Passions Update Friday 4/6/01



Passions Update Friday 4/6/01

By Christine

Tabitha, who is still on the verge of flying away by Kay’s praying, yells to Timmy to get a rope so she can anchor down and not fly away. The vial begins to choke her and Timmy tells her to throw the vial away. Tabitha says it may come in handy one day and her grip slips and she flies toward the Book Café. Tabitha falls to the ground outside the Café. Timmy asks why she fell outside when Kay was praying from inside. Tabitha thinks that Kay probably stopped praying. Timmy asks Tabitha why she doesn’t just give Kay back her soul. Tabitha simply says finders keepers, losers weepers.

Inside the café, Miguel asks Simone why Kay can’t pray in church-Reese asks too. Simone lies and says that Kay has a cold and she’s afraid of infecting other people. Miguel suggests they just pray at home and Reese goes to look for a CD ROM. Kay continues to pray and the light flickers. Simone asks why she jumped and Kay tells her about the light. Kay thinks it’s a sign from God-he wants nothing to do with her, he won’t forgive her-she’s doomed. Miguel is in another room praying for Charity. The angel girl then appears to him and he can not believe his eyes. He asks if she is real and she says she is as real as his love for Charity. She was sent to reassure him that Charity is still alive and fighting evil. There is much evil in Harmony to fight and Miguel must keep his faith in order for Charity to remain safe and hopefully return to him. The angel girl leaves and Reese comes back-he couldn’t find the CD ROM. Miguel tells him about the angel girl and how she said his faith will save Charity. Reese is skeptical at first, but then he says after seeing all the evil that was in the Bennetts house, the angel doesn’t really surprise him. He’ll keep his faith strong to save Charity from Hell.

At the Chinese restaurant, Whitney and Chad meet up with Theresa. Whitney notices she looks upset and Theresa tells her about their broken love noodle. Chad is confused about the noodle so Whitney explains the Harmony tradition to him. Ethan reassures Theresa that they are not doomed and reminds her about her fortune from the cookie. Theresa agrees that a noodle can’t predict the future and is somewhat happier. Ethan asks Chad about the outcome of the DNA tests and Chad explains that there was no match for his parents. Whitney says she hoped his parents were not bad and could possibly be friends with hers. On the other side of the restaurant, Julian is satisfying his craving and Hecuba doesn’t like the self-satisfied look on his face. Julian asks Sally for seconds and milk. She says the cats drank all the milk, but she’ll refill his wine and bring him more Meow for him. She calls to the chef for more Meow for Julian Crane and the chef goes out back to where one of the cats are eating. They sabotage Julian’s meal with cat food for payback on raising their rent. After talking about parents, Ethan admits that the more he sees Julian, the more he doesn’t like him. Chad says that he was sure his parents were in Harmony-maybe they just never were in the hospital. From inside her bottle, Hecuba says how the DNA was erased and how Julian is her Jipetto of harm. She then has a little fantasy involving a pregnant Whitney and Julian at the restaurant and her delivering the news that her baby is that of her brothers! But in reality, they are still at the table and Ethan is saying to Theresa that nothing can stop them from getting married. Whitney reminds her that the fortune teller told her she’d be Mrs.Crane. Theresa reminds her that Ethan is no longer a Crane. Sally brings out a plate of more fortune cookies and reassures the couples they are only good fortunes. Ethan gives Theresa her fortune and she opens it after Hecuba has already changed it. Hers says that she is to be married in the spring and she is with her husband at the very moment. Chad tells her it has to be Ethan because he has his eye on someone else. From inside the bottle, Hecuba says if Theresa knew what was coming to her, she’d run out screaming. Whitney opens her fortune which Hecuba put a spell on and hers says she will soon experience the love of a brother. She thinks this is odd considering she doesn’t have a brother. Theresa suggests maybe she has one she doesn’t know about. Whitney says if she did have one, she’d love him very much. Chad opens his cookie which reads-the love you give will destroy the one you love the most. He is curious as to what this means. At another table, Julian looks outside only to find Timmy alive and well again. From inside her bottle, Hecuba is trying to force to cork out of the bottle but is unsuccessful. Julian sees the bottle moving and puts his hands over it to stop it. Hecuba tells him to keep his hands to himself.

At the hospital, Sam tells TC to learn from his mistakes-little secrets get larger over time and lead to bigger trouble. TC says Eve will wonder why he doubted her, how could he love her. TC can’t belive he thought this about his perfect wife. But he’s glad he’s wrong about all this-Whitney would have been in love with her ˝ brother. Sam asks when they became a couple and TC tells him about the kiss he witnessed between them. Sam says that doesn’t mean they’re in love and TC goes back to wondering how he could have believed Eve and Julian had a child together. Sam suggests a game of basketball to get his mind off this. On the court, TC asks what could happen if he doesn’t tell Eve about his suspicions. Sam says the truth will come out eventually which will lead to their marriage unraveling. He tells him to be honest-if he would have known what would happen to Grace after she found out, he would have told her a long time ago. TC agrees he should tell Eve.

Grace is talking to Eve in another room. She said she thought Eve would be happy about the results and asks her why she’s still upset. Eve secretly hoped Chad was her son-her dead baby would have been brought back to her. Grace holds her as she cries. Eve confesses that during the DNA search, she thought of Chad as a son. She admits the truth would have brought pain to many people, but Chad took a bullet for her and admitted he wished he had a mother like her. Eve feels she has a special bond with Chad. She asks Grace if she’s crazy. Grace says no, she feels the same way about her baby-she has dreams that a nurse brings her her baby and when she wakes up, her arms are as empty as her heart. Its all because of Sam’s secret-she’ll never forgive him. She urges Eve to tell TC the truth. Eve goes to her desk and takes out the blue booties. She keeps everything she bought him. She’ll never stop hoping that one day, her son will appear at her door. Ever since Ivy put the idea in her head that her baby may be alive, he kept thinking he’s alive. Grace urges her to keep he faith and tell TC the truth.

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