Passions Update Thursday 4/5/01


Passions Update Thursday 4/5/01

By Joey

Nerves Still Wracking In The Research Room

TC is more sure than ever that Eve and Julian are Chad's parents based on Eve's behavior. Eve is completely hysterical and everyone begins to think the absolute
worse. Chad thinks that Eve thinks his parents are bad people as TC is just about sure that Chad is Eve's son.
Alistair tells Stevens that Chad must never ever know he is a Crane and then comments on how he had thought he had taken care of the matter years ago. *Things coming back to haunt you, huh Al?* Eve then informs Chad the truth: that there were no matches to his DNA! *Awwww Chad!!!* Whitney doesn't understand why her mother is so
emotional because of what she saw on the page and then Chad comments that she found out what she has known all along. Alistair is completely relieved that Stevens
deleted Chad's results. Chad then comments that Eve is so emotional because she cares so much for Chad and knew all along that there would be no matches for his DNA. Chad thanks Eve for all that she has done and Sam tells TC that he was right: there was no way that Chad could have been Julian and Eve's son! TC looks at him and says that he still could be, for Julian and Eve might not be in the DNA bank. TC then begins to interrogate Eve
on who it is exactly that has their DNA in the bank. Eve tells him that everyone, including herself and Julian, has their DNA in the bank. Everyone leaves Eve in the research
room by herself, she totally breaks down, and Whitney apologizes to a hurting Chad. Sam then tries to talk
to Grace once again and she tells him that he has to straighten out his issues with Ivy!!!
*Oh Man!* "Then they can discuss having a future together!" Eve then confesses to Grace that if TC even just mentions "Julian" she will tell him the whole

Shuis and Ether's Dinner at Sally Chin's

Poor Sheridan! Everyone tries to tell her that the fortune cookie really
doesn't mean
anything at all! It takes the gang awhile to easy her conscience about
the situation.
Sheridan basically just yeses them and "says" that she doesn't really
believe in it. She feels
jinxed and that all of her worst fears are coming true. Sally then comes
over and asks
about their fortune cookies and Sheridan tries to cover up. Luis then
shows Sally
Sheridan's fortune and she is shocked! She tells them that she is going
to call the
distributor of the fortune cookies and gives her deepest apologies. Then
they all see Julian
walk into the restaurant (under Hecuba's influence!) and Ethan comments
that he has
never seen Julian in a place like "this" before. The scene then shoots
over to Julian and he
is totally confused as to why he is there as the waitress waits on him.
Hecuba then reminds
him exactly why he is there, that she is going to help him kill his
sister! The waitress then
goes over to Sally and informs her that Julian is there and they don't
like it one bit. At first
Sally is confused as to why he is there because she paid the rent on
time --that he doubled
on her without even the littlest notice! She then asks the waitress what
he had ordered and
she said the "special." Sally then tells her that they are going to make
the special even
more special then the usual! *Uh-Oh Julian!! lol*

Sheridan then goes over to Julian and demands to know why he is there
considering he has
never used a pair of chop-sticks in his whole life! At this point he
still is pretty much
confused as to why he is even there! She then sees the bottle that he
has and questions him
about. Julian gets possessive yet infantile about the bottle and says
that it is "his bottle!!!"
As Sheridan leaves, Hecuba works her magic again on Julian and his eyes
begin to glow
that e-v-i-l red! Under Hecuba's spell, Julian tries to make his way
over to Sheridan and
Luis with his knife but is then interrupted by Sally who serves him his
meal. *Whew, close
one!* Hecuba then becomes upset that her fun was interrupted and looks
to entertain
herself a brand new way. Meanwhile, Luis gets a call from the station
and Sheridan
decides to take a walk as she is still so bummed out over her fortune!
Sheridan!* Luis comes back to the table and asks where Sheridan went and
they tell her
that she went for a walk. As Luis goes after her, Sally comes back with
a noodle that is
just about guaranteed not to break! Ethan and Theresa try their luck
with the noodle and
with a zap from her fingers Hecuba breaks the noodle!!! Sally can not
believe what she has
seen and Hecuba is completely over-joyed as Theresa is completely
devastated. Luis
finally meets up with Sheridan and she once again relays her fears to
Luis. Luis does his
best to reassure Sheridan that she will never lose him. Then Chad and
Whitney have a
strong craving for Chinese food at the hands of Hecuba! As the two walk
in, Chad looks
at Julian Crane and can not believe that he actually thought that Julian
could be his father!
He then thinks its a mistake coming there and as the scene closes Hecuba
comments that
he IS Julian Crane's son!

Timmy and Tabby And The Book Cafe

Everyone is at the Book Cafe trying to find information on how to save
Charity. Tabby is
still concerned about Hecuba and then they begin to kid around about how
she turned
Timmy into all different kinds of animals. Tabby then gets worried again
and explains that
Hecuba could be with anyone now, manipulating them into doing whatever
she wants.
They wind up talking to Miguel and the kids and Reese notes the mud on
Tabby's shoes!
He makes a comment like it looks like she came up out of the ground. *If
you only knew
Reese! lol* Tabby then tells Timmy that they have to watch out for Reese
because he is
too smart. Reese looks through more information on how to save Charity
and comments
on how he might not have destroyed all the Evil in Harmony. Tabby and
Timmy then exit
and Kay confesses to Simone about trading her soul to be with Miguel.
Simone is
completely taken back and notes that it is the most trouble she has ever
been in after Kay
explains everything. It all makes sense to Simone now and she tells Kay
that she has to go
get her soul back. Kay asks her how she can do such a thing being that
Hecuba was
destroyed, thinking her soul was destroyed as well. Simone then asks her
if she has asked God to give her back her soul and tells her to pray in
the Book Cafe. The scene shoots over to
Timmy and Tabby walking home and a strong wind trying to get Kay's soul
from around
Tabby's neck! 
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