Passions Update Monday 3/26/01



Passions Update Monday 3/26/01

By Christine

Luis and Sheridan are having a discussion back home and Luis is frustrated about never getting a break to find out what happened to his father. He’s upset that Julian and Alister know something and are preventing him from the truth.  He continues to say that all Cranes are evil and are hiding his fathers death.  Sheridan agrees that her father and brother are responsible for Luis’s fathers death.  She understands why Luis hates her family and she has to deal with the fact that her family killed him. She tells Luis she wouldn’t blame him if he left her.  After she leaves the room for a moment, she returns to find Luis gone.

 At the hospital… Eve is looking longingly at the newborn babies as she recalls being pregnant with Julian’s child.  TC hears her talking about her first born and comes behind her and says he knows what she’s upset about. He believes she’s recalling Whitney as a child.  As Eve is concerned Chad might be her son, her and TC go on to discuss their daughter and her falling in love.  TC says that Whitney and Chad would be a good match and Eve mentions they may be already more than just friends…  

Elsewhere in the hospital, Chad and Whitney continue the DNA search. After seeing his frustration, Ethan and Theresa ask them to go for a walk.  Before they leave, Chad thinks that his mother is close-that he can feel her. As the four walk, Theresa and Ethan ask Chad and Whitney to fulfill their promises to them and reveal their true feelings for each other.  After Ethan jogs Chad’s memory about the promise, he then proceeds to tell Whitney that when he kissed Simone months ago when he was unconscious, he was really dreaming about Whitney and that she is the only girl he’ll ever want to kiss.  He then moves toward her and they share a passionate kiss.  Whitney then must fulfill her promise to Theresa and goes on to say that after Theresa and Ethan had problems, she swore off love, but when they worked things out, she thought that maybe her and Chad could work things out after all. Chad then embraces her as Ethan and Theresa look on.  Theresa then announces they should have a double wedding.  

In the mine, Miguel holds Kay and says he can’t lose her too.  Meanwhile, Hecuba is in the bottle as Tabitha tries to find a cork.  Miguel tries to save Kay with the chest, but the mine starts to cave in and the ground opens up swallowing the chest.  Hecuba tries to get out of the bottle using a spell but Tabitha finds the cork just as Hecuba starts emerging.  Miguel is upset and doesn’t want to lose Kay-his “best friend”.  As he says this, Kay awakens.  She asks about Charity and Hecuba hoping Hecuba’s still alive and Charity’s in hell so she’ll have Miguel all to herself.  Miguel has picked her up and carrying her out.  Hecuba threatens Timmy and Tabitha from her bottle as Kay and Miguel find themselves at Hecubas lair. Timmy and Tabitha hide behind a chair.  Miguel is upset that he destroyed Hecuba, but Charity’s still gone.

 Ivy asks Sam if he ever thinks about the night Ethan was conceived.  Grace and Father Lonigan look on undetected.  He says he still thinks about that night.  But he says he only thinks about that when he compares Ivy with his love and happiness with Grace-it reinforces the way he feels for her.  Grace looks on very pleased by Sams confession of his love for her.  She calls to Sam and they passionately kiss.  Ivy says she still has to talk to Sam, but Father Lonigan stops her.  Sam tells Grace, she’s his life, and he wants his life back.

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