Passions Update Wednesday 3/28/01



Passions Update Wednesday 3/28/01

By Christine

Father Lonigan is talking with Ivy.  He tells her she should change her ways in order to not hurt anyone any more than she already has.  Sam returns and Ivy asks about Grace.  Grace has changed her mind about forgiving Sam and Father Lonigan suggests that the evil is tearing apart all the couples.  Chad and Whitney are still looking for the DNA match which is then downloading.  Eve has fainted and is dreaming about the Larry Winger show in which Whitney is pregnant with Chad’s baby. TC calls for help while elsewhere, Alister is telling Julian to kill Sheridan.

As Luis and Sheridan lie in bed, Luis tells Sheridan nothing will come between them and he’s not afraid of her family.  Sheridan tells him that if Julian and Alister are responsible for his fathers death, they could very well kill Luis.  She says if anything were to ever happen to him, she will do anything to prove that her family was involved in the whole thing.  As they talk, Julian is crouched outside their window with a gun to kill Sheridan. He softens at first saying he can’t kill his sister, but, when he hears her say this, he reconsiders and goes to The Book Café to buy a few books about murder mysteries but comes across basically a How To Commit Murder book.  Before he received the books, he runs into Ethan and Theresa.  Ethan questions why he’s reading books when he only reads the financial section of a paper. Julian tells him to stay out of Crane business or he’ll press charges for giving Sheridan his security card.

At the hospital, the DNA results come in, but Eve is needed to translate the information.  A nurse tells Whitney her mother fainted.  Eve is lying unconscious next to TC and begins saying Julian’s name and saying she’s sorry. TC wonders why she’s calling Julian’s name. Eve finally comes to while she’s apologizing and realizes she’s in the hospital. TC has gotten a doctor and insists that Eve be examined. TC tells Sam about Eve calling Julian’s name.  The doctor wants Eve to take a blood test and Father Lonigan comes in the room and tries to convince Eve to tell her family about what she thinks of Chad being her son before her family is destroyed.  He tells her about his idea of the evil breaking everyone up, but Eve is skeptical. TC is telling Sam about how Chad thinks Julian is his child, but, if so, then who is his mother? TC then begins to put some pieces of this puzzle together and realizes that Eve could be the father of Chad! After Father Lonigan leaves the room, Ivy comes in looking for him. Her and Eve get into a heated discussion about destroying families with secrets and Eve still tells Ivy her baby died and it’s not Julians.  Ivy doesn’t believe this. Ivy says they are very much alike. Eve gives away that she did love Julian which puts Ivy in a state of disbelief.

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