Passions Update Wednesday 4/4/01



Passions Update Wednesday 4/4/01

By Christine

Alistair is telling the doctor in the hospital to hurry up erasing the DNA results.  The doctor has shut off the power at the hospital so Eve canít use the computer. But Chad has found a way to bypass the circuits and power is temporarily restored. Sam asks TC if he really believes that Chad is Eveís son. TC points out how nervous Eve looks. Eve is talking to Grace and tells her she thinks TC is suspicious of her and if he found out the truth, he would go crazy, divorce her and kill Julian.

At the docks, Tabitha and Timmy continue to look for the bottle containing Hecuba. Timmy mentions he thinks Hecuba gets a kick out of humiliating him. They donít know that Julian has found their bottle and Hecuba, from inside, is watching Luis and Sheridan at the Chinese restaurant. Theresa and Ethan arrive also and Hecuba vows to create a havoc among those two as well.

Theresa tells Ethan that itís a Harmony tradition for all couples to go to this Chinese restaurant and take the noodle test to see if they are ready to commit and be together forever. If the couple can eat the noodle and meet at the center, theyíll be together forever, but if it breaks, it was never meant to be. The two go inside and find Luis and Sheridan at their table. Ethan remarks that she doesnít look happy and Theresa asks Sheridan whatís wrong. The owner, Sally, is saying to them she never saw the noodle break with such a perfect couple. Sheridan begins to believe the noodle may be right and her and Luis were never meant to be. Luis tells her everything is still alright but Sheridan disagrees saying this was the only way to find out if they were ready to commit. Ethan tries to reassure her by saying she canít put all her trust in a noodle. Luis says that although the noodle broke, it doesnít mean anything. Sally agrees with him. Luis tells her that itís his feelings for her which are important and heíll always love her which will never change. Sheridan thought her life was being pulled away from her at that moment. Sally offers to bring a noodle for another test but Sheridan declines saying Luis is all she needs and Sally offers the four dinner on the house. Ethan is hesitant until Luis reminds him he is one of them now and should take free food when it is offered to him. Ethan admits he forgets heís not a Crane anymore and Theresa says they donít need money-just love and in that department, theyíre billionaires. After their dinner, Sally returns with fortune cookies. Theresa goes first and hers reads two brides for two grooms-a good sign for her dream of a double wedding or even a triple wedding of all three couples. Sheridan is next to reads hers. She opens it and reads it and after Hecuba putting a spell on what the fortune said, it is not a good one.

Julian is still at the dock and Hecuba puts a spell on him. She wants to make him her pawn and help her destroy everyone. Julianís eyes light up red and in a trance-like state, he says he must kill Sheridan. Meanwhile, Tabitha is still looking and is telling Timmy that if the bottle is found and Hecuba is released, all evil will be unleashed or she can use the person who has the bottle as a medium for her evil. Tabitha gets a chill down her spine and a feeling that Hecuba is already doing damage as they speak. Hecuba knows Timmy and Tabitha are trying to get the bottle so she wonít escape. Tabitha asks a man on the dock if he saw the bottle float by. He says a man was carrying it and directs them to Julian who is under Hecubas spell. Hecuba says Tabitha must never reach her and she must use Julian as her pawn. Tabitha yell to Julian that they need to talk to him. Julian seems to snap out of his devil-eye state, but, still under Hecubaís spell, he hides the bottle as instructed by Hecuba. Tabitha and Julian speak with each other. Julian tells Tabitha that he has seen her doll (Timmy is in his doll stage now) drinking and flashes back to a scene on a boat where he was drinking with Timmy. He says Alistair warned him about her and tells Tabitha to get away from him. She asks him about the bottle and he says he knows nothing about it and he doesnít have it. Hecuba creates a spell and knowing Julian and Timmy canít resist women, two appear on the dock. This makes Timmy come to life and Julian sees this. Julian is yelling that the doll lives and Tabitha is mad at Timmy and tells him to go back into doll mode. Timmy ignores her and fantasizes about the women. Julian thinks Tabitha is messing with his mind and sheís using the doll to make him think heís crazy. Tabitha leaves and Hecuba puts a spell on Julian and he craves Chinese food and heads to the restaurant where Luis and Sheridan are.

Back at the hospital, the power is restored and Chad canít believe that this is happening. But then the computer beeps and the screen goes black. The nurse says the computer operating system and the system shut down and needs to be rebooted. The doctor working to delete the information tells Alistair the computer is being rebooted and Alistair yells at him to destroy the evidence-the future of the empire is at stake. While everyone is waiting for the system to reboot, the nurse leaves. Chad is again getting frustrated and has second thoughts about knowing his parents again. Grace is telling Eve she must tell TC the truth. Eve says she canít do it and TC is already suspicious. Grace tells her to look at her and Sam-she lost her baby and her trust in him because of his lie. TC shouldnít have to go through that. TC is behind them and asks what is it they donít want him to go through. Whitney tells Chad that heís worked too hard and he canít throw it away. Chad wonders if his parents are going to be someone her parents donít like. Whitney refuses to let him stop-heís come so far and Chad reconsiders. In response to TCs question, Eve tells him that Grace is concerned she puts in too many hours and doesnít want her to overwork herself. She hugs TC and tells him their family is the most important thing to her and sheíd never do anything to intentionally hurt her. TC agrees that their family is most important. Eve looks at TC and looks like sheís about to confess her secret when the computer beeps and Chad asks for Eves password. She sits at the computer and TC tells Sam Eveís worried about something and being at that computer is the last thing she wants to do-if Julian and Eve are Chadís parents, heíll kill him. The doctor tells Alistair the process is almost complete. Eve is stalling at the computer and Whitney and Chad yell at her to enter her password. TC knows heís right. Eve enters her password nearly crying. All the info is nearly erased, but it comes up and everyone tells Eve to scroll down to the bottom. Alistair is yelling at the doctor to get rid of it. Chad asks Eve who his parents are as Eve stares blankly at the screen. TC asks who his  parents are knowing his suspicions are right. The doctor tells Alistair heís not sure the erasing worked and Alistair says Eve cannot find out.


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