Passions Update Tuesday 4/3/01



Passions Update Tuesday 4/3/01

By Joey

The Nerve Wracking Research Room

Eve is completely terrified in the Research Room today and takes her
sweet time scrolling
down to the results of Chad's DNA test. TC looks over at Eve's shaking
fingertips and is
even more suspicious and sure that his wife had a child with Julian
Crane! Grace then
comes over to her friend after she throws another dagger at Sam and
tells her that she
must keep it together! All the while, Alistair is pressing Stevens to
"hurry up!!" before Eve
can read the results! He wants Stevens to totally delete the DNA search.
Then Alistair
becomes really mad and at this point he demands that Stevens cuts all
the power to the
hospital! *Geeze Al!* He tries to tell Alistair that people could die
and he doesn't care
because "the Crane Empire is at stake!" *Cold, cold, cold Alistair
Crane!* Back at the
hospital room everyone awaits the results of Chad's DNA test as Eve
grows more and
more worried --and TC grows more suspicious! Just as she is about to get
to the very last
page, Stevens is very successful in cutting off the power supply to the
hospital! Eve lets
out a sigh of relief and everyone joins in an uproar over the incident.
Then the back-up
system kicks in and some power is restored throughout the hospital.
Everyone wonders if
the results will still be there but they are all informed that the
computer still wont be able
to work because there is only enough power in the hospital for the
necessities. TC
becomes even more suspicious as he thinks that his accusations are
really true! Stevens
then tries to work quickly to delete the files on Chad's DNA. Meanwhile,
Chad has an
idea to get power back into the computer and somehow gets power back
into the
computer. The scene closes with everyone looking at the computer

Hecuba and the Jeannie Bottle

Hecuba can't believe her luck! She has finally escaped from Timmy and
Tabby! She then
over hears Julian claiming that he won't kill his sister! She is
completely over joyed when
he reads his thoughts and feels as if she could have him under her spell
to do whatever she
pleases! In the meantime, Father Lonigan hears Julian and tells him to
reconsider his
actions. Just then he realizes that it is Julian's voice! Hecuba then
manages to get Julian to
pick the bottle up out of the water and take it home! Once again she is
completely amazed
with her luck and decides to use Julian as her "pawn" to destroy
Harmony... as well as
Sheridan and Luis! The scene closes with Julian's eyes glowing like Evil
Charity's!!!! *Oh
No Julian!!!!!*

Sally Chin's Chinese Commitment Challenge

Luis takes Sheridan to Sally's Chinese Restaurant and Sheridan can't
believe that Luis has
brought her here! She asks him what they are doing there and he says
that they are going
to take a test to see if they are ready for a commitment. She then gets
really conscious
about the whole situation and confesses to Luis that she is really
scared. She tells Luis that
she hasn't had any love in her life since the death of her mother and
would rather hold on
to her "illusions" than lose the love she has with Luis. Luis reassures
her that they will be
together forever and then tells her that if she is really that
uncomfortable with the test that
they can go. Sheridan then gets up the courage to go into the restaurant
and take the test.
Sally waits on them and comments that Luis has been there plenty of
times but has never
taken the "Noodle Test." She then assures Sheridan that they she has a
feeling that will be
together forever. She brings out the noodle and Sheridan and Luis begin
to take the
Noodle Test. The object of the test you ask? It is simple. The couple
must each start at
their own end of an extra long noodle and meet in the middle, finishing
with a kiss-- and
before the noodle breaks!  Anyway, it looks as if Sheridan and Luis are
just about to make
it, and just then with a zap from her finger, Hecuba breaks the noodle
and Sheridan is
completely devastated! The scene closes with Sheridan just about
speechless and in tears,
Luis trying to tell her that the test doesn't matter, and Sally in
completely shock because
she has never seen that happen before! *Oh no, Shuis!!* 
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