praying for strength because his life is
so much more difficult without his Charity. Pilar tries to encourage her son to keep the faith just like Father Lonigan has told everyone to do. Shortly after Miguel says goodbye to Pilar and tells her to tell Luis and Theresa that he loves them very much. After she leaves, Miguel comments on how it might be the last time he will ever
see her and his family! Reese at first isn't sure what he is talking about and Miguel clears the air and lets him know that he is going back to the Bennett home to save Charity!

Back at the Bennett home in Charity's room, Miguel commands the demons of Hell to reveal themselves, in hoping that he will open the portal to Hell just like Father Lonigan did.... but not before Kay tries to convince him that he shouldn't do it! After the portal doesn't open, Miguel becomes confused and Kay comments that maybe it wasn't meant for him to save Charity. *Geeze girlie, be subtle!* But that doesn't hold Miguel back! He is not about to give up on Charity and feels as if there is a part
missing from the puzzle. He turns to Kay and asks her if there is something that he should know about. Kay has a
flashback to when she helped Hecuba throw Charity into the fires of Hell! *Guilty crimes can only haunt guilty minds Kay!* Kay then tells Miguel that she has
told him everything he needs to know about Charity's disappearance into Hell. Miguel thanks Kay and begins to pray once again for the portal to Hell be opened. The demons then let it be known that they are there, and with a little more praying, the portal is opened! Kay tells Miguel that he must stop because he doesn't have a ladder and he tells her that he simply doesn't care because there isn't enough time... he must save Charity! Just then a huge serpent like creature pops out of Hell and attacks Miguel!!

The Crane Mansion

Today Ivy demands that the head of Crane Securities (Jerry) comes over to the main house to investigate who sent the e-mail to the tabloids. Elsewhere in the house, Rebecca is gleefully talking to herself, saying that she was the one who sent the letter to the tabloids and Ivy walks in on her! Ivy can't believe what she heard and
calls her on it! Rebecca pulls the innocent act...but it's ok! Because Ivy isn't talking about the letter. She is talking about the tacky furniture that she sent over to be placed in her bedroom! A bold Rebecca then tells her that all she wanted to do was start decorating her home for she will be Mrs. Julian Crane! Ivy quickly corrects her and says that she will be the only Mrs. Julian Crane and Rebecca goes even further to say that there is nothing Ivy can do about Julian divorcing her! A furious Ivy says that there is always something she can do!! --and she's going to start by "pulling out her poorly colored hair, strand by
strand!" *LOL, you tell her Ivy!!* Rebecca then runs away from Ivy and as she is chasing her, Jerry shows up from Crane Securities and asks what is going on. Rebecca innocently declares that it was wrong of her to order furniture being that there wasn't a divorce yet. Ivy then looks at Rebecca completely disgusted and wonders why she is throwing around all of these apologies... after all, Rebecca has never apologized in her whole life!
Rebecca then tells Ivy that she is under a lot of stress and puts forth a proposition. Rebecca asks Ivy that if
she can convince Julian to give her a big settlement check for the divorce, will she in fact divorce him and let the two get married? Ivy is totally beyond annoyed and tells her where its at! Rebecca then reminds Ivy that she is in the situation that she is in because of the tabloids and that if she was Ivy, she would be working extra hard to find out who sent the e-mail to the paper. Ivy then catches on to Rebecca's game. She thinks that Rebecca is trying to keep her busy so she can snatch Julian out from under her
nose! Rebecca then coolly claims that she should be concentrating on who sent the letter to the tabloids. Jerry then turns to Ivy and says that they have run into a problem at the tabloids regarding confidentiality. Rebecca sticks her nose in again and asks if they can trace where the e-mail came from on the "laptop." Ivy then turns to Rebecca and asks how she knew it came from a laptop. Rebecca once again plays it cool and says that she just
assumed. *Well you know what they say about assuming don't you? lol* Ivy then calls Rebecca on her helpfulness and she claims that she will be a Crane soon so she wants to find out who destroyed their lives so it won't happen to her!

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