Passions Update Thursday 3/22/01


Passions Update Thursday 3/22/01

By Joey

Wedding Plans
Theresa is completely over-joyed and can’t wait to be Mrs. Ethan Winthrop as they discuss their future at the Book Cafe. They joyfully discuss where they will go on their honeymoon and when they will get married. Ethan suggest Europe, not thinking that they don’t have any money. Theresa then informs him about the money situation and Ethan feels bad. He still can’t get used to the fact that he is just Sam Bennett’s son and not a Crane anymore. They then look through the classifieds and Ethan finds a beautiful home! Theresa then tells him about her dreams of four children, two girls and two boys. They think it is a wonderful idea and Ethan wants to buy a five bedroom home that he sees. Theresa once again reminds him about their financial situation and says that they will just have to deal with a one bedroom apartment for now. They leave the Book Cafe and go back to the hospital to get their blood test results.

The Crane Cottage
Back at the cottage, Sheridan listens and Luis tells her all about his out-of-body experience. He says that he saw a file kept on his father and wants to go back there to get it. Sheridan tells him to not get his hopes up because the Cranes keep files on all of their employees... that it is just a regular file. Luis corrects her that files on employees are kept together, and not in vaults like his father’s. Luis is more determined than ever to go back into the vault to find out what happened to his father. He thinks that file will have all of the answers that he is looking for. Sheridan tells him that she wants to help him and find out about his father just as much as he does but there is no way they can get back into the archives at all! Luis claims that there has to be a way and says he will get in there. Sheridan says that she will follow him if he is going to go. *Team work at its best!* Just as they are about to leave, Ethan calls her and asks how everything went in the archives. She fills him on every last detail and tells him that they are going to go back. Ethan makes her promise that they will be careful and she does promise, claiming that she will call him later.

The Crane Archives
Julian is once again talking to his father and reassures him that he knows “exactly what to do with the file.” Just then Sheridan and Luis arrive and Luis demands that he hands over the file! *Busted!!* Julian then laughs right in Luis’ face and tells him that Crane Industries wouldn’t have a file on his father, making it seem like Martin Fitzgerald was nothing to the Cranes! Sheridan then backs up Luis and tells him to go get the file instead of wasting his time with Julian. Luis then goes and looks for the file and its gone!! He then demands that Julian hands over the file and once again gets laughed at. Luis then threatens Julian and Julian swears that he will sue him for every cent he has, make sure that he is stripped of his badge and then is thrown in jail! Then he turns to Sheridan and threatens to “cut her off” just like he did Ethan. *Ouch!* Sheridan then stands up to her brother and says that all their family does is destroy lives which leads to an all out argument. She then lets Julian know that she infact has the diaries!!! *Whoah Sheridan!* She then demands to know what Alistair and Julian have to hide. Just then they hear a noise and it is Martin’s file being shredded!! *Oh no!!* Luis then demands that Julian tells him what happened to his father and Julian says that he was fired! A frustrated and angered Luis says that he has had it with their lies and that the file was shredded because it contained information about his disappearance. Sheridan has just about had it! She loses respect for her brother and father and makes it clear and well known that she will do whatever she can to help Luis. Julian turns to her and says that the two of them have just “signed their own death warrant.” *Wowzers!*

The Crane Mansion
(The Cranes were busy little bees today weren’t they? lol) Pilar makes a call home to Miguel to see if he is home. Ivy walks in on her and asks what is wrong. Pilar fills Ivy in on what happened to Miguel. It something that Ivy really can’t grasp but offers her support for her friend. She says that if there is anything at all she can do, just let her know. She then informs Pilar that she is leaving for a board meeting at the hospital and Pilar advises her against it being that the waters are still not cool after the shock of her secret. Ivy then says that she is still Mrs. Julian Crane and that she should be there. She then also tells Pilar that if Rebecca should show up again to have he thrown out. Just then Rebecca shows up with more decorators and angers Ivy to no end!! She wants everything re-done, from the colors in the mansion to the bushes outside. She says she wants the mansion to be a “temple of love.” Ivy then orders Rebecca out and to get all her decorators out! Rebecca then taunts Ivy to the point that she dumps a whole can of red paint all over her!!! *Go Ivy!!* She then has Pilar show Rebecca out and Rebecca threatens the two. She tells Pilar that “once the truth comes out they won’t be friends anymore.” After she leaves, Pilar worries about Rebecca’s strange comments. Ivy just shrugs it off and says that soon they will be family.

In The Mineshaft
Miguel informs Kay that he knows what can and will destroy Hecuba. He talks about the magic box...the one filled with the goodness of light. They search for the box and eventually find it where it was from when it was last seen. Miguel turns to Kay and tells her to save herself. Kay refuses to leave Miguel’s side. Miguel says that they can use it to destroy Hecuba and save his sweet Charity. Meanwhile, in Hecuba’s cave, Hecuba wakes up and Timmy quits trying to free his princess. He runs over to Hecuba’s and asks if she wants more Mar-timmies. She asks why he is all wet and he says that Tabitha was mad at him and splashed him with water! *Good save!!* Hecuba then decides to check on Kay and Miguel, thinking that they are dead. She tells Timmy to put another log under Tabby’s fire and he does. He then tells Hecuba that she should change her clothes, “something more fit for a queen.” Hecuba is over-joyed and loves how her new found friend thinks! She then leaves to change her clothes and Timmy rushes back over to his princess. He then sees that Kay and Miguel are safe and have found the box! Hecuba then comes out in lavish clothing and Timmy gets her another Mar-Timmy. She promises Timmy that he will be living the high life and goes to the kitchen for some caviar. Timmy then rushes back to save his princess again and Tabby tells him that the box will not only destroy Hecuba, but them as well! *Uh-Oh!* Just then Hecuba rushes in and catches Timmy!!! *Busted!!* She then ties Timmy up with Tabitha. Then she notices that Kay and Miguel are still alive but have the box!! She then decides to leave the cave, headed straight for the light in the box that Miguel and Kay have opened!!  
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