Passions Update Monday 4/9/01



Passions Update Monday 4/9/01

By Christine

At the restaurant, Chad doesn't believe his fortune. Whitney says she usually doesn't believe in fortunes. Chad says he would never hurt anyone he loved, and Whitney doesn't have a brother, like her fortune implied. Ethan tells him you can't take those seriously and Chad agrees. Theresa points out that hers and Ethan's fortune wasn't bad.
At another booth, Julian drops the bottle containing Hecuba. While the bottle is on its side, she tried to push the cork out, but its stuck. Julian then picks it up. Chad tells the group to check out the "master of the universe" he looks wasted. Chad tells Ethan he's lucky Julian is not his father anymore. Theresa suggests they all go for a walk and Ethan and Chad leave the table to go thank Sally. Theresa tells Whitney not to pay attention to their fortunes. Hers said there would be two brides and two grooms and her and Chad. Whitney points out that her and Chad haven't been on a first date yet. Theresa agrees and says its probably Luis and Sheridan.

Outside, Luis and Sheridan walk with the glitter still falling from the sky. Sheridan thinks its magic until they see a bride and groom who are about to take their pictures. They have walked right into a wedding. The photographer asks them to move and not be in the way but the couple come over and asks the two to share in their celebration. They hand Luis and Sheridan a glass of champagne and they toast and drink to love.

At the hospital, Eve tells Grace her hopes of her son being alive. How she hopes her son will return one day at her doorstep. Grace tells her TC must know the truth to be prepared if the day should ever come. Eve says she owes it to her child to tell TC the truth-she doesn't want to act like he doesn't exist, as some dark secret in the closet. Grace mentions if Sam would have told her the truth, she wouldn't have lost her baby and Eve points out that she never forgave him. Grace urges her to tell TC the truth-he loves her. Then TC comes in and asks Eve if she's alright. Eve admits she's had a lot on her mind with the whole DNA deal with Chad. It made her think of trust and how a marriage should be based upon trust-even telling secrets in minds and hearts, which could destroy a marriage. TC agrees and tells her she knows she sensed his fears- that Julian and her were together and had Chad as their baby. Eve admits this is true and everything should be out in the open. She begins to tell TC about her and Julian when TC cuts her off and tells her his suspicions. He feels guilty about being suspicious of the one he loves. He thinks that maybe the evil that everyone was talking about made him think this. He tells her he loves her and is ashamed that he thought she'd lie and had the idea that her and Julian had an affair and had Chad as their son. He apologizes and asks Eve to forgive him. He had to hear the results for himself to keep himself from going after Julian and killing him. If he did, he'd be in jail and their marriage would be destroyed as well as Whitney who seems to be falling in love with Chad. If the suspicion were true, it would poison their marriage forever. Grace urges Eve to tell TC her truth. TC asks what it is and Eve says its not as important as his and she just wanted to tell him she loved him. She tells TC she's glad he told her and they can put this behind them. TC is happy and asks her to go home with him. She agrees but says she needs to take care of a few things first. When alone, Grace is mad that she didn't come clean to TC. Eve told her TC said their marriage would have been over. Grace reassures her that TC loves her and would have forgiven her. What's going to happen if her son really does end up at her doorstep one day. Eve says she'll worry about that when the time comes. Eve leaves and Sam asks Grace if he can walk her to her room. Before she can answer, she becomes faint and Sam rushes to get her water. Grace has a psychic vision about Grace and her family when the secret comes out-and it destroys everyone.

Luis and Sheridan continue to watch the married couple. Sheridan says how sweet it is and Luis kisses her as she wonders to herself if it will ever be her and Luis walking down the aisle. Ethan, Theresa, Chad and Whitney find the two on their walk and Theresa thinks this wedding they stumbled onto was not a coincidence but a sign that another couple will join them on their wedding day. She tells Ethan she knows who it will be-Luis and Sheridan. Ethan points out that they might not be ready. Theresa daydreams about a double wedding with the two, but stops when she realizes it can't be them because their noodle broke. Ethan points out that they didn't pass either and it's a silly tradition. Then she has a fantasy about Chad and Whitney in their wedding. But then Theresa thinks they can't be because of Chad's fortune. Ethan tells her not to take things so seriously-he just wants her to be at their wedding. Luis is daydreaming of his and Sheridan's wedding as he watches the groom take off the bride's garter. Sheridan admits she always dreamed of a traditional wedding. Sheridan wonders how people know when they are to be married, and Luis points out that poets have been trying to figure it out for centuries. Whitney too is dreaming of her and Chad's wedding. Chad asks her what she's thinking about, but she says nothing. She wonders if the couple fell in love at first sight. Chad admits he used to believe in it but realized people fall in love in different ways-he and Whitney hated each other at first. Nothing will separate them. Chad brings up Theresa's double wedding fantasy and Whitney thinks Theresa's silly to think they'd make the second couple-they haven't been on a date yet. Chad suggests they skip dating and head to the altar. In her mind, Whitney wonders if she's ready to get married, if she could focus on her tennis with Chad in her life.

Back at the docks, Timmy and Tabitha are still looking for the bottle. Timmy wants to go home, but Tabitha must find it. Timmy says maybe its in China, and Tabitha says she has a feeling Hecuba is close by. Julian almost leaves the bottle at the restaurant and says to himself its garbage-its not worth anything. Hecuba puts a spell on the bottle so that Julian cant let it go. As Julian tries to pry it off, he bumps into Tabitha. Julian tells Timmy to not play doll with him-he knows he's alive. If they don't stop following him, he'll have them arrested. Timmy speaks "You and what army?". Julian says he heard him speak, and Tabitha says he never spoke to her and Julian leaves. Timmy comes back to life and says he told him off good, but Tabitha says the Cranes are worse then Hecuba. A man comes by them as they're sitting on a bench and asks to buy the doll. He mentions he had a bottle he found floating in the water. Tabitha asks who found the bottle and the man describes Julian. They leave to find him. Julian has ended up at the same park as the other three couples and Ethan sees him and asks if he's following them. Julian tells him he's out for air and says to himself he can't control what he is doing or where he is going. Timmy and Tabitha find Julian at the park and hide behind some bushes watching him. They see he has the bottle and is under Hecuba's influence, which can unleash evil through town. Julian got the bottle off of his hand and puts it in his pocket saying what a strange evening he's had. From inside the bottle, Hecuba puts a curse on all three couples to destroy them. Fireworks shoot from the bottle into the sky and all three couples watch thinking the photographer lit them off for the wedding.

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