Passions Update Friday 3/30/01



Passions Update Friday 3/30/01

By Christine

Gwen goes into her mothers room while she is in the shower and finds her dress with the red paint on it in the garbage.  She thinks its blood and fears her mother went crazy and killed Ivy or Theresa. At the hospital, TC is still very anxious to hear the results of Chads DNA results. He says its not fair to keep him waiting any longer than he already has. TC knows there is something Eve isn't telling her and Eve thinks the same of TC.  Chad is wondering about the results of his test and his future with Whitney hoping the results of the test won't be bad news for the both of them. At the cottage, Thereasa tells her brother and Sheridan that she doesn't think theres anyone out to get them. But Ethan believes they might possibly be separated by Julian and Alister. Sheridan stares out the window at Julian and prays that he may have some sort of good will and not to anything to harm her or Luis. Outside, Julian says to himself that he warned her of Luis and now she must die.

At the hospital, Whitney wonders how the news about Chads parents could be bad news for the both of them.  A frustrated and scared Chad decides hes changed his mind and doesn't want to know the results and goes to delete the results. TC tells Eve he believes the talk show she was watching brought on her guilt of a secret which made her faint. He then wants to check the results himself. Chad doesn't end up deleting the results, but still has the bad feeling.  He says to Whitney means more to him then knowing his parents which could jeapordize their relationship. Whitney is touched by this but tries to convince him not to stop searching for his parents-its the whole reason why he came to Harmony.  Chad goes on to talk about their relationship and how Whitney may be the "real thing" and this would be the first time both of them had ever felt this way. He hopes he doesn't scare Whitney by saying this and Whitney says she is a little scared and they must take it slow. She mentions that Thereasa said when she finally fell in love, she'll know what it feels like to want to do anything and everything for a person. But shes not there yet. Chad says he knows how to help her get there as he closes the door and they kiss.

Elsewhere, TC questions Eve trying to keep the results from him.  Eve agrees that Chad deserves to know and asks for a moment to pull herself together. Outside, TC says to Sam he doesnt believe hes crazy for thinking that Chad is Eve and Julians son. Sam tells him not to look for trouble-he has a solid marriage and asks TC what he would do if it turns out to be true. TC admits he doesnt know what he'd do. Sam understands but tells TC the right thing to do would be to stand behind Eve 100%. Eve, Ivy and Grace are talking and Eve says TC will kill Julian if he finds out and its no good telling him the truth. Grace disagrees and tells her she must tell him. Ivy also agrees but says she will lose her family and her life will be a mess if the truth comes out. Eve and Grace are mad that she says this. TC asks Eve if shes ready to go. As they leave, Grace mentions she wants to go back to her room and Sam asks to follow and Grace says no. She belives Sam married the wrong woman and Sam denies this. She says it wasn't Ivys responsibility to tell her about the affair-it was his.She doesn't believe him that he doesn't love Ivy anymore. She says the past has caught up with them and they must work it out in order for their relationship to continue. He must put away his past  with Ivy.  She leaves him to work things out with Ivy and Sam tells her he no longer loves her and that Grace is wrong- his and Ivys  past is over. Ivy thinks Grace is right that Sam still has feellings for her-she knows it in her heart they are not over. Sam says he will fight to win Grace back and save their marriage.

At the Hotchkis's, Rebecca says there is only a matter of time before the Cranes and the mansion is all theirs. Gwen thinks that maybe her mother has been moving to fast-that she should have waited until Ivy was completely out of the picture before they moved in on the Cranes. Rebecca goes on with her plot on destroying Theresa by bringing her secret of knowing Ethans paternity to the open. In order for her plan to work, she must know the wedding date and Gwen says to leave it to her as she goes to the cottage to ask Sheridan herself.

At the cottage, Julian is still outside and he's muttering that if Sheridan kept her distance from Luis to begin with, he wouldn't have to go through with this.

Inside, Luis tells Sheridan that Julian would have to kill him to keep him from her as she tells him that Julian has been outside watching them. Luis went outside to investigate, but Julian had already left. Ethan doubts Julian was even there-he wouldn't stalk them. They convince Sheridan she may have been imagining things. Luis and Sheridan go for a walk and Ethan hopes she really didn't see Julian outside. Outside, Luis and Sheridan talk. Luis says theres no way Julian and Alistair can come between them and Sheridan is concerned about their future considering shes always been unlucky in love. She wishes she believed so deeply in it as Theresa. She wants to believe it too. But she can't jump into marriage as Theresa is hoping on an engagement between them.  Luis agrees with this and thinks people fool themselves thinking they found their soulmate when really they havent. Theres no way he could have married Beth right out of high school-he wasnt ready and he had the responsibility of helping his family. Sheridan understands this but doesn't want to wait too long in case something should ever happen.  They both wonder to themselves if each other is "the one".

Back at the cottage, Gwen is peering into the window watching Ethan and Theresa kiss. She vows Ethan will be hers again and knocks on the door. Ethan and Theresa are surprised to see her. After she finds out that Sheridan is out, Gwen asks about their wedding date. Theresa says theres no date yet. And Gwen says shes happy her and her mother are invited. Theresa is surprised by this and says that only immediate family and a few close friends are coming- they want to keep it small. Gwen says she thought that her and Ethan were as close as friends can get and an exception is made and the two are invited.

When Julian arrives back at the mansion, he gets a call from Alistair. He asks how he plans to kill the two and Julian says he cant kill his sister. Alister says they must be eliminated for helping Luis into the archives and the safe-he has no choice. Julian tried to convince Alistair there must be another way besides murder. Alistair says he must eliminate them both because they both cause a threat and start planning the double murder. Julian has the Murder book out in front of him and Alistain mentions that someone could testify he bought a book on murder and suggests looking for his information on the Internet. If he wants to remaint the heir to the Crane fortune, he must lose the  little conscience he has left-there had been too many mistakes. Its time to kill Luis and Sheridan. Julian hangs up with Alistair and sits in his chair saying his father cant be human for making him kill his own sister and the man she loves.  Rebecca comes into the room and asks if the reason why hes upset is because he hit a snag in his divorce with Ivy. Julian assures her the divorce is going fine and Rebecca ironically says it looks like hes been handed a death sentence. She massages Julians shoulders and asks to tell her whats wrong. Julian says he must destroy destroy a family member in order to protect the family as well. Rebecca says family comes first and its not like her killing anyone. He can come to her if he needs her but he says this is something he must do alone.

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