Passions Update Thursday 3/29/01


Passions Update Thursday 3/29/01

By Joey

Harmony’s Hospital
The hospital was hoping once again today as its residents carry on with their never-ending tales of woe! Sam thinks that TC is totally crazy for thinking that Eve and Julian are Chad’s parents! Sam tries to convince his best friend that it is _Eve_ they are talking about but it is no use. TC wants to know who Chad’s parents are once and for all! TC then thinks about his daughters and how the whole secret would effect them. He then goes and finds Whitney and Chad and interrogates them about their relationship. Whitney reassures her father that they are just friends. After he leaves, Chad wonders why Whit had lied?? She then corrects him and says that she hadn’t exactly lied because they haven’t been on a real date yet! She then explains to Chad that her father is just concerned about her career. Chad then asks if he can hold Whitney’s hand and they discuss their feelings for one another. It was pretty funny how Whitney couldn’t stand Chad when she first met him, huh? lol Chad then wonders how TC will react once he learns of their true feelings and Whitney tells him that they shouldn’t be thinking about that now. They then decide to go back to the research room for the DNA results.

TC then goes back to Sam and Sam once again tries to convince him that all the notions about Chad being Eve and Julian’s son are just crazy! TC says that the more he thinks about it, the more it could be true. Sam says that Eve would have told him years ago that if she had a son and he says that she wouldn’t have if it was with Julian Crane! *Good use of your noodle TC!* TC then begins to have flashbacks of Eve’s interactions with Julian. He then comes back from his daydreams and vows that he wont stop until he learns the truth!!

Meanwhile, Ivy is totally living up that Eve is in such turmoil and taunts her until Grace enters the room!! Grace tells Ivy that she already knows about Eve’s little secret. At first Ivy is surprised but then the two wind up getting into a heated argument. Grace tells Ivy that she should be ashamed of herself for putting Eve through such torture! Ivy then blurts out that Grace would feel a lot differently should she know the whole story and Grace calls her on it, asking what she meant. Ivy doesn’t really bother to explain herself but goes on to tell Grace that she is sick of her always blaming Ivy for everything. Grace then tells Ivy that it IS her fault and Ivy says that it doesn’t warrant Grace putting a curse on her! The two get into a much heated argument and Grace tells her to stay “away from her husband!” Ivy taunts Grace a little more and tells her that she is surprised she even calls Sam her husband the way she treats him! *Ouch!* A completely baffled and angered Grace tells Ivy just where it is at and she turns around and tells Grace to not use such words! Eve then tries to stop the two by telling them that it will get them no where at all, and Grace demands that Eve tells TC the truth! Ivy then makes things harder and tries to get Eve to not say a word to TC. Grace then gets on her high horse with her familiar speech about secrets and Evil and Ivy passes them off. Just then TC and Sam walk in the room and TC demands to know who Chad’s parents are... right this minute!!! *YIKES!*

At the Book Cafe
Ethan and Theresa sit in the Book Cafe as Ethan ponders Julian’s threats. He wonders exactly what Julian meant when he said that Ethan would be responsible if anything should happen to Sheridan and Luis! Theresa then tries to shed some optimistic light on the situation and tells Ethan to pass it off as it were nothing. Ethan then explains to Theresa that he really cant do that because Julian just doesn’t say things like that out of no where and unless he doesn’t mean them! Ethan says that he will feel much better if he talks to Sheridan and they go to pay Shuis a visit. After Ethan and Theresa exit, Julian thinks of “nice” ways to kill Sheridan and Luis with suggestions of poison or messing with their breaks. Julian then gets confronted by Father Lonigan who tells him that he should re-think his evil actions!

The Cozy Cottage
Sheridan and Luis ponder what Julian and Alistair will do to tear them apart. Luis tries to reassure and comfort Sheridan by telling her that there is nothing they could do because they will always be together, yet she still isn’t so sure! Ethan and Theresa stop by after their talk at the Book Cafe and Ethan tells Sheridan about Julian’s threats. They then explain the story about how Julian had shredded the file on Martin Fitzgerald and Ethan asks what “could they possibly have to cover up?” and Luis right away says murder! *Uh-Oh!* Ethan then tries to reassure Luis that the Cranes are just protective over their business. Luis then tells Ethan that he thinks that he is still a Crane! Ethan then tries to tell his future brother-in-law that it will take time for him to stop thinking like a Crane but is on “their side.” He then says that he doesn’t think that Alistair and Julian would ever commit murder! The two get into a heated argument and Sheridan steps in. Theresa then jumps in and beings to talk about the wedding. She hopes that Martin and Antonio will come back for the wedding and Luis tells her that anything is possible. During the meantime, Julian has purchased a book on murder and Sheridan sees him from the cottage window and hopes that he will stay away from her and Luis.

Hecuba and The Bennett Home
Timmy taunts Hecuba by asking her silly questions like “how’s it going?!” and Hecuba tries to cast a spell on the two! Tabby is completely over-joyed with the fact that she has finally won her battle with Hecuba! Tabby explains to Timmy that she doesn’t have her powers as long as she is in the bottle and that they will just throw her in a drawer when they get home! *LOL* Timmy then finds Kay’s soul!! *Yay!* Tabby asks Timmy what he is going to do with it and he says that he is going to give it back to her. Tabby stops him and says that it just might come in handy... and the two get ready to leave Hecuba’s cave!

Meanwhile, Kay and Miguel search for Hecuba and then come to the conclusion that she was destroyed! Miguel then refuses to leave without Charity, even after Kay explains that she might have been destroyed too! Miguel then tells her that there is no way that Charity could have been destroyed because she is too beautiful and good. He then realizes that he has insulted Kay and tries to re-word his words. They then decide to go home thinking that Charity might have escaped and might be waiting there. Miguel is only disappointed when he realizes that she is not there and thinks that they might have left the cave too early!  
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