Passions Update Monday 4/2/01



Passions Update Monday 4/2/01

By Christine

Although Hecuba is still captured in the bottle, Timmy is unsure the bottle will hold her. He’s worried Hecuba might be able to cast a spell from inside the bottle. She’s been so quiet in there, Timmy is worrying she’s casting a spell as they speak. He’s worries are confirmed as the bottle lights up and a spell is cast transforming Timmy into a poodle! Timmy wonders why Tabitha is looking at him so strangely and goes to a mirror only  to see his reflection as a poodle. Tabitha is now scared that Hecuba can use her powers from inside the bottle. From inside, Hecuba threatens that she doesn’t need to get out of the bottle to get her revenge on Timmy and Tabitha and she then turns Timmy into a bunny, then a goat, then finally a monkey. Tabitha begs for Hecuba to turn Timmy back the way he was as Timmy begs Tabby to do something! Hecuba announces she’ll take control of her own destiny. She casts a spell which makes the bottle in Tabithas hand hot.  Tabitha drops the hot bottle into the water and it begins to float away. She grabs a fishing net and tries to get the bottle back.  As she does this, Timmy returns back to his old self. Tabitha says the spell was probably broken when the bottle hit the water. The bottle containing Hecuba continues to float away.

At the cottage, Gwen is still there talking with Ethan and Theresa. She thanks the two of them for inviting her and her mother to their wedding. She thought Ethan and Theresa may be uncomfortable. Theresa mutters she thought right as Ethan inquires about the special gift Gwen has for them at the wedding. Gwen won’t tell them but says her gift is one no one else could give and it will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Ethan can’t believe how wonderful Gwen and her mother are being and again is curious about the gift.  She lets nothing be known about the gift and she continues telling Ethan and Theresa how evidently happy they are with each other and how they are so perfect-no secrets between them. As Gwen leaves, Ethan promises to let her know the time and date of the wedding and to be prepared for it soon for they want to be married as soon as possible. After she leaves, Theresa admits she doesn’t want neither Gwen nor her mother at their wedding. She thinks they’ll be bad luck-look what happened at the engagement party they threw for them. Ethan actually agrees with that but he still wants them to go. Theresa says she just wants their wedding to be perfect. Ethan asks her if she would rather them not come. Theresa begins to think shes being silly and superstitious and that they can come. Ethan reassures her there is no more bad luck for the two of them-they make their own luck now and they will live happily ever after.

Outside, Rebecca who had previously been with Julian meets Gwen. Rebecca promises that on their wedding day, Theresas secret will be exposed and Gwen will be the one in Ethan’s arms. Gwen wonders if they should wait until their wedding day to expose Theresa or not. Rebecca says yes, they must do it on the wedding day to ensure Theresa’s destruction as they watch Ethan and Theresa kiss from the window.

Before Rebecca’s run-in with her daughter, she was at the Crane mansion trying to console Julian. She asks him if they’re still getting married and Julian says they are after his divorce with Ivy is final. She asks Julian what is bothering him and he replies that she can’t help him with this one. Rebecca doesn’t want Julian to push her out and Julian admits that his father is making him do something he doesn’t want to do. Rebecca urges Julian to stand up to his father-now that Ethan is out of the family, Alistair has no one left to be the heir to the Crane industry-he would never allow a woman (Sheridan) to take over the family business. He has nothing else but leave it to Julian. So he shouldn’t worry about being left out of the family heir. She tells him to think about the situation-soon her and Julian will be married and Alistair won’t be alive for long and soon they’ll rule it together. Julian agrees that he’s the only heir to the family and as he says this he gets a call from Alistair. As Alistair asks Julian about his plan to kill Luis and Sheridan, Rebecca urges him on to stick up to his father. Julian tells his father he won’t be able to do what he asks which infuriates Alistair and he asks Julian who he thinks he’s talking to? Alistair threatens Julian that he’d better think twice before dismissing him and Julian asks Rebecca to leave. Rebecca urges him to stay strong. Julian again tells his father he can’t kill them. Alistair says if he doesn’t there will be nothing left in his trust fund.  Again, Julian says he can’t kill his sister and flashes back to his dying mother and her wishes for Julian to watch over and protect his sister. Alistair says he’ll kill Julian as well as Luis and Sheridan if he can’t. Alistair is interrupted by a message from a doctor at the hospital saying Eve is up to something. He tells Julian they may be ably to use this against her and maybe get Eve to play the tape of Sheridan’s hypnosis session for Luis. He hangs up with Julian and calls the doctor back. The doctor tells him Eve is doing a DNA search and taps into the system to send the information to Alistair. Alistair is unable to interpret the data but a message on the screen says the information is about Chad. Alistair says someone must stop this and Eve cannot see the results. He tells the doctor to delete the files or he will destroy him. Elsewhere, Julian ends up at a doc muttering that he cannot kill his sister. Father Lonigan is behind him and tells Julian to fight the evil.

At the hospital, Eve continues to download the results. She says they may take a while to interpret. Sam comes in and asks TC if there is any news. TC says no but Eve looks nervous. Sam asks if he still believes that Chad could be Eves son. Then Grace comes in. One of the doctors sees what’s going on and makes a call to someone (Alistair) and told them Eve was up to something out of the ordinary. In the room, Chad is still anxious to know the test results and Eve tells Grace she’s slowing down the process to stall. Sam tells Grace he wants to talk to her but she says she has nothing to say to him. Sam tells TC that he should never have kept the secret from Grace. When the results are done, Whitney is surprised to find that its 100 pages long but TC says it should all be added up at the end in a summary.  Then one of the nurses comes in looking to use the computer. She’s the nurse who helped Chad after his accident. She mentions how he should really thank Eve because the two have the same blood type and she gave the blood for him. Eve is nervous after hearing this and asks Grace what she should do. Grace tells her to be honest. After Chad tells the nurse why their there, the nurse points out the summary at the end and Whitney and Chad begin to get excited. TC and Sam continue talking through all this and Sam mentions to TC that all he has are suspitions. But TC points out the obvious clues-Julians name, the stalling for the test, and the thought of Julian and Eve together makes him crazy-so crazy he could kill him. Sam thinks that maybe TC blames Julian for a past accident. TC wonders why Eve is so nervous and Sam suggests that she already knows who the parents are. Whitney is urging her mom to hurry for Chads sake. Eve still stalls as everyone asks her to scroll down as they look on.

Outside the cottage, Sheridan asks Luis how a person knows they found the one. Luis thinks that after time shared, they just know its meant to be forever. There’s also something else-they kiss. Sheridan says there must be other ways. Sheridan mentions peoples reactions to them as a couple-look at Ethan and Theresa-one look at them and you know they are meant for each other. Luis agrees. She asks Luis if he’s ready to commit then becomes apologetic for the question-forget shes even mentioned it. As she goes on about this, Luis inerupts her with a kiss and lets her know they are both on the same page of their relationship. Sheridan asks Luis how they know they are ready. He suggests going to a place for couples. They are to perform a task and those who succeed were meant to be. Sheridan is reluctant at first but then agrees to go. They leave to go to the place and Luis asks if she’s sure she wants to do this she says yes and is surprised at the place he chose.(They haven’t shown the viewers where they are yet).


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