Passions Update Tuesday 3/27/01


Passions Update Tuesday 3/27/01

By Joey

Harmony’s Hospital
*So close today Sam, so close.* Sam was closer than ever in getting his life back with Grace when he told Ivy how much Grace means to him. A joyful Grace tearfully watched as Sam told her rival that he loves his wife Grace and no longer think about her. Sam then sees his wife’s reflection in the window, turns around and sweeps her into his arms. Grace asks if he meant what he had said and Sam reassured her that he meant every word. Just as things are looking their best for the couple, Sam blurts out that he saw Grace in the window and Grace blows up!! *DUHHH Sam!* Grace tells him that she doesn’t believe a word that he said because he only said it because he knew she was standing there. She then gets extremely loud with him and says that she is sick of him... and his lies! And boy, is that music to Ivy’s ears who had been watching the whole time! She thought she lost Sam forever (in which Father Lonigan reminds her that he was never hers to lose) and insists on talking to him right away. Father Lonigan tells her that there is a great deal of Evil in Harmony and he is going to put an end to it, starting with IVY!! Ivy has no idea what to say and then quietly asks him if he thinks that she is evil and in a few words or less, he tells her that she is not evil, but her actions could be if she doesn’t stop and think. By this time, Grace and Sam have moved their argument to another part of the hospital and Grace tells a devastated Sam that she never wants to see him again.

Meanwhile, Eve cries on TC’s shoulder about their daughters. TC tries to comfort his wife and tells her that they are sensible girls and will give their heart to a man that is worthy of it. This whole time though, TC has no idea what really has her upset: Chad. TC decides to take Eve to the waiting room and get her a cup of coffee. While there, Eve watches the “Larry Winger Show” (a parody of the “Jerry Springer Show”) and becomes completely wrapped up in a fantasy that she is on the show being confronted by a pregnant Whitney about her baby’s father and half brother, Chad. *This was tooo funny!!!* The show had all of Eve’s friends and foes on it including, Grace with a tomato soup cake for Larry, Ivy Crane, Julian Crane, her husband TC who engaged into a fight with Julian, and a picture of Julian and Eve together! Towards the end of the show Whitney told her mother that she never wants to see her again and that she hates her for what she has done! The scene then snaps back to Eve in the hospital saying that she is “so sorry” and that “she didn’t know.” TC then catches a fainting Eve, wanting to know what is the matter with her. *Uh-Oh Eve!*

And in another wing of the hospital, Theresa tries to convince Whitney and Chad to get their blood tests done so that they can have a double wedding!! Whitney and Chad look at her like she is all sorts of crazy and say that they haven’t been on their first official date yet. She then tries to convince the two that they are going to get married anyway, so “why not share the special day with her and Ethan?” Theresa then has a daydream in her head of the double wedding and pursues the issue even more. She then pulls Whitney on the side and tries to get her to agree to a double wedding. Whitney once again says that she is crazy and then Theresa has another “vision.” She says that she can see Whitney pregnant with Chad’s baby! Chad interrupts Theresa and brings her back to Earth when he asks about the DNA results. He can’t believe that it is just one little password that is keeping him from his parents. Whitney then has an idea that if it is the same password that her mother uses at home, they won’t have to wait for the results! The scene closes with Chad pulling up a chair for Whitney and Whitney trying to remember her mother’s password as Ethan and Theresa look on.

The Cranes
Today’s scene at the cozy cottage opens up with Sheridan coming back from burning the left-over’s to see that Luis is gone! Sheridan then shuts the door and sits down on the couch heavy hearted, when she realizes that it would be too painful for Luis to see her everyday with the reminder that her family is responsible for Martin’s death. As the tears build up in her eyes, she asks herself how she will ever live without Luis and Luis answers her! He says that she will never have to live without him and that frown on Sheridan’s face is quickly turned upside down! The two embrace and Luis explains that he went to go get her something special and pulls out a flower from behind his back. Sheridan is over-joyed and thinks its beautiful! Luis explains to her that the flower is like their love: it survived the winter and is blossoming into a beautiful flower just like their love that will blossom forever. He picks up Sheridan and takes her to the bedroom and tells her that she will never ever lose him.

Meanwhile, Alistair calls Julian to once again belittle him. He tells him that he shouldn’t be sitting on the couch reading the paper when he has to break up Sheridan and Luis. Julian is completely taken back and asks his father where he is. He says that he is in the Crane box at Fenway Park and Julian asks who the Red Sox are playing. Alistair tells him that it should be no wonder that he passed him over as heir because the season didn’t even start! Julian then notes that his father is always one step ahead. He then asks who will be the heir now that Ethan is not and Al tells him that he has to prove that he can be heir to the Crane Empire. He then tells him that he must break up Sheridan and Luis! Julian says that perfection takes time and that is what he needs in order to break them up. Alistair then tells him that he is to kill Sheridan and Julian just can’t believe it!! The scene closes with a pondering yet baffled Julian as his father tells him that he must kill Sheridan for the empire to survive... even if he has to kill Luis too!! 
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